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There was little movement in this week’s Top 10. Ocean County finally has a team in the Top 10. There were tons of games canceled due to the weather. The final 2 1/2 weeks of the regular season is going to be very interesting from a seeding standpoint. Some teams are clearly riding on past success and reputations.

RBC– They struggled all afternoon in a battle against EWING but found a way to win. That is certainly a good sign moving forward. There rotation issues clearly have to be cleaned up. Tessa Carman has been consistent in the last 3 games. Something that she has never done in the past. That is massive news for RBC

MANASQUANThey seemed to be running in place these days. They have a big game tonight vs St Rose and should cruise from there the rest of the season. Sharing the ball would be nice as they have lost a little mojo in that area. Hope Masonious is cooking.

OCEANThey are seasoned and seem to be getting better each night. They get Mainland on the road rather than at home. Mainland will return the game next year when OCEAN is in full rebuilding mode. Then go to St. Thomas. This could blow up there seeding and Top 20 rankings once again to end the season. Scheduling issues again late doesn’t help.

TRINITY HALLThe insane schedule is either going to pay off or not. Grace Finney is looking more and more like a legit Robin to Nina EMNACE’s Batman act. Siobhan Stapleton has been a Swiss knife. But if she can add some scoring it would be welcomed. There dangerous because Teagan DRENNAN has found her shooting eye again, she would be a massive shooting upgrade if she continues. Lily Riggi has been rock solid.

SJVNo shame in losing to national ranked Top 5 Luhi. But clearly they are running out of time to put it together. Daniella Matus has stepped up big time. Ashley SOLFILKANICH, has showed flashes. Madison Kocis has had moments. Stella Lockhart has been the one consistent. The chemistry must be found and the Karpell lessons learned.

RED BANK REGThey shook off a little rust and ran over secaucus. They are relying heavily on three-point shooting. Hence the inconsistency. They have a rough schedule down the stretch. Games with Ocean, RBC and Bayonne. Hanging on to this spot may be unrealistic.

ST ROSEThey are dangerous because they are fighting everyone tooth and nail. They gave nationally ranked #7 Morris Catholic a war. Jada Lynch has been to good for words. Cassie Kruesi has found her shooting range. But it’s been Brooke Missry who has been stealing the show. She was magical this weekend. They have yet to play a full game tho

WALLNot much to say right now. Nothing bad and nothing to write home about.

RFHThey  are battling but can’t get over the hump. The schedule makes it almost impossible to hang on to the 9th spot. That’s because they have Ewing and RBC in the coming two weeks. Not a good thought!

MANCHESTER – They enter the Top 10 becoming the first Ocean County team to do so. They knocked off Howell who was #10 last week. Devyn Quigley continues to chase Kelly Hughes all time record. FRESHMAN MADDIE NOLAN was sensational. They play Trinity Hall late in the season and other than that, it’s a cake walk. No reason to believe that won’t hang on to this spot and Quigley won’t get the record









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