3 Years ago the SJV seniors had unfinished there is MORE UNFINISHED BUSINESS!

3 Years ago the SJV seniors had unfinished business…now there is MORE UNFINISHED BUSINESS!

There is something different about this SJV class that is different than every other SJV class. No SJV senior class has ever hard a harder road to reach Senior night with smiles on their faces. This was a senior class that was challenged from day one. No senior class had more doubts at the start of their careers. Each of these seniors had a different road to success. When this group entered high school the senior had a motto…unfinished business…this senior group I guess you can say “MORE UNFINISHED BUSINESS”



When people discuss the SJV program. The issue of playing time always comes up. Many kids are afraid to wear the uniform for fear of lack of playing time. But what you never hear is that Coach Karpell plays everyone on her roster and she plays them real minutes. Her rotation doesn’t change with the competition. They don’t tell you that SJV is going to play in front of packed houses every night. That they play the best non conference schedule every season. They don’t tell you that every player that attends SJV, kicks ass in college. They certainly don’t tell you they win a lot of games.  It’s a SJV thing. But this years senior class all started in the non traditional SJV way. Bre Bellamy and Jada Bonner both started they careers as JV players. Sarah Karpell started out having to prove herself more than any player maybe in the schools history. Natalya Spinks made the decision to attend the best basketball team in the state, knowing she may never be a star. All five now have fulfilled most of what they wanted to accomplish over the years. But there is MORE UNFINISHED BUSINESS!

When Sarah Karpell entered SJV, all eyes were upon her. There were those who believed she would play because her mother was the coach. Any and everything she did was scrutinized. Any mistake was magnified and brought more pressure to the table. Not just to Sarah but her mother as well. Today 4 years later it’s clear she has earned everything that has come her way over the years. She won a SCT and TOC title as a freshman. She played the role of defender and reliable ball handler back them. She also hit big shots in a her freshman year and closed big games at the foul line. It why today she is one the best closer’s in the state. It’s why right now she is the leader of the best team in the state. Sarah Karpell, has developed into one of the best point guard in New Jersey. She will be attending Fordham University next season. She will bring all the tools that are tailor made for the college level. She is one of the best defenders in the state. She and teammate Rahmena Henderson are the best defensive backcourt in the state by a long shot. But it’s been her leadership and play making skills over the years that what has been most impressive. Now Sarah and her teammates have MORE UNFINISHED BUSINESS. Then her journey will be complete.


jad familyJADA BONNER,  entered SJV as a mega talented player. SJV was stacked 9 deep that season with mostly seniors. So Coach Karpell had her play mostly JV as a freshman. It was one of the few years a talented freshman at SJV didn’t play varsity as a freshman. Jada Bonner has more pride maybe than any player I have ever met. She is so competitive its unreal at times. She truly believes she is the best player whenever she walks on the court. It’s why I believe she never thought about transferring after her freshman year. Jada Bonner just doesn’t run from anything. It the reason this season she is in the running for Player of The Year. She has made a reputation of playing her best basketball in big games. She also is known for taking over games. This has been going on now for three years. She was so dominate against Saddle Day River it was shocking at times. But I know why she was special that day. It was because some were questioning who was the best player and best team was on the floor that day. She is insulted by such conversation.. She has matured over the years and become a real leader. She has become a player that her teammates respect and look up too. This has all been a process for Jada Bonner who will be attending sweet 16 Quinnipiac University, she did not play a big part in the SCT and TOC title from 3 years ago. Now she has MORE UNFINISHED BUSINESS.



RAHMENA HENDERSON,  started her career at Neptune high school. She entered high school as a total unknow quantity. She had more responsibility that any baby in the state that year. She was asked to run the Neptune offense. She transferred to SJV in her sophomore year. She wanted the challenge of playing the best competition. She wanted the competition in practice. She heard the whispers that Coach Karpell, who she had known since 4th grade, would favor her daughter Sarah. She never for once gave it a 2nd thought. It’s why today, she and Sarah are the best defensive backcourt in the state. They turn the lights on everyone. They make great guards look very ordinary to downright bad. Rahmena Henderson will be attending Sam Houston State next season. She will bring that underrated deadly jumper, next level ball handling skills and more importantly, maybe the most unselfish game in the shore for a talented player. She has always played any role, she was asked to play over the years.  She has never been about personally glory or attention. It was she that made “the pass” to Bre Bellamy last year in the SCT semi- Final. Rahmena Henderson has been doing little things her entire career. Now she has MORE UNFINISHED BUSINESS to complete the cycle she started 4 years ago.



BRE BELLAMY, entered SJV has a unknown talent. She was considered more of a soccer player than a basketball player in many folks eyes. She was tough, hard nosed and athletic. Nobody really knew much about her. She didn’t play basketball at the highest level of AAU. She was a player that many were not sure what to expect. Like Jada Bonner she played JV basketball as a freshman. She saw what it took to be a champion, watching the seniors 3 years ago win a SCT and TOC. She has been a role player most of her career. She has never been the star of the team. She was the player who did  the little things. She played defense, rebounded and was involved in the press in a big way. She has developed into a D1 player. She will attend William and Mary one of the best academic schools in the college. She will have no problem adjusting because she has played the best competition available to high school players. Last year she knocked down “the Shot”. It was her three point shot that sent SJV over St. Rose in the SCT. It was that jumper than now is a issue for opponents. Bre Bellamy has become a great player. She didn’t arrive as a star but she will leave as one. First she has MORE UNFINISHED BUSINESS

NATALYA SPINKS,  could be in the Shore playing and starting on another team. She could be getting some stats to brag to friends and family about. Instead Natalya Spinks decided to be the best basketball player she could be. It why she is going to Stevens Tech next year. She is going to find that she is very prepared for college.  Tal is from Union Beach and played for the JSE from 4th- 9th. It’s here where she learned how to play the game. It here where she learned how to compete and relish real competition.  She has caught a few bad breaks along the way with injuries. She is a two sport player as she plays soccer. She has been a player that Coach Karpell feels blessed to have the past 4 years. Now Tal is going to try and make sure it’s all been worth it…she has MORE UNFINISHED BUSINESS.


0[1]THESE SENIORS have had to do things unlike any other SJV group. Jada, Rahmena and Tal all were raised by single parents, there mothers. Sarah had the pressure that comes with playing for her mother. They are all part of the National Honor Society. They all have won more games than anyone could have ever expected. These three now are trying to put the finishing touches on amazing careers. There competitiveness and commitment to excellence has been special. These four have keep the SJV tradition of greatness alive and well. They become another great SJV senior class…When they leave they will be missed greatly. Not just by the SJV family. But by the Shore Conference in general. This group never had it easy….now they have MORE UNFINISHED BUSINESS TO TEND TO.




Starts Jan 5th..this weekend


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