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Megan Cahalan is not like anyone else. She doesn’t fall in line as they say. She does things her own way. It’s why everyone may have been surprised she gave COLLEGE OF THE HOLY CROSS of the Patriot League a verbal commitment yesterday. It was yet another example of why Megan Cahalan can’t be put in a box.

If any other player starting dancing in the middle of NBS, I would lose my mind. But for some reason when Megan Cahalan does it, it seems so right. It so rare when you see tall girls, so young and so confident in who they are. Megan Cahalan, just knows how to enjoy doing what she does, like playing basketball. She is a ray of light whenever she walks in the gym. Everyone loves Megan and everyone respects Megan. She is medicine for any team she is part of, that’s because she understands it all about being a good person before being a good basketball player. It’s why Holy Cross is in for a wonderful treat. They are not just getting a dominant player one day in the Patriot League. They are getting a dominant 1st team person as well.

When Megan decided on Holy Cross, many schools were caught off guard. That’s because they didn’t do their homework. The HIGH MAJORS who lost out in the recruiting. May be asking what happened? Well what happen was, Megan does things just a little different than most. She is not impressed with having her name in lights. She doesn’t care about material things. She doesn’t care about Belles and whistles. She cares about people , real substance. She chose Holy Cross because of the people. You know the song “the people in your Neighborhood” is the best way to describe Megan’s decision. You see Megan been hanging around some great neighborhoods and great people. Like her SJV team, a close tight knit group. Like her Team Rio crew which includes the 4 Musketeers of Katie Hill, Grace Munt and Georgia Heine. The four are not just all D1 basketball players. But they are also 1st Team , ALL TIME GREAT KIDS. You see Holy Cross Head Coach Maureen Magarity is a All First Team person. In a time where coaches only care about wins and losses. I know first hand for a fact, Coach Magarity turns little girls in to women. She see‘s her players as more than basketball players. She believes a coaches job, goes way between the lines on a court. There is zero question Megan Cahalan felt this when see meet Coach Mo.. So much she visited the campus on her own this past weekend and knew right away, she had found her new home… THE COLLEGE OF THE HOLY CROSS!

Holy Cross Twins Now👏

When Grace Munt committed to Holy Cross. She, me and Megan were standing at half court chatting it up at a shooting session. I said to Grace “now you have to get Megan” she responded with “don’t worry about that”. Megan just smiled. Later that day I told a A-10 head coach and I were talking about the schools recruiting Megan. “Holy Cross is going to be there till the end” I told her. She really didn’t have a reaction. She wanted to know about the other schools who had offered. Little did I or she know that end I was talking about was 2 weeks later. Because Megan and Grace Munt quickly gave Holy Cross, two future All League players. Coach Maureen Magarity is proving not only can she recruit great talent. But she is cornering the market on GREAT KIDS AS WELL.. she also knew something all the other schools didn’t. The Munt family and the Calahan families are as close as two families can get. It’s why both families celebrated together after Megan committed.

Megan is the best stretch post player in the state of New Jersey. She is a warrior among warriors. She has become more than anyone could have dreamed of as a player. Coach Karpell has given her the confidence and opportunity to shine. She has rewarded Coach Karpell on and off the court. She has played her role to a”T” at SJV . She is the best rebounding post player in the shore. She is the best defensive forward in the Shore. She sets hammer like screens. She is the rare post player willing to give up her body and even her nose. Getting 14 Stitches in the nose during the SCT championship game and yet returned despite the injury. Megan is simply a winner. She doesn’t wine about shots, getting her name in the paper or worry about All Star teams. She just out plays and out works everyone. She shoots everyday, never misses a weight training session. She even attends Point Guard School. She is insanely competitive without the NASTINESS.. She simply put, is a coaches dream and the ultimate player in every sense of the word.
Team Calahan

Team Rio is Megan’s AAU TEAM. Its a team full of Alpha females. It’s a team loaded with talent. Like all AAU teams, the guards dominate the ball. Unlike high school basketball, a player can get lost at times in AAU style of play. But not Megan because unlike most kids who play the post, Megan will always find a way to make herself valuable. Rather that mope around with a attitude and bad body language. Megan, figures it’s out by doing the things that matter most, that don’t always get the most attention. Just like she figured out that Holy Cross was the best place for her. Megan figures out what her teams need and goes to work. This fall she has been nothing short of than the best forward these eyes has seen.. 🤗💪

Megan’s mom Andrea and dad Jim are like their daughter. Always positive and upbeat. They’ve passed this along to there daughter. Megan is a off the charts student with over a 4.0 GPA. Her mom is a teacher, so her attending HOLY CROSS is really not that big of a surprise when you think about. Her Aunt Eilish is her biggest supporter. She is may be were Megan gets that wonderful energy from. Megan once again will be hanging around great people, just in a new Neighborhood .. this time in Worcester Massachusetts at THE COLLEGE HOLY CROSS… CONGRATULATIONS TO TEAM MEGAN AND FAMILY🤗👏🏀… I even my learn how to pronounce her name now🤣

Kelsey and Caroline… KISSES FOR ALL



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