BUCK Josie Larkins, Lola Mullaney and Oliva Matto..got to ELITE CAMP!

The summer  recruiting period officially started this weekend. Many players showed up at college Elite Camps. There is no question Elite Camps are becoming a must for kids looking to build name recognition as well improving their stock before July. This year many kids got off to a wonderful start…by taking control of their recruitment!

ARMY Riley Kehoe and Maddie Doring at Elite

The bell was sounded over 2 months ago. Kids where encouraged by coaches to get in the gym and work on weakness. They were told that if they prepare correctly Elite Camps can be their clearest path to attending a college of their choice. Some players worked very hard and prepared and sadly some did not. If I have any STRONG ADVICE to players, its this….do not fool yourself. Look in the mirror and ask this question…did I prepare and do all I could to be ready?


I have preached all spring to kids. Get in the gym and that does not mean practicing with your AAU  team and playing games all spring…everyone does that, it’s the other stuff that separates one player from the next.. They were many kids who decided to pass on Elite Camps this weekend to play in tournaments or to rest. I really don’t understand this chain of thought. Now if a young lady is not prepared this is a wise move. If they are prepared it’s a mistake, unless your name is Faith Masonius who does not need an elite camp but still decided to attend one.


When you attend Elite camps you going as a individual not as a team. So what did we learn this weekend? Many kids shined light stars and other struggled. It comes down to one thing PREPARATION.  While Elite Camps can help a player, it can also be a real learning lesson for players. For the record I am not surprised in the slightest by the positive feedback from the NBS members…BRAVO TO THOSE KIDS AGAIN…THOSE KIDS ARE HAVING A MONSTER SPRING…But understand those kids all made real sacrifices.


It was nice to see so many shore players taking advantage of Elite Camps. It’s clear that some kids hit a home run. One of the best stories this weekend was the play of Colts Neck future guard Camryn Foltz who made it to the finals of the shooting Competition for all age groups at the Princeton camp.  Foltz who will attend Colts Neck law no question has improved her name recognition this spring.

Here is what a Big East told me about Faith Masonius “she does things no player her age has any right doing” Masonious got her props for another thing and it has nothing to do with basketball “she is just a sweet fun loving kid”.


Some feedback was disappointing when you hear about kids not being ready for the skills sessions. I have always said that the spring NBS session is one all kids should try to attend and based on the early feedback I am right. So its sad when hear about kids not ready for the one on one and the 3 on 3 and half court competitive drills. But for those kids who struggled remember its a learning experience. For the rising seniors it hurts a little more. But remember their are more Elite Camps and of course the month of July….keep grinding is what I say. Its a long race…ask Catlin Carroll of RBC who will be attending ST. FRANCIS OF PA.


The reports out of Wagner College were off the hook. I received no less than 5 text from players talking about how they loved the Wagner Skills camp. Heather Jacobs has been nothing short of brilliant in her first Month as the new coach at Wagner. She has created a positive vibe at Wagner and people are BUZZING. For the record Addie Masonius recruiting is over…she is going to WAGNER ITS A WRAP!

Many players  who attended College Elite Camps picked the right place and others did not. Knowing what level player you are is very important when deciding what Camp to attend. It’s also very important to know what school you match up academically with. I believe asking for advice and calling a school before you attend is wise.

I know the Rider Elite Camp is coming up… I have not met a kid, who has attended this camp and not say it was great…this camp is a real eye opener and I encourage kids to join Lynn Mulligan and her staff.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 3.32.40 PM

Finally Academic Elite is July 29th…it is the best one day event in the live period. Right now there are 33 confirmed coaches. My dream is 100, I know will beat the number 60 two years ago…I want to thank those who supported this event last year when it was during the dead period…..this year we are LIVE AGAIN…57 SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE STILL…WE ARE TAKING 120 PLAYERS

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