Sometimes people need an education. So today I’m not going to talk to fans or parents. These folks can stop reading right now. Today I want to strictly talk to college coaches. That’s because I’m going to give you some facts. Today you’re going to get a little education. Today I’m going to give you all the reasons U16 HGSL SHORESHOTS guard, Katie Liggio is the most complete and dangerous shooter in all of New Jersey and why she is different than every shooter before her. There is a reason why she has P5 offers I’m going to explain to you why.

When you talk about great shooters. Most talk about there sweet stroke. They talk about how you can’t leave them alone. They talk about game playing them. Then there are the questions. Like can they get it off quick enough? Do they know how to come off and read screens? Do they take good shots? I mean I can go on but why bother. So let me get to the point. Let me educate you about KATIE “K3” LIGGIO. She checks every single box that coaches look for in a shooter. In fact she checks every box and more. That’s because she is more than a shooter. She is an elite shooter who is an elite scorer.

I have been lucky enough to coach some great shooters in my time both in high school and in college. But none are in the same world as Katie Liggio. Justine Pissott was last player that is comparable. She was 6’3” with parking lot range. But Katie Liggio has out of this world range. Pissott size allowed her to often get off shots over smaller defenders. But nobody on god’s green earth has Katie Liggio’s quick release. No player I have ever seen gets shot ready as quick this true assassin. Katie Liggio is just a different animal. But if you want to know what really separates her, it’s this. K3’s shot faking off the catch and off the bounce is on a level few at “ANY” level can match. Trying to game plan her is a nightmare. Because she can get her own shot against any level of defense.

Most great, shooters are often one dimensional. They don’t post up bigger and smaller guards. Then don’t finish in the lane like KATIE LIGGIO who has more craftiness than any AND 1 mix tape. Her imagination in the lane can only be explained as a gift. Just like her ability to shoot three’s of screens, fades and handoffs. Coaches please don’t embarrass any kid comparing them to Katie Liggio as a shooter/scorer. Because Katie Liggio has an ability to take her game to levels no other shooters I have seen and I mean nobody!

Coaches you must understand Katie Liggio is like scientist. Her shot is part of mastered perfection. It’s been perfected in her lab. In this case her lab is in the gym. Katie Liggio is the ultimate gym rat. She can run for days. It’s why chasing her around is like running a marathon. You slip back for a second and she makes you pay. Either on the offensive glass or in transition. She simply wears you out. She breaks your heart with daggers late in games from the parking lot. She makes defenders fall to their knees and beg for mercy and desperately seek air to breathe. Coaches I am educating you today. I’m giving you a peek into what greatness looks like at an early age. This is what a star looks like at the height of there shooting powers. Katie Liggio is not coming around anytime soon when she is done. Katie Liggio may be the most entertaining player to watch in New Jersey. That’s because she is like a unicorn. She gets crowds screaming , clapping and shouting with her insane range. We’re just not use to seeing this type of shooter. It’s funny but Katie Liggio these days is focusing more on her defense than her shooting. That’s scary because if she becomes the defender she is as a shooter. It could get nutty out there. She is looking more and more like she could be a special defender these days. I guess it’s just in her DNA to do things in a big way… SO WITH THAT…HERE NOW THE LESSONS ENDS COACHES!

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