On Monday, NBS will kick off for the final week of the summer. This is the latest a NBS camp has ever taken place. It will definitely be an important week for many kids because of the deep talent in every class at this years event and almost act as a fall recruiting period and a last look for the summer.


MARRISSA McDONALD came out of nowhere to win MVP last year

MARRISSA McDONALD came out of nowhere to win MVP last year

Last year, Marissa McDonald exploded on the recruiting scene with a dominating performance at NBS camp number two. She arrived at the camp unknown by most, but it was clear after 3 days she was special. McDonald is not the first unknown player to change their profile at NBS, and this will most certainly be the case again next week. I guarantee there will be a player that dominates the competition that we have never heard of prior to arriving, and without question, there will be a rising 8th and 9th grader who will become a household name. The list of MVP’s at the NBS camp is a whose who of girls basketball.


What makes NBS special is simple: it is totally about competition for the week. A player will have 5 days to shine against top competition. In this case, over 65 Division one players. The reputation of a player does help them at NBS. It’s why we never post the names of the over 350 Division 1 players. It is a performance driven week and not a camp that one can hide behind their reputation. There will be many great young players who will skip the NBS camp simply to protect their reputation. On top of this, there will be upper classmen who will not want to be exposed to young players trying to make a name for themselves. Both of these examples have been the case for years and will not change this year. It will all come down to each players competitive nature.


The NBS camp is all about situational training. Players’ IQs will be on display and their abilities to play with other players will become clear. As one college coach said, “the best part of NBS is watching what players can pick up the drills and which ones struggle.” NBS exposes players, but more importantly, gives the truth by showing a player what they must work on in order to improve their game. Players who attend NBS know that playing hard every time they step on the court is a must. There is no where to hide and nobody to protect a player….you must rely on your game only.


There is a reason that college coaches have NBS players up and down their roster. It’s because they are highly competitive and most importantly have a serious work ethic. This year NBS will stream its games on each court to college coaches since there is no longer a fall recruiting period. That is why this NBS so big for so many kids. It is a opportunity where if a player can perform at NBS, coaches know its real. It should be an exciting week, filled with the absolute best competition. Please follow me @coachtinygreen for daily updates  all next week…It’s going to be a great week of basketball!

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