2023 Shore Class Has Chance To Be the Deepest…EVER!





This time of year is usually all about the SCT. TOMORROW I will give you a full break down of each team. Then a video  preview of the games Tuesday morning. But today is about the 2023 CLASS. Why I am writing about the 2023 class? Because this class has the  potential to be one of deepest classes in Shore history. I also have never seen so many kids developing at such a rapid rate.


Dani Evans did not enter the Shore as a D1 player but developed into one

Dani Evans did not enter the Shore as a D1 player but developed into one

The 2006 Shore class had 23 D1 players, it is the high mark for the Shore Conference. That class started with 11 D1 players to start. That is a BIG number for kids entering as D1 players. Last year’s class had 7 entering D1 players, ASHLEY O’CONNOR, is a future D1 player you may not know, who attends SJV. Most Shore classes start between 7- 9, D1 players and average between 12-16 D1 players by that’s classes senior year. Justine Pissott, Ally Carman, Madison St. Rose All had D1 offers before they played their 1st college game. But that number grows over the four years. Destiny Adams, Sophia Sabino are the most recruited players in the 2021 class, with multiple offers. But Grace Munt who did not have a offer as a freshman for example, has already picked up Altanic 10 offers, in the past year. Dani Evans, was not a D1 player entering high school, but developed though hard work. So each class grows over the years as players develop and there name recognition grows . So why is this 2023 class different? Because it’s deep and loaded with gym rats. Meaning the class will get even deeper.

The 2023 class will enter the Shore with a whopping 11 D1 players matching the 2006 class. But the 2006 class did something that has never been duplicated. They picked up  and astounding 12 D1 players along the way. That is a unheard of  number and no class has come close to growing like that over a 4 year period. That class was before kids, trained and played strictly with there AAU team. That group trained more than it played. They also were gym rats  beyond belief. I can honestly say I saw that group in the gym vs real competition 5 days a week. Guess what? The  2023 class has a lot of those traits. They are gym rats as well and while they play more. The bulk of the top players train 3 -5 five days a week. Casey Prior for example will be attending RBC, she is a baby Justine Pissott. She has gone from unknown to a D1 lock in Year. Why? Gym rat and she has embraced the idea of showing up everyday.

There was no way  I thought Julia Shanewho will be attending RUMSON, would enter high school as a D1 lock, but that’s exactly what has happened.  She like Prior has made mad jumps as players because of their unique work ethic. The 2023 class has tons of kids who have fall into this category. Brianna Delaney  and Mikaela Hubbard are both attending SJV. These two were not D1 players a year ago. But Delaney went from a 5’7″ forward to a 5’7″, Stephanie Karcz look a like, though hard work. Hubbard will rival Ally Carman at 6’2″ as the best post player in the state one day. She has simply played against elite competition and is insanely coachable. The 2023 class has MULTIPLE AS IN MANY players who fit into the “rapidly developing”  category. It’s why this class could have eye popping numbers in 4 years.


But what is most shocking about this class; is this. Every year I put out a Golden Dozen or 7 as in the case last year. Go check…  this list doesn’t  change much by the time they become seniors. Well guess what?  My Golden Dozen is way off this year and here is why. Stud players keep popping up it seems everyday. In the last week I have had 3 players show up that I had never seen. Now to be fair,  two told me they attended NBS.  I received a text 2 weeks ago. This  person  said “I read your Golden Dozen your missing a big one” folks would you like to know how often I hear that one…EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK. My response never changes. ” Tell her to show up and play, you know where we are”.


I had one of the best coaches in the Shore tell me he has a 8th grader, who is going to be a star. My question to him was this “why hasn’t she showed up.”  In 95% of the cases I never see the kid,  a parent or coach is promoting, unless she is posting video training somewhere else or they send me video.  I want to see kids myself against real competition and not against older weaker competition. That why when I saw future SJV player Jamie Bachman my jaw dropped. This was one time a phone call was correct. All I will say is this, she is in the Golden 5 not Dozen. This young lady is as good as it gets. College coaches you better be calling Coach KARPELL now. This is a future mega star who is a lefty shooting guard, with real size and a handle.  But the crazy part about Jamie Bachman is just a week ago another player showed up. A 6’2″ D1 stud who also is attending SJV, FOLKS there coming out of nowhere. I have never seen anything like this in the past.

Now the 2006 class had killers and future All State players. That class had two two players ranked Top 10 nationally. Well this class has players like Gabbi Ross and Emma Carman. I have told you about both in the past. But what I have not told you is this. They  have elite work ethics and personality’s. Both these players have something in common with Sy Davis and Shakena Richardson both POY’s in the 2006 class. They don’t need there butts kissed. They want to be coached hard and more importantly want to have relationships with there peers. This is another reason this class is so special. They all are unselfish and living drama free. This will lead to them training and pushing each other without jealousy. I knew another group like that…yup, you got it the 2006 class.

Now here is a thought. We have not even gotten to the SPRING NBS class yet. We have not gotten to summer camp yet. So what is this number going to look like come August? Folks we are talking a massive…massive class. Do you know two future 2023 D1 locks have decided to reclassify? If both decided not to do so, that would make 13 D1 players. There is no other way to say it but Shore Conference D1 talent  has  been slightly down the past two years. That because the bulk of the talent is in the underclassmen. The last two classes got caught up in playing mostly AAU games, so many borderline D1 players did not develop. But in the last two years that has changed. GABBI ROSS for example was at a high school game last week.  She left at halftime to travel 90 mins to train. A mega stud 2023’s dad is contemplating, if his daughter will play AAU this summer. She may train, play pick up with college kids and guest play. That’s old school, Shore style of development and it has returned after a two year hatitus. The result is we are seeing some rare stuff… THE 2023 class has a chance to make history! …Let’s see if they do.

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