Last night it felt like 1998 in Red Bank. That’s because in just two years John TRUHAN has done it again. He has flipped another program dead in the water and made them relavent once again. Except last night  he may have topped anything he has ever done. Red Bank Regional pulled off one of the biggest upsets in SCT history. John TRUHAN and RBR are off to the quarterfinals, because Bill Parcells basketball is special stuff.



In December John TRUHAN told me, the goal has to be to play RBC in the 2nd round of the SCT. In January he told me, once again his could beat RBC. Then when the seeding came on Sunday he told, “if we get pass Southern we are going to the quarterfinals” On Wednesday night he told me for the first time all season his team would play man to man. Why? Because his “kids play harder” John TRUHAN this morning is looking like a smart man. RBR beat RBC for the 1st time since 1998.


Coach TRUHAN said RBC babies had not “ever seen anything like Caitlin Decker and Megan Murray” So he told his two guards “to go out and punch them in the nose early” . The result an astonishing start to yesterday battle of Broad Street. In 6 of RBC first 8 possessions the RBC babies by themselves had 6 turnovers and two missed free throws, punch to the nose …delivered. Coach Montano had a face of disbelief and RBR was off and running. The RBR babies were in shock. The end of the first 8-6 RBR and when his team game off the floor cheering. Coach TRUHAN yelled at them. “Anyone can win a quarter…SIT DOWN”. It was a start to a magical evening.


RBC Coach TRUHAN reminded me that RBC  had not played in 7 days. He also told his kids this. He also told his kids “to run her out the game” he was talking about his toughest matchup, the one with RBC baby Ally Carman. Coach TRUHAN believed he had no answer for  6’5″ Carman. His only hope was to  try and fatigue the future megastar. Mia Conte did exactly that, anytime Carman entered the game, up jumped the 5’7″ Conte. She was sensational in her role created by Mr Parcells, aka Coach Turhan. Then he told his senior Megan Murray, to turn the lights out on RBC’ s other mega superstar baby  and leading scorer Justine Pissott. Both were excellent pupils because Pissott had only  two points in the first half. The babies were getting their first true taste of Bill Parcells basketball.


Meanwhile Caitlin Decker and Megan Murray were running while on the offensive end of the floor. Decker  made mad dashes to the rim and seem to be everywhere. Megan Murray when not  tuning the lights out was dropping three’s and getting to the foul line. But it was Amelia Mendolla, who sat out the 1st 30 days that set the woods on fire. When it looked like RBC has settled down or should I say as Sophia Sabino keep RBC in the game. She accounted for every single point of RBC 1st 16 points, either by scoring or dropping a dime. But when Mendollar who was herself  was wonderful all night scored 5 straight points in 30 seconds all hell broke out. RBR had taken a 10 point lead and more importantly there crowd took over the gym. So when Mendolla ran by the RBC  guards and saved a loose ball, then  ran by them again in bounds to get the ball, the crowd went nuts. But when Decker made RBC pay  for such indiscretions with a three…all hell broke out and RBC learned a lesson….When you play against a  John TRUHAN team, hustle matters. So when Murray scored at the buzzer to end the half ..RBR led 26-19 and Coach Turhan was looking very smart. RBC looked rattled.



The 3rd Quarter was much of the same. Decker and Murray running wild. Sophia Sabino trying to everything in her power to keep RBC alive. But a funny think happen in the 3rd quarter SOPHIA SABINO was dead on her feet. In many ways she was a dead point guard walking. It was at this point John TRUHAN and his troops really went to work. With nobody to carry RBC, RBR went on a rampage led my who else? Caitlin Decker and Megan Murray. They ran by the RBC guards time and time again for easy baskets or free throws. They Mendollar, Decker and Murray showed RBC what real toughness and John TRUHAN basketball looks like. They got every loose ball and more importantly turned them into points. So when Sabino finally got some help at the buzzer by Fab Eggenschwiler it was 44-31 and RBR were feeling upset minded. Meanwhile the do it all Sabino was searching for oxygen…welcome to Bill Parcells basketball.




In the 4th Quarter and RBC down by 14 points after Chloe Teter made a three the old fashion way with a shake and bake. RBC got woke, they started to fly around the gym in desperate fashion. By this time Sabino was totally gassed and it showed at the free throw line. She was a victim of Bill Parcells basketball. But Julia Setaro picked up the slack and the baby Justine Pissott made an appearance and started to go off. Then Tony P  brought energy and life back to RBC. But Caitlin Decker keep the pressure on by driving to the rim and getting fouled time after time. She would make 17 of 27 free throws and finish with 26 career high points. Her partner in crime Megan Murray would make 4 big free throws and finish with 20 points. Chole Teter had 9 big points and 7 rebounds. Amelia Mendolla had 8 points and ran the show to perfection. So when RBC cut the lead to 3 and had a chance to tie it at the buzzer. The RBR kids just knew the shot would miss…because their Coach, John Turhan, told them in the lockerroom after losing 70-26 last year, in what is known as the  Massacre on board street “the next time we in this building we are winning”…Bill Parcells strikes again! 



Last night RBR showed that little guys can do big things. They showed heart matters. They gave hope to those schools who never get the headlines. Last night Coach TRUHAN gave his kids a memory they will pass on to there familes and children to the day they die. Last night RBR gave hope to every program without a history or a  Legacy of greatness. Last night  David beat goliath …and  the Shore Conference was the biggest  beneficiary of it.


Spots still available for this weekend

Spots still available for this weekend

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