Grace Munt…”all I can say is WOW”…D1 asst coach at RFH OPEN GYM


I say that just about every weekend at NBS watching Grace Munt. I say it every time she puts her explosive 1st step on display. I say it every time she moves without the ball to create a easy basket. I say it when I see her make the simple pass that leads to a basket. I say it when she uses her jumping ability to block a shot. You see “WOW” is a word I associate with a Grace Munt daily. She is a player who can shine in any setting because of another word.. unselfishness


I will never forget Grace Munt’s first high school game. Streaking down the floor and catching a pass that looked like it was a mile over her head. She is sneaky athletic and that play broke Chatham high schools back that day. It was a simple play that most gave  little if any attention to, but that’s  who Grace Munt is…somebody who does everything quietly with not a lot of fanfare. No jumping up and down, no fist pumping or playing to the crowd. Grace Munt just plays and she plays for her teammates. She is 5’11” and growing it seems. She just turned 15 late July…THAT’s scary.


It’s funny growing up Grace was never the best player on her team.  But through her “natural ability and hard work she has taken her game to a new level” says her Coach Dave Callahan. It’s why she become a excellent three point shooter and may just play some Point Guard this season. Grace is what I like to call a  linchpin kid. You know that player who says good pass to a teammate, who pats a teammate on the back. The player who touches all the lines in sprints. The player whose body language brings a smile to your face. In other word Grace Munt makes your job and her teammates job easier, because she makes everyone feel appreciated. When I call her “money Munt” she gets  embarrassed and tells me to “please stop” because she is a ego free kid who doesn’t want or need attention!

" she does not need recognition recognition for validation we have the same we use humbling come hungry she defines it to the tea

“she does not need recognition for validation we have a saying we use “humble and hungry” she defines it to the tee” Coach Callahan on GRACE MUNT

Soon Grace Munt will be one of the most in demand 2021’s in the Shore Conference. You don’t have to be a masterful or great recruiter to see how talented she is on the court. It won’t take long before the word gets out that she is also an elite student. These things will take care of themselves. Grace Munt, will need to do her homework as she will have multiple Division one offers. She will be in demand because of the athletic body, insane IQ and work ethic. Coaches will fall in love with her smile. But they will know she has been battle tested as well. . RUMSON under Dave Callahan plays an insane schedule. RFH plays the best of the best in high school basketball. They play killers, so Grace Munt will have no fear. Just like she has zero fear playing against some of the best players in New Jersey at NBS. She  never gets flustered or shows any sign of backing down regardless of who she is matched up against. Never do you see a hint of doubt or negativity. She is a pillar of strength and plays with a quiet competitive nature. It’s why at the next level she will be even better one day.


I worry for Grace Munt, I don’t think she understands what is coming down the pike. Her parents are not the type whose entire life revolves  basketball and their daughter. They have a real balance when it comes to sports. No over the top stuff, yelling in the stands, calling the coach or yelling at refs. They support their daughter not pressure her and it has led to a nice basketball experience up to now. Her parents Eric and Colleen and grandparents, the Maddens’s are at every game. Most games you will see her aunt, uncles brothers and cousins, her  family is as close as you can get. Which why I worry for Grace Munt, because things are about to change for all of them soon. Munt, has played low key AAU in the past. You know parents who are not back stabbing each other. Kids getting along and playing in tournaments…not every tournament. No giving up there entire summer. Kids and parents who are actually happy for each other. Blance is what Grace Munt has been part of for years.


Grace and her family have yet to see ugly. Soon Grace Munt will pick a new AAU team and she will know what REAL AAU looks like. Soon she will see out of control parents, self centered teammates. The  over emphasis on the sport. She will see what balance does not look like. Real soon she will experience jealousy for the the first time by teammates, as the scholarships start pouring in. I am worried Grace Munt, could lose that beautiful smile. I am worried her parents will not understand this world, she will be entering. The Munt’s know loyalty, honesty, hard work  and commitment. They will find they doesn’t always  exist in AAU basketball. So I’m worried for them…I’m worried a good kid and family may find out the hard way….EVERYONE IS NOT LIKE THEM…BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.



I think  Vince Lombardi was right, “it’s time we stand up and cheer for the good kids” it’s time we pay more attention to the kids who are respectful and families who are not  disruptive and angry. It’s time the kid who works hard and is drama free gets a little light shed on them. It’s time the kid who is coachable, who wants to be a good teammate get the headlines. It’s also time to acknowledge talented players, who don’t need special treatment to feel special…it’s time we root for these kids, Grace Munt is exactly that kid. I wrote about Grace this summer and now seeing where she is today, just warms my heart…because some kids just deserve the best!

Tiny Green




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