The next chapter in a lot of players athletic careers will begin soon. It’s a wonderful and exciting time for most. KATHERINE MARTINI and SAM SLOFKISS are two players getting ready to embark on that journey called college basketball. They unlike many will be ready for the challenge ahead of them.

This time of year many seniors soon off to college are doing something they have not done in years. “NOT” traveling the country playing AAU basketball. Many are taking this time to rest and enjoy the break away from the hectic world of AAU basketball. But there are also those kids getting prepared for there college basketball experience. KATHERINE MARTINI is off to EMORY COLLEGE and SAM SLOFKISS is off to TRINITY COLLEGE. These are mega schools the young ladies will be attending. These are two academic giants. You don’t attend these type school unless you are one of the best students in the country. You don’t attend these school unless you have been preparing for this moment your entire academic career. You don’t wake up some sunny day and decide your going to one of the best schools in the country. This is a lifetime commitment trying to get into these type schools. There are no shortcuts to Emory and Trinity, you must work harder than everyone else and sacrifice more than everyone else. Things KATHERINE MARTINI and SAM SLOFKISS having been doing there entire life both in the classroom and on the court. It’s why when they arrive on there perspective college campuses they will be ready both academically and athletically.

College coaches say it all the time “she was dead on arrival”. Meaning a freshman shows up on a campus not prepared for the rigors of college basketball. They spend there freshman year and in most cases playing catch-up there entire career. That will not be the case for Katherine Martini and Sam Slofkiss because they have been grinding and preparing for the challenges of college basketball that awaits them. While many moving on to college will shoot and workout with a trainer, lift weights and run. They will soon find out that they have just made that cardinal sin so many incoming freshman make. Not preparing properly mentally and competively while most importantly continuing to improve though constant repetition and competition. They fail to see and be prepared for what waits ahead of them. SAM SLOFKISS and KATHERINE MARTINI are doing all things and more these days. They wisely shoot everyday, they get there competive competition fix at NBS and use weekends to tighten up there games by getting in the gym with a small group while others are sleeping nicely. They are taking no chances with there futures. They are covering all bases.

Next week Division One college pickup will start. Many D1 players from across the state will get in the gym to play lively intense pickup games. The games are invite only in a effort to make sure the games are highly competitive. They will only be two D3 high school players at these pickup games, Kathrine Martini and Sam Solfkiss. That’s because both girls know Trinity College and Emory are both D3 in name only. If you hope to play at these schools you better have D1 talent. Being brilliant may help you get into those schools but that alone will not be enough to get you on the court.

SAM and KATHERINE both understand they are walking into the lions den. It’s why they have always competed against the best of the best. Now they are preparing to be ready to play against and with the best of the best at the next level. Both are attending nationally ranked programs. So like everything else in there life….THERE ARE PREPARING FOR ALL CHALLENGES that await them. D1 pickup games will just be a little added piece to there preparation. Sam and Kathrine are both ready mentally, physically and athletically. This only happens when your focus and commitment has no distractions or excuses…. only results and there results are just like the ones they get in the classroom….A+ ⭐️☄️

Both Katherine Martini and Sam Slofkiss had great seasons last year. It was not a surprise if you watched them prepare. They knew the task in front of them and tackled it like everything else in there young lives. It led them to dream seasons and dream colleges for both. Many players off to college unfortunately are not going to be ready. They are going to be disappointed about their college athletic experience from day one . They will blame many reasons for their disappointment. Many will join the portal and hope for new life. They will have a better understanding of how to prepare and get ready for college basketball the 2nd time around. Two players that will not have any of those concerns are KATHRINE MARTINI and SAM SLOFKISS that’s because both ladies understand nothing is given and the best things are earned ….KATHERINE and SAM are earning everything and getting ready to be rewarded…. EMORY AND TRINITY are in for a nice MARTINI AND A BIG KISS!🍸💋



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