Let’s get right to business at hand. Next week is the Shore seeding. So there are going to be some tough decisions to be made. The #1 seed there is zero discussion needed. But #2 and #3 that is a conversation that must be had. RBC clearly has the best resume but the lost to RFH sticks out like a sore thumb. St. Rose sits behind RBC no matter what happens. Now where do you put Manchester. They have not won a quality game all year. There biggest win was out of state. Manchester choose not to play top teams in the state or the Shore. There lone quality in state opponent? TCA and they lost. That’s why I believe they go to the 4 seed. But if the eye test matters in my opinion they are #2 or #3 at worst.


Anyone paying attention to Marlboro? They have won 12 straight and are not just beating teams but rolling over them. Jess Riepe and Sammy Jay have stepped up in a big way. But so has Dani Schlesinger. Last night vs Middletown South Riepe continued on her torrid assault on the ALL SHORE TEAM with 22 points and six threes. She has 62 three’s already this season. Lost in Middletown South’s win last night was Kayla Richardson’s monster night of 20 points and 17 rebounds. She is having a great season, while under the radar.

Central Reg is off to the SCT

Folks here is a nice story Central Reg is 11-7 and is going to make the Shore Conference Tournament. Central Reg has struggled since John Truhan was the coach and performing another one of his Miracles. Now under COACH DOUG SHAW Central Reg has had a resurgence.

Makayla Andrews is on a massive roll

Speaking of turnarounds guess who is playing lights out these days? Makayla Andrews, has come to life in a big way. She had 29 points and 11 rebounds vs RFH. Then last night vs Manasquan she had 17 points and 5 rebounds. It’s no surprise St. Rose is starting to jell and it couldn’t come at a better time. Andrews has also stepped up on defense. But it’s been Brynn Farrell who had 29 points and 9 rebounds last night that has also turned it up. The dynamic duo are willing St. Rose to another level recently.

Jackson Memorial finally checked off their bucket list an A SOUTH TITLE. Jackson was the bridesmaid the past 3 years. But last night they got the elusive title and celebrated. Rachel Capua also scored her 1000 point. So it was the perfect night for the Jags!

Shore fans are smiling

You have to hand it to Shore Reg as they took St. Rose to the wall last week and gave Holmdel a fight for there state qualifying life. She has been very underrated this season. Just like Donovan Catholic who has run off 7 out of 8 games. There only lost coming to Manchester. Jordyn Keating is holding up the flag for Donovan, who have had a nice season.

Fields has led to Long Branch to a surprise season

What more can say about Long Branch. They had won 7 straight before losing to Marlboro. Shannon Coyle has done it again. ANYSSA FIELDS has been the best keep secret in the Shore. Long Branch knocked off top team Neptune who played without Macy Brackett.

Well at some point it’s going to have to become a real topic. Folks Camryn Foltz just may be the leading candidate for PLAYER OF THE YEAR. She simply has to been the most important player to her team. No player has had more of a impact on there team. When she left in the first quarter vs RBR. Colts Neck got blown out by a RBR team they lost to at the buzzer earlier in the year. Foltz returned 3 nights later and did what she always does… dominate. She had 23 points.

Lisa Kukoda picks up a star

MANASQUAN will add Hope Masonious to there lineup next year. Giving Lisa Kukoda her deepest team since her first year at Manasquan. Her 1-9 now is beastly. Think about this… there starting lineup is set for next two years and the bench is stacked. There also will add a few freshman who will learn the system for a few years, then jump into the rotation… MANASQUAN is set for years.

SJV crushed Christ the King on ESPN 3 last night. Dawn Karpell could not have been happy to hear CTK had injuries and was totally rebuilding. Madison St. Rose was once again exceptional. Expect SJV to schedule Rutgers after the seeding.. LOL


Holmdel vs RFH tonight is beyond big for both teams. First a lost by RFH drops them into a dangerous seeding category. They can drop as low as #8. This is realistically Holmdel’s last chance to get a big win. They do have a date with RBC, who I doubt will overlook them. A win most certainly will get them in the top 10. This is a massive game in every way.

Flat out disgusting that there are officials who refuse to do girls games. How anyone cannot be outraged by this is insane. Those officials should not be permitted to ref any boys games. The state should step in now and correct this wrong. How in god’s green earth can anyone condone this type of behavior… it called discrimination. How many women have ref’ed a boys game in the Shore this year? My guess … ZERO! Women can ref in the NBA but not good enough for the insanely talented Shore boys Conference… Somebody needs to get off there ass and address this disgraceful behavior. All those who have embraced this or signed off on this should be FIRED… Immediately no questions asked

PSA… parents stop paying recruiting services to help get your child recruited. It’s a total waste of money.

  1. SJV.. no debate
  2. MANCHESTER... I say eye test matters
  3. RBCsome real holes and questions
  4. ST. ROSE… here they come
  5. MARLBOROred hot right now 12 straight
  6. RBR... surprised? sneaking up, just way JT like it
  7. RFHupset RFH..blow out vs St. Rose..up and down.. tonight is big
  8. MANASQUAN looking for a another quality win..Chatham lost?
  9. JACKSON MEMORIALcruise control

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