The May Live Period… now the ”REAL” RECRUITING BEGINS🏀💪

The 2nd wave of the transfer portal is coming to a close for the most part. Kids are returning home from college campuses. College coaches now have to look at there rosters and make hard decisions. Starting this weekend those decisions are going to include some high school players. This weekend is going to tell a lot of kids where they stand.

This weekend the real dance for college coaches and high school players will begin. This weekend college head coaches will give the nod to those players they truly want to recruit, asst coaches will now move to the back seat. This weekend some kids are going to make there mark and receive offers to visit a college campus with the intent of a offer to follow. There will be no playing around this weekend. The May live period will set the table for July. Some players are going to play well enough to be called real prospects. The pressure will be on recruiters to find the talent needed for programs to be successful. While the portal will still be a option for all coaches, the reality is the portal is not changing and the waiting game is over for many schools. Now college coaches must find the talent needed to rebuild or sustain a program. That starts this weekend.

The April recruiting period saw some kids struggle. Some kids were sick, injured, didn’t play quality competition or simply went to the wrong events. That is all old news now and frankly my dear nobody cares. That’s because the real recruiting period starts this weekend. Some seniors are going to feel the pressure. They know playing well is a must this weekend. Some will embrace that pressure and elevate their games. Some will keep their recruiting possibilities alive. Some will even receive offers. Either way this weekend will bring truth to their doorstep. The underclassman will try and grow their reputations by preforming at a high level. Some are prepared for the moment and some will learn the harsh reality that pressure can overwhelm those who are not prepared.

There coming this weekend. Both coaches and players. Atlantic City and Boo Williams are going to be packed with talent. College Coaches and players will be feeling the heat. The competitive nature of all will be on full display. Everyone, coaches, players and parents will have to live with every decision they have made this spring. Some will realize they made the perfect choice in AAU teams by the number of college coaches at there games and how there AAU coaches showcase them. Some will find out they made a mistake. They will need a break. Many will go into the AAU portal after this weekend and hope July can save or reboot their recruiting. This weekend everyone will be trying to get a edge in some way. Some coaches will realize that kid they thought was the answer is not. They will be forced to change directions and find a new answer this weekend.

Many will use this week to prepare for the weekend. Coaches will be letting kids know they will be watching them. Players will be calling coaches trying to get them to come watch them. Some kids will work hard this week to try and prepare just a little more. Meanwhile some kids will rest and take it easy. But they have been doing that all spring anyway. Now they are hoping that maybe…just maybe they can trick a college coach. EVERYONE HAS A GAME PLAN.

This weekend some will complain about there is too much pressure on kids. They will talk about mental health issues. You will hear all about the prices of parking and to enter the games. There are going to be some that will focus on all the things that in the end have nothing to do with determining the future of players and coaches… THAT’S BECAUSE THE MAY LIVE PERIOD IS ABOUT MAKING STATEMENTS!

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