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This years 2028  GOLDEN DOZEN  is not stacked with Power 5 players but does appear to have a number of future division one locks . THE 2028 CLASS WILL START WITH 8 DIVISION ONE LOCKS. They also have a number of player’s with lots of upside.  There is plenty of talent in this year’s class. The class is also made up of a group players the have the potential to play lots of minutes as one is expected to attend RBC or SJV in particular, where traditionally most freshman do not play major minutes. Not one player in this years class had the ability to  play major mintues at either school. The 2029 class is truly what RBC, SJV, MANASQUAN  and TRINITY HALL and others are truly waiting on. The class will rival the 2026 class.

This is always the window, when I look closely at a players development curve. That’s because rarely does a players practice habits change once they get to high school.  Many young players took advantage of the winter training. While many others were ill advised and focused on games. I believe this years Golden Dozen has a chance to produce some nice surprises. Remember there has yet to a be season where there has not been a surprise freshman. There is always a player or two that I miss who goes on to greatness.  This year should not be any different. All these players have earned the tag of GOLDEN DOZEN but what they do with the tag in terms of work ethic, level of competition and inner circle they choose will decided their future in the next few years. Last year Middletown South had the best incoming class. But they did not develop as a group as they were not gym rats and they had poor senior leadership and role models. The result was not one was even considered for ALL FRESHMAN. So do not assume anything.


                       TOP CLASSES RANKED

  1. COLTS NECK– They have a army of Talent coming in
  2. BRICK TWP– They add 3 possible starters
  3. HOLMDEL– They have 3 impact babies on the way
  4. RED BANK REG – They have two impact freshman


She blistering quick with a wire like strong body right now. She is one of the best entering freshman combo guards. She will give Manasquan instant quick and on ball defense. She is a streaky shooter from the three point line right now, but expect the to change by the seasons start. She has excellent handle and is very explosive getting to the rim. She has an excellent pull up and mid range game. She is an excellent passer in both transition and in guard penetration in the half court. She has “excellent” vision. She played for the best AAU 8th grade team and played lots of games in the winter. But she has got in the gym recently and started training. She is in great shape and can fill lanes or lead the break in transition. Her upside may be bigger than any player in this class. The combination of dynamic speed and quickness make her a handful once she puts it all together. This is a possible all Shore player one day if she continues to commits towards her development. I believe she will see real minutes as a freshman at Manasquan. She has proven to have a real competitive nature at an early age. This will serve her well in a class that lacks this skill set. She has has a nice IQ and is a terrific rebounding guard. She is a future Division One player and a favorite to be make the ALL FRESHMAN TEAM NEXT. If she some how gets minutes on the always competitive Manasquan roster. This is a player that will be All Shore at some point and could exceed all expectations because of her talent


She is the most talented player in the class. She will instantly move into the Neptune starting lineup. She is the best player to attend Neptune since Makayla Andrews now at Lafayette University. She is insanely, quick, athletic and physical. She is built for the NEPTUNE’S pressing up tempo style. She is easily the best defender in the class. She is next level offensive rebounder and rim finisher .She is excellent at pushing the ball in transition after rebounding . But her biggest strength easily is her ability to get out and run lanes in transition. She is very strong and has the ability to over power guards. She also is more than a reliable shooter. She is a dangerous passer in transition and has an evolving IQ. This a mega talent and far and away the best player in the class. The big question is the discipline, accountability and development . If these things enter her life. We are looking at a superstar because the talent is clearly there. There is no question she has D1 talent and if all goes right, she is a future D1 lock.


She will instantly become a 4 year starter for Marlboro and their best freshman in years. She could be the start of the rebirth of the Marlboro team and program. She has proven she can play against and with elite competition right now. She has a full bag right now. She also is the most mature player in the class. She is a deadly shooter to 23 feet. But has an array of shot fakes and ball fakes that get defenders off balance for sweet pull up jumpers. She has a strong sturdy body and gets older defenders on her for hip level and drags them to the rim for buckets. She can easily slide to the point because of the IQ and ball handling skills. She has the potential to be an excellent defender because of her knowledge of the game. This is a very talented player who will be one of the clear favorites to start the year as FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR. She has a real work ethic and comes from a basketball family. This is a future D1, she, checks all the boxes to be a future star in the Shore Conference. She has been the product of quality coaching though her basketball family. She has all the making of a serious impact baby and star


