AVA and BELLA MUZUR… In case you forgot💪😄🌈

Its the first week of the new school year. It’s a sign that the summer madness has come to end. Its also a time to remind us of how quickly we can forget . We leave so much in our rear view mirror after the sumner because we are so focused on whats ahead in the future. But as we all know; The best predictor of the future is the past track record . That’s why I am hear to remind college coaches that future D1 guards BELLA AND AVA MUZUR have a track record that screams future success at the Division One level together. It’s just real easy to forget how good they were last year, beginning with the high school season right though the AAU season. So in case you forgot I’m here to remind you today.

Family strength

This time of year is reserved for those who are part of the hype machine. This time of year it’s the brand name high schools that take center stage and that demand most of the attention. This time of year all the talk is about the new babies entering high school. If you live in the Shore Conference, there is a never ending cycle of attention bestowed on the top players. But when you live in South Jersey once the AAU season ends you often become a ghost. Well Bella and Ava Muzar are a lot of things but one of them is bot ghost. That’s because the two mega talented sisters have proved they are among the best of the best. Even if it has slipped your mind the last month or so.

Bella Mazur brings a complete tool box every night

It’s s that time of the year when coaches start complaining how kids don’t play hard anyone. It’s the time of year when coaches talk about how some kids are not self motivated enough. Its that time of year when coaches can’t understand why kids just can’t do the right thing. That’s why I’m here to remind you that Ava and Bella did all the important things that matter and always do the right thing. They are the kids you loved watching play this sumner. Not because of how hard they played… lots of kids play hard. Well maybe not as hard as Ava and Bella. You didn’t fall in love with there game because of there Tenacious defense… lots of kids play defense , just not like them. You didn’t fall in love with their game because they played EYBL and seemed to get better and better all summer. Lots of kids get better… it’s just there improvement is nothing in the the Mazur twins world. You feel in love with there game … because of there total respect of how the game should be played… with PASSION, A COMPETITIVE NATURE AND UNSELFISHNESS

AVA MAZUR… is the total package

I saw lots of players this summer. It’s no secret I train some of the best. When Ava and Bella game to NBS came… driving well over a hour each day one way. It was the first time I got to meet them. They proved a few things to be honest I already knew , they were mentally tougher than half the talented D1 players at NBS COMBINED and are excuse free. They do so much good on a basketball court it makes your head spin. But I think there real value is what they will do for a programs culture at the next level. Kids will want to play with AVA AND BELLA MAZUR. Fans will want to root for then. Coaches will want to coach them. Adult’s will feel real hope for our next generation of student athletes. The Muzar twins are okay with earning everything that comes there way and they are going to find that so many will want to go along for the ride💪🏀🤩

So school is starting and Ava and Bella won’t get the lion’s share of the attention. But then again nobody gave them much attention last year when the two led Mainland to a SOUTH JERSEY GROUP 3 CHIP. Who ever believed the two would lead Mainland all the way to the State Group Final Championship game? There is no media machine updating the greatness of the twins everyday. Just like they was none last year. We have to wait till the summer to fully appreciate them Now the sisters will just go back to being the players and people you dream all kids can be… but I do need to remind you again …

THEY WON’T BE AS SPECIAL AS AVA AND BELLA….. in case you forgot!

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