Now you can stop worrying and get focused. There will not be any college Coaches out this summer. There may not be any college coaches out in the fall. The college season will be cut in half. The high school season will be cut in half. There even may be a chance there will be no basketball this year. That is the reality of things today. So there is no use in crying and complaining… IT IS WHAT IT IS. What I’m hear to tell you is this, don’t make things worst by making bad mistakes over the next few months.

Now kids will have to do something they haven’t been doing for years again. Play basketball because they love it. Not because college coaches are watching. Now kids will have time to work on their games not just their teams plays. Now kids will be forced to get back to the business of why they started playing basketball in the first place … it’s fun! But for this to happen a few things must happen as well. Because it’s those mistakes that people around kids make that cause all the problems.

I spoke to a parent and told her college coaches need to see her daughter play before making a decision. I told her sit tight write a note once a week to the school and get your daughter to focus on getting better. A week later the parent is asking a coach to call that college. I tried to explain “you are starting to look too thirsty”. Then the young ladies AAU coach told me the player was a mess and was putting to much pressure on herself. How can that be you may ask when coaches won’t see her till the fall at best… we’ll if parents don’t listen and pressure those around her kid and the kid themself… mistakes happen.

I asked a kid recently why she hasn’t been coming to shooting. She said she has AAU practice 4 days a week. I thought who is practicing 4 days a week when the AAU this summer is limited to a few tournaments. I thought you are playing against the same girls everyday 4 days a week. Well these are the times we live in folks. Rather than a kid getting out of there comfort zone, going to camp and working out against new faces. We have kids preparing for their October AAU season. These mistakes continue and maybe somebody will break the cycle. If not some kids are going to pay a awful price.

There are teams traveling all over the country. Putting players health at risk. There are players testing positive and not telling teams entering there tournaments. You ask why? I will tell you why, it’s called desperate for attention. It’s called fear, they feel they have worked so hard and now somebody is taking away there opportunity. This is how so many feel and why now children’s health are being put at risk. It’s these mistakes that at some point may be the most costly of all…A LOST OF LIFE, that could have been avoided. No basketball game is worth this price. But desperate folks do desperate things.

Now while kids are sitting home depressed by there recruiting situation, Few are truly telling them the truth, which is college coaches need players. College coaches want to see them play. But coaches are not making the phone calls as much these days. They’re not mailing as much these days. College coaches have figured it out … WHAT’S THE POINT? We have to see them play and in the meantime are taking care of there current players. 90% of the players in the country fall into that we have to evaluate them category. But nobody tells the kids that. So the kids panic, worry and think there day is not coming. They’re wrong. There day is coming. It’s just not coming on your terms… AND THATS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF ALL…. wanting it on your terms.

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