(First read the two links above) When Mary Beth Cambers was hired as the new coach at St. Rose three years ago, it was a dream come true. The St. Rose Hall of Famer was excited to return to her Alma mater. She inherited the defending SCT champs but it came with real issues. Since the day Mrs. Chambers was hired, there have been forces inside and outside her program trying to prevent her from doing what she was hired to do…Coach, nurture and educate young ladies.

“Mary Beth Chamber has had more damage done to her reputation in two years at St. Rose.. than she has ever had done to her rep in 25 years of AAU” D1 asst. Coach

Soon the good Coaches will all be gone if this keeps up” D1 head Coach

Many will be discussing that Mary Beth Chambers was suspended for 2 games. Now people will talk about this for a a day or two and then get along with the business at hand…meaning their own lives. Some will even predict St. Rose will be just fine without her, “its only two games”. You see, the people who say this are the very same people who don’t get. These are the people who don’t understand what is taking place at St. Rose. They do not care or understand that Mary Beth Chambers is being made a scapegoat. They don’t understand for the 2nd time Mary Beth Chambers is having her good name run though the mud. They don’t have Mrs. Chambers back and don’t understand or care that nobody seems to have Coach Chambers back. They seem just fine with a COACH BEING BULLIED. Yes Mary Beth Chamber is being bullied. She is being bullied while everyone watches and says nothing.

It’s time St. Rose takes a good look in the mirror and ask one big question. What the hell is going on? There has been an all out attack on Mary Beth Chambers. Letters and pictures are pouring into the NJISSA regarding her program for no good reason. All lies and misrepresentations, but there is always the fine print that some people with selfish and evil agenda’s can count on to disrupt Mary Beth Chambers and her program. But now it has gotten to the point where St. Rose must make a stand.

In the latest of a long string of investigations against Coach Chambers. St. Rose sang the praises of the NJISAA by saying “we appreciate the role of the NJSIAA” as their coach was being suspended. Now to be fair St. Rose was just trying wisely to make peace with the state. But in the process of doing it this, they never made clear their coach did nothing wrong. It was the administration that told her it was okay to post the picture that is the center of all the problems. Somebody knew about a rule that nobody knows about and weaponized this rule against an innocent school and coach. They sent the picture to the NJISAA. They didn’t call St. Rose and simply say “hey that’s a rules violation, take the picture down”. No this was somebody using there knowledge of the fine print of the NJISAA rule book to injury Coach Chambers. Their evil goal was to cause problems not solutions. The NJISAA didn’t say enough is enough regarding the daily harassment of Coach Chambers and simply ask St. Rose to remove the picture( which they did in less than 24 hours). No an investigation was put into place. The result was the 2 game suspension of Mrs Chambers. Everyone now acts nice and plays to the crowd while Mary Beth Chambers takes another hit to her squeaky clean reputation before she was hired at St. Rose

Now lets’ talk about the suspension. I did a little research myself in the last few days. Guess what? There are other schools with basketball players promoting their schools open house. Now I can assure those pictures have been long removed by this morning. Now are any other schools going to suspend there coaches for breaking this unknown rule? I DOUBT IT. How do I know this? Well lets back track for a second. Remember when somebody turned Mary Beth Chambers in for breaking the unknown 365 rule. She was prevented from Coaching because of the 365 rule; the rule nobody knew about. Well, two things regarding this matter; First, Mary Beth Chambers never broke the rule. The fact of the matter is St. Rose was prevented from hiring her in the first place. But like everyone else, St. Rose had no idea the rule existed. But the outcome of this was everyone saying Mary Beth Chambers broke a rule..Damm her reputation. Just like some are saying she is suspended 2 days for breaking a recruiting rule. In both cases, she was not at fault but she is being labeled as someone who doesn’t follow the rules. About that 365 day rule? It’s no longer in place, do you know why? Because just about every AD in the state knows their coaches unknowingly violated this rule. Now with all that being said, what nobody seems to want to discuss is this…NOBODY HAS COACH CHAMBERS BACK! NOBODY IS STANDING UP FOR HER and it has caused something very ugly to rear its head at St. Rose..

Mary Beth Chambers has been walking on eggs shells now for three years at St. Rose. Why? Not because when she was forced to sit out a year, somebody sent a picture of her talking with her asst. Coaches in Delaware and accused of her coaching her team from the stands… A LIE! Not because people in her own program are accusing her of recruiting. A bold face LIE! Because Mary Beth Chambers is deadly afraid to speak to any kid these days… Not because there are people blaming her for transfers coming into the school… another bold face LIE! She had no idea who Brynn Farrell was before she arrived. I in fact, I told her of the rumor….They accused of stealing Makayla Andrews. Another flat out LIE. She not once talked to Makaya Andrews before she arrived. She is walking on egg shells, not because parents are accused of chasing fall league coaches in parking lots… not because team banquets becoming shit shows.. not because some players and parents are accused of bullying new and old teammates (FORCING SOME KIDS TO QUIT THE SPORT)…Not because she is afraid to speak to her players after fall league games like any coach would do, out of respect for their kids, but because she is afraid of the perception and it could lead to more NJISSA troubles… not because she is deadly afraid to say or do anything before talking to her administration. Hence, why she even asked if it was okay to post a simple picture. She is walking on egg shells because someone or a group of people are bullying her. They are intimidating her at every turn. They are tying to control her. They, for whatever reason, do not like Mary Beth Chambers and has made it a full time job to make her life difficult. But the real question is, why isn’t anyone coming to her rescue? Why is nobody standing up to these faceless, nameless, coward or cowards?

Here is a fact, St. Rose is the toughest job in the state and everyone knows why. I recently talked to Mrs Chambers about her team. Gone was the drama from a year ago. Her kids were locked in, working hard and despite what was coming down the pipe she and her kids were very happy. She knows despite some problems, St. Rose is a great place for kids. She hired her daughter as an asst. Coach, Kasey Chambers won a SCT title and played at U Penn. But it’s become painfully clear, St. Rose can no longer do business the way it has recently. They can no longer sweep things under the rug and silence their coach. Now perception rules the day instead of strength and character. The things this school has been known for. Now St. Rose must stand up and give… MARY BETH CHAMBERS HER VOICE AND HER REPUTATION BACK, by standing up to these faceless, nameless, evil characters .ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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