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Consider this a PSA to college coaches. Today your going to get a chance to get ahead of the recruiting game. Today you will get a real dose of future greatness. Today you will be wise to pick up the phone and call Kevin White the head Coach at St. Mary’s High school on Long Island. Because they are two special players at his school…. The Barbot Twins...TARYN AND TAYLOR

TARYN AND TAYLOR BARBOT are two gifted players. They are athletic, the have basketball IQ’s you can’t teach. They are highly skilled, they have bodies that look like something out of a fitness magazine. They have all this and to boot are total gym rats with an elite work ethic and a super hyper competitive nature. It’s why soon POWER 5 Schools and D1 schools across the nation will discover them. Did I tell you they also were IVY AND PATRIOT type students as well? To sum it up the Babot Twins are the total package.

I’ve known the Twins Tara and Tryan for 3 years now. Both are special people from special families. They drive from Long Island to NBS on weekends. In the past they had to rise at 6 am to attend NBS. Now they rise at 5 in the morning for 75 min ride one way. Their father most days picks them up after work at 5 in the morning and takes them right to NBS. What happens after that is pure magic. Because every weekend the Barbot Twins rip up the competition at NBS. Every weekend I sit in total amazement at what they bring to the table. If they were in the Shore, they would be among the best players, if not the best players in the 2O23 class. There games are so mature for such young players. They have elite handles, the stuff in their tool boxes is endless. There ability to get by opponents and make plays is so next level, in fact P5 next level. They can bury the three or the mid range jumper. The ability they have to finish at the rim, is off the charts because they can do it in traffic vs elite size. In other words the Babot Twins are the total package. They also have something else they Bring to the table. A relentless desire to be good teammates. Not only are the two talented, they are unselfish and beyond humble…they have next level winning attitudes…

We spend too much time these days talking about kids potential. Well waiting on a players potential has be the death of a lot coaches and teams seasons. The Barbot Twins are good right now. They are players who can play against elite competition and perform at an elite level. They can destroy you in so many ways. They can overwhelm you with their quickness and speed. They can physically overpowered you. They can kill you with their decision making. That’s because their respect for the ball at such a young age is shocking at times. The two eat next level ball pressure for breakfast. Regardless of their opponents games, there games don’t shrink vs top competition, they go to work against it. It’s why I am delivering this PSA to college coaches.. these are two players who will win chips for you at the next level.

GAME RECOGNIZE GAME they say. Well the Barbot Twins game look very familiar to great players of the past. They don’t need hype and phony rankings. That’s because they actually are good, not a product of social media. They deliver where it matters most.. on and off the court! The same way they deliver on offense and defense. Because when you look across and see the Twins lining up against you. There is only one thing to think “your in for a bad day”. That’s because they are two major college defenders right now on and off the ball. Their hands are active and lighting quick when guarding the ball. They flick and fake and keep ball handlers of balance. Coaches the video don’t lie. They play passing lanes and rotate to the ball like college seniors on defense. They make you beg for mercy in transition. Because the explosiveness and finishing ability is something coaches dream about. Repeat this PSA is for you college coaches. Yes find Kevin White’s address and tell him. I want the Twins, I need the Twins because they are the total package.

While both Taryn and Taylor BarBot are talented they are different. Taryn this past season made the biggest shot in St. Mary s recent history when she knocked down a jumper with 2 ticks on the clock, to give her school it’s first CHSAA Class AA championship in half a decade. Taylor started this past season for the powerhouse St. Mary’s team. She is clearly one of the best young players in the state of New York. The twins are tight and do everything together. But they have their own style and personality more importantly their own way of playing. But know each others games inside and out. They each other strengths and weakness.They both played AAU for the powerhouse IEXCEL program.

Taryn and Taylor train in elite environments. They work out with Team Footprints. A place where the basketball killers of NEW YORK reside. It’s a place where they get top level coaching and competition. It’s a place where a kid gets to harvest their talent. The Barbot Twins improvement curve over the past 3 years looks like something out of a cartoon, thanks to the FootPrints and IEXCEL organizations. Kevin White is considered one of the best coaches in all of NY State. In other words the twins are getting coached up and it shows every time they walk on the court. The parents have taught the girls to embrace competition and to challenge themselves. So coaches are you writing and are you listening… these two are the package. The parents are the package too because they have instilled a work ethic and real humbleness in the young ladies.

I spend time teasing the girls on how THE SHORE is better than New York basketball. I tell them Shore teams would have a easy time with NY teams. Well I need to come clean, because they is nothing running around the Shore Conference that looks or plays like the Babot Twins. What these two girls bring to the table we have not seen in the Shore since the Sy Davis and Shakena Richardson days when both were Top 10 players in the country. And unless the Twins move to the Shore, we won’t be seeing it anytime soon. I don’t know where the Twins will be in 3 years. But I do know this. If your a D1 school, a power 5 school, a Ivy League or Patriot school. You better read this PSA closely and understand these two are the TOTAL PACKAGE… Taryn and TAYLOR Barbot🤗🏀… GAME RECOGNIZE GAME… and ladies the great ones say you look very familiar!



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