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A CENTRAL IS A ONE HORSE RACE…That’s because the best team in the state is in this division, SJV. They have not lost a game in New Jersey in 4 years. They have taken all all comers and have made the games non competitive. This season they will start the year out #1 in the state and #12 in the country. This is a team loaded with the Pre Season Player of the year both in the State and the Shore. The have more D1 players than your can count. They have future star babies and the coach you ask? Well she just happens to be the best in the business. SJV ready for another dynamic season. 


SJV is the OVERWHELMING favorite to win another state title.  Nobody in this division can match their talent level, success and experience.  They have multiple Division one players at every position. They seniors are season vets who have played in and won every big game there is to win on the high school level . They own one of the  Freshman classes in the Shore Conference. Not to mention a top 10 player in the county in Zoe Brooks and one the Top 5 players in the state in Jannie Bachmann. There frontline, is the best in the state, and there backcourt is all division players. Bri Delanney signed with Stonehill and jr  Juila Karpell is being heavily recruited by D1 schools basketball history. Alenna Dinker would  start for every team in the shore not named RBC. Dawn Karpell is one of the best coaches in New Jersey history.

Head Coach- Dawn Karpell, multiple TOC Rings, multiple SCT Rings, multiple State Titles Rings, 4 straight years undefeated )

2021-22 Record


Conference – 10-0 in B North

Projected Division one players (10)


Madison St. Rose –(Princeton  U)-  The best player in NJ state history and 3 time player of the year

Ashley O’Connor– (Fordham)- One of the best defensive players in the state. 1st Team All Shore

Megan Cahalan- (Holy Cross)-  The best post player in the state. 1st Team All Shore, All State


ZOE BROOKS- Combo- she is the best player in the Shore and maybe the state. She is ranked nationally in the top by ESPN. She has won everything there is to win at every level of basketball. She is blessed with a winning personality and it carries over on to the floor. The future NC STATE guard is one of the most unselfish stars in the state. Zoe Brooks is a scoring machine who can take over games in some many ways. She is a great passer and finisher in the lane. She has turned herself into a deadly shooter to 23 ft. Guarding her in transition is a pipe dream. She can play bull ball or she can go into her bag of tricks to electrify the crowd. She is that rare player in high school, that people will pay money to see. She is a excellent rebounder and improving defender since arriving to SJV. This is where it all starts for SJV and why they the heavy favorites to win a 5th straight SCT title.






Jannie Bachmann- 6’0″- Jr- SWING– She will be on the hunt for POY and 1st team all state. Jannie Bachmann since the the middle of July just may be the best player in the State not named Zoe Brooks. She has been that good. She attended the NBS camp and frankly became the first player in camp history to good for the camp. She has become one of the best and most dominating guards in the state. She will attend Holy Cross next year. She is a deadly shooter, post up guard and the best rebounding guard in the state by a country mile. She has won a chip at every level of basketball. She also has never lost a game in high school in the state of New Jersey. She my friends is no Robin to anyone’s Batman..SJV just has two Batman’s.


Brianna Delanney – 5’8″- SR- Wing- she like so many before her at SJV had to wait her turn. Last season she was a part time starter. This season she will be a full time starter. She is a deadly three point shooter to 25ft and a lock down defender. She is a beast getting to the rim. She also has the ability to take over games as D1 schools found out this summer. It’s the reason Stonehill signed her and why they will be dancing in the streets. She is a gym rat and knows the SJV system inside and out. She too has never lost a game in New Jersey. Nobody is a better finisher when filling lanes on the fast break.


Julia Karpell5’10”- Sr- Point Guard-  She is a battle tested player and has been in the wars and has delivered the goods. She has been a highly productive player the past 2 years, by just doing all that is asked of her. She has taken advantage of her minutes the moment she has hit the floor. . She is highly effective on both sides of the ball and most importantly plays with real purpose always. Her rebounding skills are vastly underrated. She is the best post passing wing player in the state of New Jersey .  While she is not known for her sweet jumper to 28 ft, make no mistake she can get to the rim. This season expect her to her some big scoring nights. She is one of the  smartest players in the state. She is expected to play a monster role if  SJV is to make a SCT or state  title run look easy again.


Ashley Sofilkanich-6’4″-  SR-  Forward–  This one of the  most talented post  players in the state. She signed with Bucknell in the fall, lucky them. She is long. athletic, explosive and competitive. She can knock down jumper or get to the rim with one bounce from 20 ft.. She is an elite offensive rebounder and shot blocker. She has the ability at 6’4″ to play on the ball when SJV goes to it press. When SJV is off the ball in their press she takes up more space than perhaps any player in the state. She runs the floor and is deadly when she get below the foul line. She has been inconsistent at times but that is most due to lack of confidence, something she has dripping out her body these days. She will be one of the best player in the Shore Conference this season.


