So some people are upset that TUBBY SMITH is calling out kids for wanting to transfer so easily these days. He used the term Quit. So many jumped on the use of word as an excuse for kids transferring. The fact of the matter is call it what you want. When over a thousand kids are in the transfer portal, there is a problem.

The big question is why are so many kids in the portal? First of all kids could always transfer and not sit except in the sports of Football and Basketball. I’m sure a few others too. So this rule that allows kids to play right away is not new. But let me help you understand why so many are in the portal. Mistakes in the recruiting process is the #1 reason. You have to understand that the NCAA limits the amount of contact a coach can have with a prospect. They have continued to limit the amount of times coaches can watch a kid more and more. Combine that with the lighting speed of the recruiting process, the shrinking recruiting days. Now add in the Covid recruiting era and you understand how mistakes are being made at an alarming rate. These mistakes lead to the #1 reason why kids are unhappy… lack of playing time. Kids can live with a lot of things but lack of playing time is not one of them. It’s usually a deal breaker for kids outside the high academic colleges and Universities. There are clearly other factors as to why kids want to transfer but in most cases it starts right here with playing time.

Now some folks are up in arms because TUBBY SMITH believes kids should fight though adversity. He believes kids need to learn the moment they have adversity… transferring or going home can’t always be the first option. What some people do not not understand is this, TUBBY Smith is not saying kids should not be allowed to transfer. What he is saying is let’s stop making it so easy for them to pack up and leave.. . Stop encouraging such behavior. Now some people point to TUBBY SMITH, bettering himself and family by taking better jobs though out his career. Some point out he made millions of dollars doing so. As if somehow that has anything to do with his feeling regarding the transfer portal. The problem with that is this, the portal has and never will affect his job status. Here is why? Name a big time player, at a big time school who was getting playing time, in good standing with the school academically without discipline issues who has ever transferred? Good luck because I’m sure there is one out there on planet Mars somewhere. The players transferring are the ones not getting playing time. Therefore nobody cares if they transfer. Harsh but a reality. It’s the players at smaller schools wanting to play at a higher level who transfer up that is the real problem. The coaches at those schools are far from rich or millionaires, so folks can stop talking about how there just worried about there millions of dollars .

Now some uninformed people are saying that coaches don’t want kids to be allowed to transfer and play. That’s because people don’t understand that it’s the very presidents of Universities that vote on this stuff based on recommendations from their athletic directors. In most cases the Coaches are glad to see the kids not playing go, especially if their leaving in good academic standings. So it doesn’t effect there graduation rate. It’s why college coaches voted for the one time transfer rule. What coaches are saying is that kids are transferring at an alarming rate for all the wrong reasons. They are also saying some kids would be wise to stick around. That there time and there opportunity will come. After all don’t kids pick a school based on things beyond basketball? lMAO … a total lie in 90% of the cases outside the academic schools. They pick a school based on the basketball team… which is another reason why the portal has had an explosion. Kids know they can get a 2nd shot to get it right. Once kids don’t get Immediate gratification on the basketball court they look for the door. Because the basketball is the main reason they are at the school… THAT’S CALLED BAD JUDGEMENT BY KIDS!

Finally the portal is here to stay, do you know why? Because college coaches want the portal. It’s another recruiting tool. So when you hear people saying Tubby Smith is trying to prevent a kid from transferring… just laugh. Because again most coaches don’t care about kids transferring who don’t play. What concerns coaches is there is a epidemic of kids transferring for all the wrong reasons. If a kid is unhappy, doesn’t like the school, doesn’t like the coaches or maybe wants to be closer to home. Maybe their was a coaching change for whatever reason. Those are legit reasons to transfer. But to transfer because someone farted in the locker room or because it’s easy and legal … now that’s a problem. In those cases it’s often because a kid is not willing to try and make things work or to give it the old college try! In those cases often it’s the kids inner circle who is not on campus or practice advising a kid and it becomes another reason the portal is a packed...TUBBY SMITH CANNOT BE ANYMORE ON POINT!

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