Red Bank guard CHRISTINA LIGGIO has committed to the UNTIED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY. It really should come as no surprise. That’s because Christina Liggio has been different from every kid I know. You see along the way Christina has exceeded every expectation that was expected from her along the way. She did so by having a laser type focus and a work ethic for the ages. There are really no words to describe Christina Liggio’s journey to one of the best schools in all America. All I can tell you is, that it is a where only special people go. It’s a place that the entire world depends on. So many have depended on Christina, her sisters, coaches and friends. CHRISTINA IS SPECIAL.

I met Christina Liggio as a 5th grader. Her nickname was “BLAM”. She was a short chubby like girl with a cute face. There was nothing special about her then. She was not a player who jumped off the page when you saw her. In fact, I thought she was just another kid who dabbled in basketball. She played soccer as well at the time. Her cousin, Frankie Tagliaferri was an All American and currently plays in the MSL for the Utah Stars. But she herself was far from a great athlete. Her mother was a star in high school and played D1 basketball. Her mother Jenny also is a no nonsense parent. She is a true believer in not doing things half ass. If you’re in, you’re in. There is no one foot in and one foot out deals when it comes to Jenny Liggio. It’s why my respect for her is so overwhelming. CHRISTINA LIGGIO has logged more hours in the hoop group gym than anyone in history. There is no debate about this and it’s why she has gone from that chubby little kid into fine lean machine and to one of the best players in New Jersey. It’s why she is special. She crowned herself!

CHRISTINA has never known what it’s like to be crowed. To have something gifted to her. She has never been expected to be the best player on a team or when in a gym of alpha females. Yet, she has far exceeded everyone’s expectations . She was blew out everyone in the Freshman of the Year race, it was a not contest as she won the award by a country mile. She carried RBC when McDonald All American Justine Pissott went out. She put the team on her back and carried them for weeks. Christina had a special freshman year. Nobody expected her to be the WOBM MVP as sophomore. That award is for the big names and those kids crowned before the event even starts. But there she was holding up the MVP trophy as only the 2nd sophomore to every do so. Just like she was MVP in just about every showcase game RBC played in during her time. You see nobody ever expected CHRISTINA LIGGIO to accomplish all this… but then again that’s why she is special.

There are good kids and then there are magical kids. The kids that give you their heart and soul. The kids whose goodness and kindness are dripping out the pores of their skin. There are kids when they walk in the gym make you smile and feel like all is right in the world. That’s Christina Liggio ask anyone who got to know her. There have been times I have be rough on Christina, that’s because you expect so much more from her always. I have seen the tears roll down her face. I have seen her take the heat for teammates. I have seen her pain way too often. But real leaders are strong and carry others burdens. In all my years I have never seen a kid CARRY THE BURDENS OF OTHERS SO GRACEFULLY and with so much class.

I met Tim Taylor 4 years ago when he was recruiting GIA PISSIOTT. He was one of the most real people I have ever met. He is one of the most well liked people in his profession. He also is a great recruiter. He has slowly built Navy into a serious powerhouse. He has done it but not taking shortcuts and recruiting kids that nobody thought he had any chance of getting. CHRISTINA LIGGIO had more options than a beauty queen. I remember telling Coach Taylor this might be a bridge too far to cross. Then he said to me “I’m going to get Christina Liggio, she belongs at Navy”. He was right, that’s because Christina Liggio’s mom, dad, and coaches all taught her. Pick a fit not the biggest school. Pick a coach you can trust. Pick a school that has a great education. Pick a school with good people. Pick a school that can secure your future. Tim Taylor is not good people. He is great people and like is prized recruit who he hounded and pursued up and down the east coast is special too. He is building a very special program and his program just got a major shot in the arm.

It’s a wrap for Christina Liggio. She made the painful calls to other coaches with the bad news. No more calls in the middle of the day. No more visits. Now the kid who has exceeded every expectation. The kid who has never been a problem. The kid who squeezed her talent every day until it pleaded for mercy, is now set. She has found the school, her coach and her future…. All in the US NAVAL ACADEMY


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