Nobody in this class is in her world in terms of a being prepared to play next season. She is one of the few gym rats in the class. No player in the class plays harder. She is plays with a bounce in her step. She is lighting quick to the ball and has magical hands. She is the one player in this class that is ready for high school competition at the highest level. She is murder on the glass and has plenty of finishing moves at the rim. She could very easily be the FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR. She will be an impact and possible starter at Trinity Hall, she certainly will crack the rotations. She will give them a real presence on defense because of her length and quick hands in passing lanes. She will run the floor in transition and has wonderful passing skills, she will see cutters and more importantly 2nd level defenders. Allison has range to 22ft and is a deadly 18 foot shooter. She does not miss mid range shots. She trains with current high school highly recruited players. She will not fold under the pressure or be intimidated. This is the one player I believe is most ready to make an impact on a top team in the Shore. She is a future DIVISION ONE LOCK


BRICK I doubt has ever had a player land on the Golden Dozen, but they have one now. ARIANNA WISSEN is not only on the list but she just may be the player that walks away with the 2028 FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD. She my friends is that good. First start with the fact that she a total gym rat. This is a player that sleeps in the gym. She will be bring to Brick something they have never seen in terms of kids working and grinding. This is a kid that typical ends up at SJV or RBC. Wissen is a dynamic scorer and she can get buckets more than any other player on this list. She can score at the rim using next level crafty moves against bigger opponents or can go to her elite pull up game. Folks these are real skills sets that will be on full display next year. She also can bury three’s until the cows come home. This is an elite scorer who knows how to use all the tools in her in deep box. She is quick, athletic and has a real competitive nature. She could be the best player to ever wear a Brick uniform. She will be a big time defender at some point. She will be a 4 year starter and if all goes as planned, a 1000 point scorer. Look for her to be the leading scorer in the freshman class next season. She is a future All Shore Player and Division One player


She will give COLTS NECK a major boost this up coming season. She will add much needed quickness and speed. But more importantly additional ball handling and basketball IQ. She is without question the best pure point guard in the class. She reminds you of Sophia Sabino (Bucknell). That’s because she knows how to run a team. She has great leadership skills and can shoulder the hard coaching. She will set the tone when she is on the court. Her ability to run pick and roll and make good decisions is off the charts. She will be a much needed low maintenance player. She is coachable and talented, a very nice combination. She has the talent and skill sets to be an excellent defensive player. She is tough off the bounce, in the open floor or in the half court, she brings an unselfish style of play to the table. She is a pass first, point guard but can score in a numbers ways. Be in from the three or getting to the rim with quick stutter or change of directions moves. This is a turnover free type point guard vs pressure. She is very creative in the open floor because of her vision and ability to find teammates. She brings an elite attitude and drama free game to Colts Neck and that alone will help the team chemistry. She is possible D1 player in time.


This is the player with a big upside. That’s because she has outstanding feet and quickness for her size. Next she has a real feel for the game. She knows when to attack and when to pass. She has a body that can take up space and more importantly understands how to use it. SHE HAS ELITE HANDS RIGHT NOW. She runs the floor and is an excellent passer. This is a player with a very high IQ and understanding of the game. She has a great ability to score in the lane with either hand and then can step out and knock down jumpers. She is a rapidly improving player. Her potential is huge and she will demand lots of serious minutes for Colts Neck. She has excellent hands and finishes at the rim in traffic. She is physically tough and mentally strong. She could end up one day as one of the best forwards in the conference. She also gives Colts Neck an outstanding entering freshman class.


She is a nice pickup for Colts Neck. She is a sneaky talented player. She is both quick and fast. She could be a real factor for Colts Neck next year because she has a real competitive nature. She should see valuable minutes next season and be a true different maker. She can score at all three levels. She not just a good passer but an excellent passer. She also fills lanes “WAY BETTER” than most realize. This is a quite and confident player who is coachable and a quick learner. Her ability to put the ball down in transition causes matchup problems for most teams. She should be a player that helps Colts Neck return to one of the elite teams in the Shore. Her ability to shoot “3”s” and get to the rim are major additions to Colts Neck’s rebuild. Look for her to give Colts Neck a deeper and more talented rotation than was expected. This is a player with lots of self confidence and the summer months will help get ready to make a major contribution.