Mikaela Hubbard–6′ 2″– SR- Forward–  She has been a two year starter. She has seen it all over the years. Nothing is going to surprise her. She has played and shined in the biggest games in the state of New Jersey. She turned down multiple D1 offers to attend Emory. That because she has been ego free since arriving at SJV. She is a unmovable in the lane. She is strong, athletic and rebounds in traffic with the best of them. She is a big time screen setter who also can step back and shoot when called upon to do so. She is one of if not the best defensive post player in the state. She has never lost a game in New Jersey and doesn’t plan to to start now.


Aleena Dinker- 5’7″- Sophomore- Combo– Get ready for the show, because she is quick, fast and exciting. Aleena Dinker saw limited minutes while learning the SJV way. She is as talented as it gets. She is one of the best guards in the 2025 class and your about to find out why. Her skill sets are just what the doctor orders. She has an elite handle, can dance in the lane and she is a next level passer. Her pull up game is money and her shooting range has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year.  The future D1 guard and has been blessed to practice and play against the best for a entire year before stepping into a prime time role. She proved this summer and fall she is ready to have the ball in hands when called upon.

Carolyn Lundy- 5’8″- Jr- Wing–She is a hard worker who is battled back from injuries. She is a true program kid. She will do anything she asked to help this team. She can bury threes and has a rock solid handle.  She is a future small college player and someone will be getting a steal.


Gwen Bruen- 5’5″- Combo– She played JV last season and is hoping to make her mark this coming season.  Gwen is a shooter and willing defender.



This group is made up of all future D1 players. It is one of  the best group of freshman to enter the shore on one team. They are competitive and have all played at the highest level of AAU.


Madison Kocis -5’10”- Combo-  She is a future D1 high major guard. She is a deadly shooter with a high IQ and will see major minutes off the bench


Charlotte Bradley -5’7″- Wing–  She has shooting range from the parking lot. Do not be surprised to see her on the floor in big moments because of her ability to stretch the floor


Taylor  Sofilkanich-5’6″- Point Guard-  She will one day be one of the best post players in New Jersey. This season will be a typical SJV freshman season. Learn how to practice, get better, take advantage of your minutes and then become a star.








They are going to press wisely. They will game plan most teams out of the gym. Zoe Brooks will have the ball and everyone else is spot up. They will run the best weakside offense in America. They will be the best coached team in the state. This is SJV and nothing is expected to change, just expect everyone to say what is said about them every year…. THERE BEATABLE!….more wishful thinking than facts!

Let’s be honest, at some point they will last a game. When they do, everyone will yell…”see they are beatable”. SJV did not have a good fall by their standards. What does that mean when every player on your roster is battle tested? They were by far the most impressive team I saw in the scrimmage season. But there are two real questions that nobody is talking about regarding SJV. Where at the power points coming from this year? Out of state games don’t court and the division they play in won’t help. SJV could have to win a game on the road at RBC to win a state Chip. Even for SJV that could be a problem.  Next will they play in the National post season tournaments?  There will be no clear State winner with the TOC  ending last year.  Only two teams in the state can  go to the event.  Remember politics matter and that is not Coach Karpell’s strong suit.















This division has no contenders. HOLMDEL, has the makings of a Top 10 team in the Shore. The have a group of talented guard.  New Coach Jen Ventunell  has a nice group to work with. Future D1 guard  Allison Cannon is one of the most improved players in the state. She is fast, tough and competitive. She will be a double figure scorer. Alexandra Loucopoulos is one of the best guards in the Shore Conference. She was All Shore 3rd team last year and that may not be enough this year. She is a three level scorer and player a major role in Holmdel being ranked last year in the Top 20. Erica Stolker it seems has been around forever. She is a reliable scorer and solid ball handler. She too is battled tested and won’t fold under pressure. The Key to the Holmdel season just may lay in the hands of 6’4″ Sophomore Mackenzie Teevan. She has taken a big step forward this spring and looks ready to have a breakout season. She is a excellent rebounder and can score inside of out. If she had a big year, Holmdel may be one of the real surprises this season. They will start the year in the Top 10 and open their season at Trinity Hall. The rest of the division will be trying to find a way into the state tournament and SCT by going .500 before the cut off



There is no reason for a discussion….





SJV wins “C” CENTRAL this season








































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