Stephanie Lesko will attend  BRYANT UNIVERSITY

Last night the 4 RFH seniors said goodbye to Shore basketball. All 4 will move on to College. Stephanie Lesko will attend Bryant U, Nicole Morris will attend Holy Cross, Sidney Sabino will attend Wagner College and Lindsey Morris will attend St. Francis of Pa. They all leave disappointed. They leave disappointed not because of wins and losses. They leave disappointed because sometimes your dreams don’t come true and things were never what you thought they would be…..they all just wanted a little more

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Lyndsey Morris will attend ST. FRANCIS PA

These four seniors will be remembered for being hard workers…..REAL GYM RATS. They will be remembered for being first class kids. They will be remembered for being kids with an amazing backbone. Each was tested along the way, weather it was Nicole Morris  over coming the disappointment as a freshman, when she was to pay her dues, only to become one of the best players in the shore.. It was Syd Sabino some how holding it together, while waiting 3 years for a  real opportunity and still being able to land a D1 scholarship.  It was the mega talented Stephanie Lesko never dreaming she would move to the bench as a senior, it takes real character when your pride is bruised to show up everyday with a smile.  It was Lyndsey Morris finding a way to get though her senior year, knowing she would get quality time. It took special courage for Morris to swallow her ego and not run out on her teammates. It took real courage for these kids to get though their four years…but they did and years from now they will benefit from such tough times…ONE THING IS FOR SURE…THEY WILL BE MISSED

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Nicole Morris will attend HOLY CROSS

They say tough times don’t last, only tough people. These 4 seniors were tough and lasted tough 4 years. Many kids in there situation would have given up or ran out on there teammates. These 4 took the tough times and keep looking for answers, when sometimes there was not a answer. There was real sadness along the way at times…like last night. But there was also happiness, in knowing that regardless of what road blocks and disappoints faced over the years…they never gave up or gave inTHIS WILL BE THERE LEGACY 


Syd Sabino will attend WAGNER COLLEGE

Sir George Sourlis best RFH teams were when they played the underdog role. The RFH community loved beating the big girls. But RFH has become one of the big girls in recent years. Teams loaded with talent and expectations. Close losses and beating weaker teams no  longer were celebrated. Next year RFH will finally be back in the underdog role again. There will be no new star player entering the program. Next year maybe the appreciation for GEORGE SOURLIS AND HIS SENIORS WILL BE REMEMBERED...another 20 win season, a number two seed in the SCT , another Group 2 Final, a Top 5 ranking in the State AND ALL 4 SENIORS OFF TO COLLEGE…these things should always be celebrated. It just right now it’s a little hard to do soo.

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