Today’s SPOTLIGHT PLAYER IS BIANCA GIORDANO OF JACKSON MEMORIAL. They say big players have to prove they can’t play. Small players have to prove they can play. If Bianca Giodrano has proved one thing, it’s that she can play. While coaches are in a ever ending search for size, GIORDANO proves, it’s the size of the hear that matters most.

I’ve have known Bianca since she was in 4th grade. She has always been the shy quite type. She has always been the type of kid who doesn’t like to bring attention to herself. It’s why watching her play is such a  contradiction to her personality. She plays the game with such flare and excitement. She throws passes that make people rise to there feet. In transition it’s like watching a broadway show, if you look away, you just may miss something special… like a look away pass or a ball fake euro step over a bigger player. “B” as I call her, is one of the most exciting players to watch in the Shore. She see things with a basketball that make others shake there head in disbelief. Her ability to make all those around better is whats make her the ultimate  distributor and true definition of what a true point guard truly looks like.


IMG_1031In the past Bianca has come to NBS and has beeen  overwhelmed. When she was younger she did have the confidence to do battle with the older mostly D1 guards. She was unsure about weather she belonged or not. I knew this, so I did not pressure her.  I strategically picked her match ups for each session. Not wanting to break her confidence but also not putting her on the gravy train. After her freshman year, I noticed a change in her attitude. She appeared more sure of herself, she clearly was not as intimidated by the competition in the gym. I thought it was a real sign of growth. She also had an excellent freshman season for Coach Rachel Goodale. She averaged 5.8 points, 2.8 assists and 2 rebounds a game. It was a impressive, freshman year. Coach Goodale turned her team over to GIORDANO. It turned out to be the best move she could have made.


Coach Goodale gave the kids to the car to GIADANO and it paid off

Coach Goodale gave the kids to the car to GIORDANO and it paid off

This season Bianca rewarded Coach Goodale for her trust. She averaged over 6 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds and 3.8 steals a game. She did all this, while playing the point position. She also turned her teammates into threats every time she had the ball in her hands. She lead the Shore in dropping dimes and was Top 5 in the state. Racking up assists is not all she did. When called upon to score she did just that, with multiple double figure scoring night. GIORDANO did whatever it took to win. Like when Jackson knocked off the #10 team in the state, Toms River North. She controlled the game from A-Z and dropped 8 dimes in the upset win. This pass season she gave the JACKSON faithful something to shout and smile about. Jackson Memorial finished 21-4 and 12-2 in the division. They will have the bulk of their team back, next season. BIANCA WILL BE THE CONDUCTOR OF A POSSIBLE TOP 20 TEAM.


IMG_1030This spring I knew BIANCA was special and full of confidence. Her first day at NBS, she was in groups with players that are still finding there way. But when matched up with an elite baby, she went to work. She sucked all the energy out of the building and put it on her lungs. She simply was breath taking. Folks when you go off at NBS and the entire gym stops and cheers for you….THEN YOUR A BAD WOMEN. This spring against kids moving on to D1 next year. Kids with D1 offers on the table, she was outstanding. She did not duck the competition. She was fearless in regards to her competitive nature. By the last session of NBS, it was interesting because everyone wanted her on there team. What’s more funny, many of the kids, still didn’t know her name. One day at NBS a player moving on to D1 basketball next year, asked me “what’s her name” I said Bianca from  Jackson Memorial. Her response was typical “oh yeah she is the girl with all the assists, she is going to be good”. It was the last part of the statement that made me laugh…SHE IS AlREADY GOOD. In fact she just may be one of best PURE POINT GUARDS IN NEW JERSEY.


IMG_1032So why doesn’t a player with Bianca skills not have a bigger profile. She is the rare small point guard, that has the floaters, the pull up jumper. She is elite as in the  absolute best at finding shooters on  penetration. She can shoot the deep three with ungodly like range. Just check out the highlight tape coaches, if you doubt me. Last week MARINA MABREY of Norte Dame and I, were discussing small point guards in the Shore. She said the stuff a certain talented point guard was doing below the foul line, won’t work in college. I said, it’s so funny because I have telling this young lady the same thing. Bianca Giordano will not have such issues.


So why no headlines. It’s simple, she doesn’t have blazing speed, she’s  just insanely shifty and quick with the ball. She doesn’t put up insane points. But add up her assist, points and steals. Now tell me her numbers. She doesn’t play for SJV or RBC…she plays at Jackson and helped them win 24 games. She doesn’t play for a band name AAU team. She plays for the Franklin Defenders, a drama free team. You see these are the reasons she is not a household name….but here is a question, ask any kid at NBS….HOW GOOD IS THE GIRL FROM JACKSON? They will say she’s  a you know why? GAME RECOGNIZES GAME.


So a D1 head coach called me about a kid. Says I just watched her game. I said what to you think? She says of the D1 lock, I like her but who is the little guard from Jackson. I say that’s Bianca Giordano. She says, “Tiny, I need to see more of her”.  I told her we’ll get her to there ELITE CAMP. She then said, “I’ve never seen you tweet or put her name in your cheat sheet” That’s because Bianca GIORDANO has surprised everyone, even me….oh yeah coaches she in my CHEAT SHEET NOW!…..Tiny Green





* Game winning shot against Brick as Freshman

*Game winning Free Throws against Rancocas Valley

*only player with double digits in state semi final

*Has had multiple Double digits points and Assists

* Led the Shore Conference in Assists, Top 10 in the State.

*Named to the USJN Big Apple Challenge ALL STAR TEAM






























This is a Elite teaching next level Camp and a must for all

This is a Elite teaching next level Camp and a must for all



This event is will sell out BEFORE JULY 29TH

This event is will sell out BEFORE JULY 29TH

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