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There are some things that I do not understand these days. The decision making of some folks is just downright scary when it comes to basketball. In most cases it’s do to a lack of understanding of parents . In some cases it because others are taking advantage of those people who are simply looking to be led.

This time of year I tell high school kids to get in the gym and work on there weakness. I am also a big believer in kids playing for there grammar school team or travel team. I also believe kids playing multiple sports is good for kids. This is just one mans opinion. But some of the things I see today are flat out shocking and I know are wrong.

If a kid is in high school these days. I believe there high school should always come first. There are some high schools of course that are poorly run and coaches do very little. The kids in these programs who want to get better and play at the next level, must find a why to stay active. I believe those kids must get in the gym and work hard. I believe those kids need to find a competitive training environment. What I am 100% sure of is a high school player this time of year does not need to be involved in AAU games; regardless of there situation . Now most kids who are in high school playing AAU this time of year are either in weak AAU programs or they themselves are not high level players. High School AAU is a way to have fun or to rack up some points and get a few blowout wins. How do I know this? Because none of the best players or there AAU programs are playing this time of year. So why would a high school player focus on AAU this tine of year you ask? That’s simple, they don’t know any better, maybe think it will help there recruiting(it won’t) or they feel pressured from a coach. Here is what I do know, if a kid in high school is truly trying to improve. They are playing with there high school in a fall league and training. There AAU coach or organizations can spin it any way they want … kids you be wise to wake up because in a nut shell you are being misled. More importantly your development and preparation for your coming seasons is being short changed. NOBODY CARES ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL AAU THIS TIME OF YEAR.

Now what’s going on in grammar school sports these days is beyond crazy to me. I am going to keep this short and sweet. Parents ego’s are totally out of control. You have parents whose only goal is to have someone hype there kid up. You have 8th grade parents bragging about or talking about playing EYBL. There is no 8th grade EYBL. I saw a supposedly 8th grade EYBL team last summer. Well they were a good group of talented kids but they were the 3rd best team in the area at best. You have parents who do not want there kids to play grammar school basketball because it beneath them and there kids. So I guess playing with your friends is now a bad thing. Here is some advice for parents, how about letting your child have some fun and develop there skill sets. It doesn’t mean they get to sit on there butt. Because there has to be some accountability. But it doesn’t have to include trying have there name in a Tiny Green tweet or ranked by some meaningless ranking. They don’t have to go to every evaluation clinic or camp . They just have to enjoy playing… yes even with there friends who may STINK AT THE GAME!!

Here is something I have discovered in my years. Most people do not understand two things. How to develop a kids talent and they all think they understand the recruiting process…. THERE BAD AT BOTH…. The problem is that the parents of these kids trust these folks, who are leading there kids nowhere… who just happen to be clueless, money driven and selfish!


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