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This fall there have been some very impressive Freshman across the state. Many have received D1 offers. Many are bathing in the hype that comes with this. Many are trying to drag up their status up though hype and social media. You see it everyday, the tweet announcing their offers before they have played a single game. Many are off on college visits and being showered with sweet words and kindness. They are showered with the things that play on the ego of parents and kids these days. Its why right now Brooke Missry just may be the best story in the 2026 class. She is creating her reputation and name not though hype but rather doing things the old fashion way. SHE IS EARNING IT!

I spent too many hours trying to watch video of Brooke Missry this past Spring and Summer. It’s seemed everytime her NJ DEAMONS U17 AAU team played,, she was not there. I was told she played on the U17 team. But for some reason could never find her playing. I asked college coaches about her and most said the same thing….” is that Hannah Missry’s sister?” Thet was about the most information I could get on Brooke Missry. Here sister was a 1000th point scorer on the Fordgam teams which won the A-10 chip. Hannah was a star for Jax Mem and played AAU for Mary Beth Chambers, Missry’s Brooke current high school coach. Well I’m going to make a prediction. Brooke Missry is going to have people asking this question one day….is Hannah the older sister of Brooke Missry. That’s because the basketball gods has cleay blessed this family.

BROOKE MISSRY entered St. ROSE with not much fanfare. There were no Tiny Green tweets, no hype video made showing her playing. NO RANKINGS. Nope she just showed up like any other student starting high school. Well I finally got my first look at Brooke Missry in the FORT HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE. I knew right away she was just not like any of student. In fact, I knew she was not just like any other freshman basketball player as well. I knew after watching one game. BROOKE MISSRY was different. In fact different than every baby in the 2026 class entering the Shore. I just didnt know how different until recently.

There days all the rage is players who are long with size for there position. These days if a kid scores points there on there way to being called the next Marina Mabrey. Well Brooke Missry may not be all the rage or Marina Mabrey. But let me educate a few folks. BROOKE MISSRY right now is the most complete freshman I have seen to date Those may seem like strong words. But on further review, it’s a fact, until I see different.

You can add any or talk about any freshman in the state when talking about the topic of who the most complete player in the 2026 class is these days. But for my money it’s not even close. Brooke Missry is at the top of the class. Her body and fitness level are off the charts for a freshman. So you can check that box✔️.. next no freshman plays defense on the ball, helps off the ball and rotates on defense like her ….NOBODY.. she is the only baby checking this box✔️.. like her (ALL A-10) older sister Hannah, she is a deadly shooter. But more importantly no freshman is in her world when it comes to shot selection. BROOKE MISSRY understands what a good shot means at a very early age…yeah that Box is checked✔️…let talk passing, its a gift she has been granted another Box Checked ✔️..her ball handling skills are so US HOOPS inspired. No razzle dazzle, no one handled show stopping turnovers. Just a pure rock sold reliable, game winning handle. Surrounded by wonderful pull ups and decison making, Box checked✔️. You may notice she not only rebounds I’m traffic but gets out and fills lanes for buckets….yeah that’s called the winning plays CHECKED BOX ✔️.. You see these are reasons these days, I Know Brooke Missry is one of the 5 best freshman in the state..

I was sitting in the stands one day listening to a few kids talking. A few freshman where talking abput recruiting and recruiting visits. It was then I heard BROOKE MISSRY SPEAK A FEW BEAUTIFUL WORDS

“I agree with my dad, there will be plenty time for that stuff. I’m only going to worry about getting better right now”….

I finally got to see Brooke Missry in the gym one day this fall. Her training ground like her sisters was, is US HOOPS. But she came down to after school shooting one day. That was all it took for her to win me over. First the work ethic was real. It’s clear she knows how to train and practice. But it was her smile and ability to relate to her peers that I loved. HER COMMUICATION SKILLS ARE OFF THE CHARTS. It’s why I believe she one she will be a natural leader for St. ROSE and a coaches dream. All you have to do is hear the excitement and the glow in Coach Chambers eyes when she speaks of Brooke to understand, this is a kid who makes your culture elite.

Boom, college coaches do you see why I love this kid? She see’s the big picture ,not the hype picture. That’s because when you have game, you don’t need hype. You don’t need you ego stroked or to be treated special. Your all about earning it. Well guess what? Brooke Missry is earning the respect of anyone who watches basketball and knows the game. MISSRY is a kid that is talented, loaded with a big basketball IQ and blessed with a body and mind few in the 2026 class can match.

Brooke(center) had some big role models

BROOKE MISSRY one day is going to be one of the best players in the state of New Jersey. College Coaches will be begginging for her signature one day soon.. in fact real soon. .This I know to be true. Just like I know her impact at St. ROSE will be felt from day one. She will be that rare program kid with game.




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