There is a pride that goes along with wearing a SJV uniform. There is standard that is expected and that standard applies to all that wear the uniform. No player is more important than any other player. Last night SJV proved it doesn’t matter who is on the court when the ball goes up. They all will represent what SJV basketball is all about… A TRADITION LIKE NO OTHER!


Julia Ramos, Vanessa Pinho, Tina LeBron will not play Division One basketball. They will not be players that dominate the Shore Conference basketball conversation. But what they will do is to remind you that, when any player puts on that SJV uniform, it is worn with a deep pride. Yesterday they proved that no one player, or two players or even three are not replaceable. Vanessa Pinho started the nights scoring, with a three point bomb. She has never been afraid to take a shot. She has always been ready to play when called upon, yesterday she made that clear to everyone right out the gate.. Tina LeBron may be the biggest shot maker in the shore. She  hit a big three point shot to tie the game late in the third when RFH had SJV on its heels. Tina has been doing this her entire career…ITS NOTHING NEW. When Julia Ramos made her third triple of the night, she turned to the crowd and pounded her chest as if to say…I HAVE BEEN HERE ALL ALONG just waiting for this moment!  3 college coaches turned and almost at the same time said…”I love that kid”  These 3 players WERE MAGIACAL ALL NIGHT IN HELPING KEEP SJV’S TRIPLE CROWN DREAMS ALIVE. They reminded us all of what makes SJV special, its a pride and a real desire to out preform and  hustle opponents…RFH now knows there names a little better.


Kimi Evans started a coaching convention last night. Many of the coaches in attendance were there to show Miss. Evans SOME LOVE. But Zoe Pero and Gigi Caponegro also have love for Kimi Evans. Because when Kimi Evans went to the bench and SJV was on their 3rd quarter ending charge and 4th quarter mauling, it was these two that picked up the slack. Gigi showed LIU why they may have picked up the biggest steal of the year. Caponegro put on a show folks, as she hit jumps shots, make sick high/ low passes and then rebounded as if she was getting a Christmas present for every rebound, her 8 points and 7 rebounds did not show how she impacted the game….or how she is developing  into something very speical. Zoe Pero plays so hard it’s really should be against the law. It was she that dominated the paint late in the game. When the RFH guards drove the lane there was Zoe Pero and GiGi with hands up to meet them,  forcing the RFH guards to  go into a very bad circus act at the rim. It was she that moved over to guard Sid Sabino, when Sabino went on a shooting spree. Pero finished a nights work with 12 points, 7 rebounds and more hustle plays that one could count. Zoe Pero and Gigi Caponegro picked up the slack for Kimi Evans because its that’s SJV pride that only comes form wearing that uniform…IT’S A TRUE SISTERHOOD…


DAWN KAPELL is a master unlike all others when it comes to rotations, rarely does she make a mistake.. . Her daughter Sara looks like her and plays like her, made her look like a basketball Einstein. Sara Karpell plays like she is out for a Sunday walk, and doesn’t have a care in the world. When she banked a three point shot towards the end of the 2nd quarter, she smiled a wicked smile  and that was all the emotion the freshman would show all night.. When she made one of the biggest plays of the night when she scored on a fast break and got fouled…she never broke character as fans and teammates went wild…she got up and never changed her expression. Sara Karpell is one of the coolest freshman these eyes has ever seen. One day she will be on of the shore conferences very best….JUST LIKE HER MAMA.


RFH tired last night and fought like Bulldogs.  Katie Foos three times brought Rumson back from  the dead with three points shots to either tie or give RFH the lead. But for RFH it was the same 4 problems that has haunted them in both season opening battle of heavyweights. Not enough Morris, no offense without Morris, and shaky decision making at best without Morris, . Timely shooting was nowhere to be found once SJV closed the door on Syd Sabino. Closing quarters again reared it head. If RFH thought their inability to close quarters was brutal against Manasquan. Then yesterday they found out what real pain feel like. The end of the 3rd quarter was a nightmare for RFH (Rotations, Rotations, Rotations). Once again when Morris, went to the bench RFH pounded the ball into the ground and turned the ball over…over and over. But perhaps  more shocking  was this… not  rotations but rather. The RFH point guards had a total of 2 assist by my count. The team had a grand total of 5 by my count when I left with 2 minutes remaining…get the picture! Now we will see if Rumson really does have team chemistry because they are going to need it!


SJV wants a triple crown and no one, two or three players are going to be the reason they do or don’t fulfill there dream. They are the ultimate team with the ultimate coach and they have a pride and a STRONG WILL that very few can match…JUST ASK RUMSON!


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