Ding Dong did you hear who is back? Neptune High school that’s who! That’s because last night John Brown’s club went back to the future and knocked off TOMS RIVER NORTH on the road. His team lead from start to finish and his superstar backcourt was just that superstar like with lots of backup.

TOMS RIVER NORTH had a great fall and had big dreams and hopes entering the season. They had a big opening season win over Marlboro in overtime. It was expected last night would be a another step towards what many believed is going to be a special season. The only problem is that Neptune High school is also looking to have a dream season. They’ve been just hiding under the radar while doing their dreaming. The once feared program has fallen from the ranks of a super power. The Catholic and private schools in recent years have convinced there stars to seek greener pastures at other places. But John Brown is one of the best coaches in Shore history. He once coached the best team in recent Shore history. He also has one of the best backcourts in the state who stuck around during the recent hard times.

Amaya Evans who signed with D1 Iona college and AHJANAE YOUNG last night applied pressure on both sides of the ball last night. Evans danced and pranced and scored in so many different ways we lost count. We just didn’t lose count when TRN cut a 12 point lead to one to start the 4th quarter and Evans scored 10 straight points to open the 4th in 2 mins to bust the game wide open. I guess getting up every morning at 5.30 am to shoot before practice does a jumper good! To say she was Spectacular would be a understatement. That’s because she was unguardable all night. Anytime TRN made a run, there was Amaya Evans there to slam the door shut. Her running mate AHJANAE YOUNG who had 9 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 5 steals took care of the defensive duties. She Harassed the Toms River North guards into submission last night. She sped them up and forced them into rushed passes and bad decisions from the tip. She was a one women wrecking crew. The two brought back yesteryears of the greatest backcourt in Shore history. It seemed the ghost of Richardson and Davis were in the gym. They made TRN beg for mercy but gave none.

TRN had there moments as JACLYN BENVENUTO who had 23 points and 17 rebounds tried her best to keep TRN relevant. With Gia Pissott and Arliana Torres on the bench. TRN somehow made a deadly run to end the third, it seemed all would be right. But JAYDEN FOSTER was giving Amaya Evans major backup with 12 points and 5 rebounds. While I’NYSIA YOUNG-BETHEA had 6 huge points and 5 rebounds to stop TRN in there tracks. She was nothing short of wonderful all night. She also had the perfect timing. Every bucket she got, seem to break TRN’s back. But it was the baby, Bre Evans pretending to be her big sisters Amaya’s twin, who truly sent TRN packing. Her 6 points, 5 assists and 5 steals broke the TRN faithfuls hearts. She was a blast from the past all night. Bringing back the glory days of past Neptune star babies.

It’s a long season and Toms River North got a little history lesson last night. They were reminded that Neptune is still a special program. We were reminded that John Brown is a master coach. We also were reminded that Neptune is a Top 10 team and is going to be a problem all year… sounds like the good olds days are back!

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