This feels right, this feels different and most of all this feels so good. CAMRYN FOLTZ one of the most  converted guards in the state, said these words to her future college coach.

” My mind is on 18. I want to commit to Dartmouth University and play for you Coach Belle” and with that a very intense recruiting process was over and DARTMOUTH COLLEGE  of the Ivy League was the last school standing.


CAMRYN FOLTZ has standards she sets. These standards are higher than anyone rightfully should set. But Camryn Foltz is not like other kids, her mind and body work different. She feeds off challenges and sets goals that make you shake your head and ask why?  It’s also why, when she was thought to be the best entering freshman in the Shore Conference, everyone assumed she’d attend one of the blue bloods. One of the Shore Conference  powers house programs. It was a long, drawn out, process.  Her mother Trina, attended RBC and played for Future Hall of Fame coach Joe Montano. It was RBC that everyone thought had the inside track. What people did not know was Camryn Foltz is not like most kids. She doesn’t do easy breezy. You see Camryn Foltz was waiting to see if she would be accepted into the prestigious COLTS NECK LAW and that’s exactly what happen, she was accepted. The standards for Camryn Foltz have and always will be different, because nobody expects more of themselves that Camryn Foltz. It’s this  insatiable appetite to be her very best always …regardless of the challenge.

They all came calling, the Ivy League, the SEC, the Patriot League, the ATLANTIC 10 Conference. Yet somehow Camryn Foltz figured it out. She was honest throughout the process with everyone. She visited one Patriot school out of  respect for that schools, hustle and grind. She turned down a A-10 offer, not because it wasn’t a great school with great coaches, but she didn’t feel right making a school chase her when she didn’t believe it was for her. She felt her ego should not prevent others from having an great opportunity or sending coaches on a wild goose chase. When a SEC school wanted to fly her out, it was flattering, but she declined because this wasn’t about the biggest school to impress others. This was about standards and rolling with the best students athletes in the country. So Camryn choose the Ivy League, the Conference where life dreams come true. Where they sing songs like..“that’s alright, that’s okay ..your gonna work for us one day”  it’s because it’s true. She chose  a Conference that allowed her to maintain her academic standards, while allowing her to pursue of dreams of playing professional basketball. Did I tell you her expectations are different than most kids? Camryn Foltz is just a different animal on and off the court. She also dreams bigger than most. Anything this girl puts her mind too…she will not stop until she does it.

When I met Camryn, she was a 5th grader. She was innocent and naive to the world of basketball. She played a game she loved, not because of a scholarship or for hype. She played because she loved playing, she loved the challenge of doing something better than anyone else. She played because she could be part of something special. She has been on one AAU team her entire life …THE SHORESHOTS. She has watched her game grow over the years. She has also watched kids change teams, like their  mothers changed their diapers. Camryn Foltz has another quality its called loyalty. It’s why when things get rough, Dartmouth, will be able to count on her not to run and hide, find a new bed, or to point fingers. They will learn Camryn Foltz doesn’t fear anything, especially failure.

Three years ago, I believe Camryn Foltz lost her innocence. Three years ago Camryn Foltz found out life is real and has pit falls. Three years ago Camryn Foltz tore her ACL and found out a reality….nothing is guaranteed. Camryn Foltz learned something you love can be taken from you in a blink of a eye. It’s why I honestly believe Camryn Foltz works so hard, because she knows what it’s like to have something you love, taken away from you. Camryn found out that life is not fair and it’s made her understand to take nothing for granted. It’s why she decided to be the best free throw shooter in New Jersey and made 38 straight last season. It’s why she followed her brother footsteps and rose every morning at 6:00am to lift weight and get stronger. It’s why she cried the day I told her she wasn’t ready after working out a few weeks after being cleared  after her ACL injury. It’s why during her recruiting process, she was meticulous in learning all she could about each school. There is something about doing your homework , she had every intention of waiting until after July to make a decision. But Dartmouth had every intention and making sure she knew …THEY LOVED HER MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE. The lost of innocent can be painful but also a beautiful time to grow and can lead to a little town called  Hanover, New Hampshire.

I tell kids in the recruiting process all the time: If your recruiting them, you better be sure. But if they are recruiting you, then you know for sure. DARTMOUTH beat out other great Ivy schools for CAMRYN . Let’s be honest a Ivy education is a Ivy education. But basketball throws a monkey wrech into the mix. Dartmouth did something no other school did in the recruiting process. They showed Camryn a vision and how and why this vision must come true. They reminded  Camryn  who has won the most Ivy League Basketball titles…DARTMOUTH, that’s who! They told Camryn, she means more to them than any other team in the Ivy League.  They reminded her, she is the type player they have not been able to close in recent years and that could all stop with her…They told Camryn she could help them get #18 and create a Legacy that could last for ages at one of the best schools in the country….THEY GAVE CAMRYN FOLTZ….REAL LOVE!

If you are not sure how Camryn Foltz has made all this happen, let me give you some real talk.  When I met that 5th grader at a training session she had the right sneakers, the right shorts, the right Jersey, the right socks and ponytail. Her mother was in the stands, she had the right purse, the right  shoes, the right hair do and makeup. They both had all the trappings that made me say “SOFT” this was just another activity to keep the  baby busy. I thought to myself, when this day is over, the HOOP GROUP would be getting another Tiny Green, is out of control letter. I just knew Camryn Foltz and her mother had stepped into a nightmare. I knew this would be our once and only meeting. I told my daughter “get a good look, you will never see them again after today.” Well the truth of the matter is Camryn Foltz and her mother are two of the toughest people you will ever meet. To say Camryn has been relentless in pursuit of greatness would be a insult to the word. There is no word to describe Camryn desire to excel at everything, when if the truth be told, she has every reason not too!

Trina and Gray Foltz are old school parents. They expect only their kids do their best. They hold their kids to one standard….WORK HARD and expect nothing in return. They let their kids fight there own battles. They are forced to stand on their own two feet.  Kyle their son attends Duke University on a track scholarship. He didn’t start track till 10th game. But in the Foltz household if your in..then your in with both feet. It’s why he made his dream of Duke come true by becoming an elite Decathlon athlete in only two years. Both Kyle and Camryn are not just great students and D1 athletes..they are grounded by there parents. You see when I went to the Foltz house I simply couldn’t believe it. Their kids have a life that many can only dream of. I asked Gray, “why do they play sports and how did you keep them motivated. They clearly know they have been blessed.” His response, “Tiny, nobody gave me and Trina anything. That what I passed along to my kids, you have to work for everything. They need to know I worked hard my entire life, my dad taught me this”  I think Camryn and Kyle have learned a beautiful lesson from there parents it’s called respect for the grind…

I leave you with this story. There was a kid at NBS who was a senior. She couldn’t always get to workouts. Her parents worked and her dad was out of work. They had one car for the family. I told Gary Foltz and asked if he had some cheap at his dealership that maybe they could purchase. He said yes, and then purchased the car out his own pocket….now why do I tell you this? Because he brought a car for somebody’s else kid before his own kids owned one….NOW YOU KNOW WHY CAMRYN FOLTZ is not a spoiled little rich kid but rather a WARRIOR WITH A VISION….NEXT STEP #18 at DARTMOUTH COLLEGE….GOD IS GOOD

Tiny Green


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