Now to understand Christina Liggio. You must understand her family. A family that is all about sacrifices and loyalty to each other and their inner circle. Too often we only see the good stuff but not the hard stuff. The stuff that makes the good stuff.

JENNY LIGGIO is a teacher in Colts Neck. She is also a rock star mom. She is a super mom in fact. She works 15 hours most days. That because she wants her kids to have an opportunity, not guarantees. She works these long hours because training, school and AAU cost money, lots of money. Yet she never complains. She just does what she has to do, to give her 4 children a chance to make their dreams come true. Jenny, is demanding and unlike many parents holds her kids feet to the fire as athletes, students and people. She doesn’t sugar coat anything. There are no negotiations. It’s her way or no way. MEANING THE RIGHT WAY ALWAYS

Matt Liggio in a few words is a GOOD MAN. He doesn’t baby his daughters. He gives them truth. But he also gives them the most important thing a dad can give. Love and confidence. He makes sure his kids knows he loves their mom, their is no bigger gift to a child. Then he shows his love for his daughters and son with smiles and lets them know how proud of them he is. Matt Liggio is not in the stands screaming and yelling. He is in the stands clapping and supporting. Nobody is more proud of CHRISTINA deciding to serve her country. He and his wife Jenny can write a book on parenting and raising kids

When the Liggio’s are not in the gym. The first thing people ask, is if they are okay. You see they show up “EVERYDAY” and that’s not me passing a hype line. Tessa, Christina and Katie show up at the gym everyday. They shoot for two hours and then train for two hours. Then go to AAU practice. It nothing to them. It part of their DNA. Their mother Jenny watches it all, she is a old school mom. She provides that atmosphere and the kids do the rest. Their mom is about disciple, so there is no fooling around or wasting time. Jenny Liggio calls it stacking. Meaning everyday you build on the day before. She is a brilliant coach and knows what each daughter needs to work on. But what many don’t know is this. Jenny Liggio would give an any kid the shirt off her back. She does more for other kids than her own. Nobody on gods green earth does more to get her kids teammates, exposure. She wouldn’t admit but her kids don’t need the exposure. But yet she is grinding for other kids. When I tweeted she had made 195 contacts with college coaches. Many thought it was an exaggeration. Well it was not. It was Jenny doing what others can’t or won’t do… JENNY IS A GIFT TO AAU BASKETBALL NOT JUST HER KIDS

To call the twins and Christina close is like saying we need air to breathe. Well it seems to me the Liggio girls need each other to breathe. You can’t not notice them on the court. Three drop dead gorgeous sisters with long blonde hair running around playing like their life depends on it. It would be real easy to get distracted by their beauty and grace. You be wise not to though, the three sisters who have POWER 5, HIGH MAJOR AND IVY OFFERS. Yet they are humble, funny and always respectful. They each have different personalities. Christina is the rock and leader, Katie is the fun and the free spirit. Tessa is the warrior and defender. Together they have accomplished everything a young player can possibly accomplish. When RBC won their first title in 7 years. It was these three that set the tone. It was these three that lived up to their potential and set the “NEW” standard at RBC. There love and respect for each other is something that must be seen to understand.

The Liggio family is tight. But it’s the people like Larry Smith, there trainer that they have trust in. He has been an angel to them. His devotion to them has no match. He has given every woken hour of his time to the girls. He holds a special place in their heart. The Liggio are also loyal. When Addy Nyemcheck there best friend and Sophie Smith left the ShoreShots U16 team. Many tired to convince them to leave the organization. Instead they did what few do in the AAU world they stayed. They trusted Tracey Sabino and were rewarded for that trust. Their relationships with Addy and Sophia Smith remains better than ever. That’s because the Liggio girls and family understand the word trust and Loyalty. Words spoken but rarely put into action. They love their friends and trust their inner circle. It what make them who they are….WINNERS IN LIFE!

I love the Liggio family because of their passion for each other and those in there inner circle. The family are not silver spoon people. Their kids are willing to work, willing to give of themselves. The parents are parents first, not fans. Joe Montano the head coach at RBC has seen it all over the years. But even he would admit. He has never seen anything quite like the Liggio’s. They ask for nothing and give everything. They are living proof that there are still people raising good kids and doing the hard things because there the right things!

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