This is another excellent pickup for Brick and she is bring lots of potential and table to the table. She is a deadly shooter and has a real competitive nature. Her ability to find open spots on the floor is impressive. She is a knock down shooter to 25 feet. She is not super quick but is a quick thinker and knows how to play team defense. She has a reliable handle and is a good decision maker. She will play major minutes from day one at Brick and challenge for a starting job. She has nice hands and has really benefited from playing for her future high school coach and father who has instilled confidence in this talented player. She has soft hands and at times has shown a real ability to score in the lane against rotating defenses. Like most Brick kids she has not seen elite competition yet. But Brick has upgraded there schedule already in anticipation of the new injection of talent arriving this season. This will no doubt speed up her development without build her confidence. Make no mistake this is a baby that can score and pass the ball. She can score in transition as well with slashing moves. She is an upbeat real teammate who plays the game the right way. This is another player with a big upside in this class. She could easily find herself on the ALL FRESHMAN TEAM THIS COMING SEASON. If she finds herself in the gym this summer vs top competition she could be scary by the start of next season. She is not physically strong yet but clearly has the frame to put lots of weight and strength. This is a player without a big reputation but lots of potential.


She is the surprise on this list without question. But makes the cut because of her work ethic and improvement over the course of the winter. Despite her size, she is quick and strong with the ball. She is a real on ball defender with active hands for such a young player. There is no doubt she can also score from the three point line with range and kill you coming off screens. It’s why despite her size can easily slide to the shooting guard position. She is very crafty with the ball and a creative ball handler. She has nice court vision and plays way bigger than her size. She gives Brick Twp another impact freshman. One the will give them major minutes this year and more importantly another player that is a gym rat and plays year round.


She is a tough hard nose player. She can play bully ball against smaller guards and is a excellent three point shooter. She has a real ability to score at all three levels and most importantly can finish at the rim in traffic. She is deceptively quick and elusive with the ball without the show boating. She plays with an edge. She is a handful in transition because she is a natural scorer. She has a competitive nature that fits nicely into any culture. She is a tough on ball defender and is wonderful at stepping into lanes for steals and creating turnovers. She is masterful in 50/50 ball recovery. She could be a real sleeper in this years class. This is a deadly confidant scorer and ball handler. She is a better athlete than you realize and is battle tested at an early age and plays with tons of energy. This could be the type of guard that can take over games late and carry a team. This is possible future D1 One player


She is exactly what the doctor ordered for RBR and Coach Truhan. She is along athletic and way more skilled than most realize. She has a nice touch around the basket. She has wonderful hands and can run the floor. This is a player built for the RBR system, she has active hands and is a smart player. That’s because she brings ball handling, passing from the post/forward spot. She has a chance to be a big scorer in time. Her biggest strengths right now are her length and coach ability. She is a sponge and wants to be better. What can’t ask anymore than that, right? How about playing for her future high school Hall fame coach all summer. She will play for Coach Truhan on his Jersey Shore Elite team all summer starting in June. A very smart move that should speed up her development. She has real quickness and speed with a nice feel for the game for a player of her size. There is no question she will bring a defensive presence to RBR, she has excellent timing and plays hard. She has made the perfect choice in picking a high school with Camryn Gardner moving on to college. There is a strong need for the talents she brings to the table. She will see meaningful minutes next season for RBR. Look for her also to have a banner summer and that will lead into an excellent freshman season.


This is by far the most interesting player on this list. There are many who believe she is the best player in the entire class. Only time will tell the answer to this, but one thing is clear. She is a rough and tumble player who is highly productive. There are no belles and whistles to her game. There is no razzle and dazzle, just lots of production. This is a ready made rebounder and tough defender. She will score in the paint on aggressive post ups or offensive rebounds. She plays a physical game and plays way bigger than her size. She has great hands and catches fire balls or sweet drop passes. Speaking of passing, she has that underrated skill set in her bag as well. She would have started last year at Homdel as a 8th grader. Now she will get a chance to do this as a freshman. She has underrated quickness and more importantly playing against top competition this summer will get her ready for a banner freshman season. Expect her to be in summer camps and to continue to play with her stacked 2028 Donahue Shoreshots team. This is a player that one day may be 1st Team All Shore, she is that talented and a future DIVISION ONE PLAYER


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