I have no idea who the coach at Adelphi University was that recruited ISABELLA ASENCIO was. I just know that she is not a only a good recruiter but she is good real good at knowing talent. That’s because if you ask me who is the best PURE GUARD in the 2023 class, it not even worth a conversation. That honor belongs to ISABELLA ASENCIO. The senior guard from Immaculate Heart Academy is not just talented and filled with so many skills that at times it makes you shake your head. She has a heart the size of New York or rather shall I say Long Island. That’s because ISABELLA ASENCIO will be spending the next four years at Adelphi University…..


A year from now, the future Freshman of the year in one of the best Division 2 Conferences in the country the Northeast 10 will begin her career. That’s because Isabella Asencio is special and not because of her lighting quickness, not because of ankle breaking handle. Not because of her deadly jumpers Not because she will guard opponents into the ground. No these are not the reasons why Isabella Asencio will be the freshman of the year next year in the Northeast 10. Those are the things that will be seen by the naked eye. What you will not see is the work ethic, that will be reserved for her teammates and coaches. They are are going to marvel how she can lay it all out on the line for so long day after day. They will be shocked by her commitment to excellence. They will wonder if it is possible for her to ever be satisfied. But what will really knock them off their feet is how she is the ultimate teammate. They are in for a real experience when they see her number one goal is to always make everyone around her better without putting her game on lock down. Isabella Asencio is one of the rare ones, you know the type that is like a fine wine. She just keeps getting better and better and she just happens to like to take a few friends along for the ride. ADELPHI UNIVERSITY is getting ready to go on a heck of a ride the next 4 years.

There are not many players that can turn a teams home teams gym against them. Well Isabella Asencio is one of the few that can. That’s because her nickname should be “miss excitement” because she brings so much energy to a game. She lights up the gym with her showing stopping handle and insane passing ability. It just a gift she has been given. Just like her ability to fit into any environment with ease. How else can you explain her getting up at 5am in the morning to attend NBS. Then becoming one of the most popular players in the gym. Not because of her talents but because of her leadership and communication skills. It’s why Isabella Asencio was ability to join the mega talented United Team with players who had played together for years and fit in without missing a beat. Isabella doesn’t have a selfish ego, she has a winning ego. She will do whatever it takes to win. She will play any role that is asked her, but she will be that role with passion. It’s why she helped United win the HGSL CHIP. You seen Isabella Asencio is a born winner.

They are kid who play the game. Then they are kids who love the game. Isabella Asencio loves tho game. Her joy for the game comes screaming at you when you see her play. That fire and passion cannot escape you. When she plays it’s a clear and present danger to anyone who has to play against her. There are not many kids with her competitive nature and commitment. These things come from her passion and a love for the game. The things you cannot teach, the things which are just part of a kids DNA…. well ISABELLA ASENCIO HAS RARE DNA and Adelphi University just got some of it.

DURING PRE SEASON PREP AT NBS we play 5 vs 5 in and effort to get ready fir the season. I let rhe players pick the teams. its funny over the years the first guard everyone has wanted is ISABELLA ASENCIO. Not guards going to P5 schools or high major D1 schools. They all want Isabella. That’s because they know it’s not size of the dog but rather the size of the bite. They want the player who will not let them down. They want that player who makes big plays. Isabella Asencio has made to many big shots late in games and big players over the years to count. She is that rare player that understands what the big moment means. She doesn’t feel pressure she applies it with her attitude and game. She doesn’t have just a swag…ISABELLA HAS GREATNESS AND NEVER DOUBT GREATNESS

When Isabella Asencio told me Adelphi was everything she wanted in a school. I was happy for here. She asked me bot to announce it until she could let everyone know of her decision. I was thrilled she found the perfect home for her. I was thrilled she got a free education. But what made me most happy was a kid who did all the work, who everyone that comes in contact with loves. A kid whose parents made every sacrifice that could make with both time and money, did so out of love and belief in their daughter.…. was FULLY REWARDED🌈



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