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There are the defending SCT champs and return all the major parts from a year ago. They added the best incoming freshman in the conference. They have the returning State Player of The Year. They have the Pre Season Player of The Year. They have a committed Division one center. The best defensive backcourt in the state. Now throw in they are the deepest team in the Shore Conference. No team has a culture like Coach Dawn Karpell’s crew. They have size, quickness, length and shooting at every position. They are not just experienced but no team in the country may be more battle tested. This roster has 10 division one players. They are nationally ranked and #1 in the state

There frontline is athletic and have proven they can play on a big stage. They return 3 players who missed all or most of the season a year ago. One of those players is all everything Grace Munt. They have great team quickness and impressive physical size. They shoot the three as well as any team in the Shore Conference. They return a improved 1st team freshman from a year ago. They also get the services of a post player they did not expect to play this season. They are a excellent rebounding team. Covid 19 has not interrupted their season, allowing them to play 2 games and have a full slate of practices. This is a team packed with seniors and upperclassmen


SJV has not played a game this season. They also missed a full week of Practice and then two days of practice before today’s game. This team has no true weakness.

RFH gives up lots of open shots. They will pay for that against SJV unless they buckle down. They have a thin rotation and lot of players moving into prime time roles. Turnovers is a serious issue for this talented crew


SJV– Nobody is running out a group of guards like SJV. There guards are elite defenders and elite scorers. Madison St. Rose played the point guard position last season on her way to the state player of the year award. Her length and quickness is a nightmare for opponents. Her ability to score at every level is priceless. There is simply no matchup for Madison St. Rose. Katie Hill is the backbone and heart and soul of SJV. Her leadership has no match in the Shore Conference. She can score in a variety of ways. She is an elite scorer especially in big games. She is a Player of The Year leading Candidate. Emma Bruen and Ashley O’Connor are the best defensive duo in the Shore. They have turned the lights out on every single backcourt they have faced. But what is lost is both have an ability to score in bunches when asked to do so.


RFH– Charlie Rosen will start at the point. She is quick and brings toughness to the backcourt. She is a reliable three point shooter and excellent defender. She has been in the wars. The idea situation for RFH is that Grace Munt does not have to move to the point at any point today. They would much rather Munt be a scorer. She had 31 points in RFH’s last outing vs RBR. She is versatile and can defend all 5 positions. She may guard all 5 SJV starters at some point today. Julia Cosentino is an elite scorer of the ball. She can get on hot streaks and carry RFH as she did vs RBR. She is one of the most improved players in the Shore. Her shot selection has improved as she has become an elite rebounding guard. The key to this entire game tonight just may come down to Courtland McBarron, a player who makes her money on the big stage. She had 24 point and 14 rebounds and nobody said a word about her. She is one of the best players in today’s game that nobody knows or talks about. she is capable of carrying RFH on her back at times

EDGE- SJV… they have too many weapons.


SJV- SJV will start with 4 guards and one forward. That one forward is the best in the Shore this side of Destiny Adams. Megan Cahalan is a warrior and battle tested like no other forward in today’s game. She is a physical rebounder and defender. She can step away from the basket as well. She is a ALL SHORE division one player off to Holy Cross.

RFH- Coach Callahan will most likely start Kaila Scarpa in his 4 guard starting line up. Scarpa has been a major addition to the RFH lineup. She give them size, defense, rebound and a real physical presence. She is not afraid to shoot the third or be offensive minded. She did not play last season due to injury. So this is her first big game on a big stage

EDGE- SJV- Cahalan is one of the most competitive players in the state and mega talented .


This is where the great divide happens. Every player who will come off the SJV bench would be a starter for RFH. There bench is loaded from A-Z. Janie Bachman and Julia Karpell are both future P5/High major Division one players. Bre Delaney is a big strong explosive guard off the bench and another D1 player. Ashley Sofikanich and Mikaela Hubbard are both over 6’2′ and athletic and yes Division one players. They are the best young post players in the Shore. Ciera Cevallos, Paige Knutsen and Sienna Bradley will all hit the floor today.

Grace Colucci and Dylan Cahill will come of the bench for RFH. Both have seen minutes in big games. Colucci has the ability to make shots and bring real experience off the bench. Cahill was suppose to miss the season but is back. She will give RFH a hard nose versatile player. She can rebound and knock down shots.

EDGE – SJV- This is a major advantage for SJV


No team is more battle tested. No team has played in more big games. Coach Karpell is a future Hall of Fame Coach. They are defending champs, who will play their entire roster. They can play half court of full on either side of the ball. They have a winning culture unlike any other team.

How many times in the last 4 years have we counted RFH and Dave Callahan out. They started the season out again unranked. They will play as hard as any team in the state, game in and game out. They also bring energy from the bench like no other team. In these days that is worth points. They have a players who have been in the wars. They can score and score in a hurry.

THE EDGE- SJV no intangible is better than being the defending champs with everyone back!


If someone is going to get SJV, this might be the night. The stars are aligned up perfectly. SJV was not been able to practice or play for week to start the season. Meanwhile RFH kicked off any rust last week. RFH is also at home with seniors calling the shots. But in the end it comes down to two things. Talent and pride…. nobody has more than SJV.


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