It the holiday’s and with it comes three very big stories. Dezzy Allen, Julia Ramos and Lola Mullaney. Each of this stories by itself are very impressive but the season long impact just may be  even bigger.


Dezzy Allen this summer and fall was a force and nothing has changed since he start of a new season. I watched Dezzy Allen at NBS and in the  fall  league and just shook my head; Because it seemed so unfair at times. I told a Big East head coach, Dezzy Allen could be the best player in the state. Dezzy Allen has always been a freakish athlete. But now she is not just an athletic wing player. It’s the other things that are so shocking about her game that makes her unique. She is the most efficient and productive player I have seen in years. She gets everything done within the team concept. She doesn’t need a high volume of shots. Her passing ability on the run and in traffic has no peer. He leaping and rebounding ability are things that are hard to describe . But what is making her special is not the 33.4  points a game average, not the 12.7 rebounds a game or the 5 steals a game, nor that one D1 assistant coach texted me. “Dezzy Allen is the best finisher I have seen at her size” But it’s  what another D1 head coach said to me, is what hit home. “Tiny stop talking about Allen’s points, she is a BEAST on defense on and off the ball”.  Dezzy Allen right now could be the best two way player in All of NEW JERSEY. By the way here is another text I received.  “We should have moved on Allen, do you think we still can get involved”   A MAAC assistant coach….Coach you are fighting a up hill battle….GOOD LUCK!


Stephanie Gaitley turned to me with a big smile and said  “I love that kid, she plays hard and with so much passion” Stephanie Gaitley is not recruiting Julia Ramos, as she has one of the best programs on the east coach in Fordham University. They  are looking for bigger fish than Ramos these days. But as one NEC coach said sitting next to us, where did this kid come from? Because I think you have to come back and give her a 2nd look. Where has  Julia Ramos been you ask? In the shadows, sitting on the SJV bench practicing everyday and learning her lessons from two D1 players, Kelly Crouch and Kelly Campbell who  both are out with foot injuries. The SJV machine because  of Julia Ramos has not missed a beat without them.  Julia Ramos didn’t play for a high powered AAU team or train in a high profile sitting, where reputations are sometimes bigger than ones games. Ramos is doing it the old school way…staying the course and staying ready. She knows if your good enough they will fine you. We are all finding out about Julia Ramos these days.  Her new AAU coach Beth Chambers has been singing her praises all fall….and has been asking me over and over…”HAVE YOU SEEN RAMOS?”


That has all changed because I saw Julia Ramos play lights out on Monday. Julia Ramos made the RFH guards beg for mercy and she brought a energy to the floor, that is rare. She was a coach on the floor, a big shot maker and even a cheerleader. . Most kids in her situation would have long packed there bags and moved on. But she has a coach who 100%, had no doubt that Ramos could do the job. Ramos is rewarding Coach Karpell for having such trust. She is making Dawn Karpell look very good right now as she is on her way to becoming a star. I left the SJV/RFH game early Monday night.  I was running to my car when  a college coach had unknowingly  me followed me out.  She said ” What can you tell me about Ramos, what’s the deal with her” I laughed and said you know as much as I do. Its taken us  all  a little longer to appreciate her and get to know her …and SJV would not be looking at a Triple Crown without her right now!


Lola Mullaney is talented and there is no question about that. She was considered one of the best incoming freshman in the state this year. But when the talk of Freshman of the year came up, her name was not mentioned. That has all changed in the early season, because if they gave awards out after 3 games. The Freshman of the Year would be a wrap and Lola Mullaney would be holding the trophy. Lola Mullaney is as tough as nails and its paying off big time right now. She has a rare gift in that she can be coached hard and accept criticism. That toughness is paying off big time right now.  Mullaney right is averaging 14.7 points a game, 5 rebounds and 3 assists. Last year, scoring was a major issue for Colts Neck at times. She has given the Colts Neck team that 2nd big scorer to play along side, embarrassingly underrated superstar Elise Brown.  Lola Mullaney has done all this without upsetting her teams chemistry because she is quite and would rather go un-noticed. But she will have to get use to more attention because right now she just might be the missing ingredient for Colts Neck.

shore-conference-logo[1]AROUND THE SHORE

Things will get no easier for RFH this weekend. The Bull Dogs will face #2 Rutgers Prep and soon to be Top 10 rated Gil Bernard this weekend. Stephanie Lesko and her ability to finish at the rim has been missed badly and she will miss both games. Hannah Scanlon has been a warrior playing while not 100% healthy…got to give this kid credit. Just like you must give Sir George credit. Folks the man is playing a schedule that is so brutal its amazing. But Sourlis does not care about career wins and personal attention folks. He wants his kids to be challenged and play in great basketball atmospheres….George Sourlis cares so much about kids to a fault…the man does not have a selfish bone in his body!

-5089d8b2589a909b[1] This Broad is blowing up ..BIG TIME!

Speaking of seeking out great competition. Think about what Marlboro is doing BEFORE THE STATE CUT OFF DATE… They play Franklin on Saturday, then #2 Rutgers Prep and just added RFH in January. Folks this is brave when you consider Marlboro does not have the talent of the so called elite teams. But if Jess Board continues having  nightS like she has started that season with…watch out….JESS BOARD IS AVERAGING 17 POINTS AND 10 REBOUNDS….Folks she is just a SOPHOMORE!


imgres11[1] Megan Hughes put on a Show!

Donavan Catholic lost for the 2nd straight time as Pt. Boro’s Megan Hughes went off with 29 points and 12 rebounds. Hughes folks is off to a lighting start and two time defending champion Donavan Catholic title is in real jeopardy as they are 0-2 in B SOUTH

B4Xub31CAAAWDgO[1]Off to FLA with Triple Crown hope still alive!

SJV will head down to Florida and if the truth be told the dream of National championship is on the line. Neither of the Kelly’s will play and that could present real problems at this level of competition. This is big girl basketball Tournament folks…

Fucci Fucci is dreaming BIG!

The WOBM is loaded with great games and one game that everyone better pay close attention too…#6 RBC vs  #10 MANCHESTER who is in full control of B SOUTH. RBC is the heavy favorite but the Manchester kids are on a serious mission to prove they belong.




mayfield ST. PETERS COLLEGE, Janae Mayfield stopped by to say hello to a few old friends!… ALWAYS GREAT TO SEE TEAMMATES PAST AND PRESENT!

sam UNH’s Sam Sabino ran into the RBC girls and had a Shore Reunion….WHY YOU PLAY THE GAME …FRIENDSHIPS!

MIDDLE Hey look who stopped by during the Holidays…TEAMMATES FORVER!











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