RYLEE DRAHOS is done making magic happen at SHORE REG HIGH SCHOOL There is no question  she will go down in history as one of the best players in the schools history. What she has meant to Shore Reg, to her teammates and the community. I don’t think anyone can really put into words.  The one thing we can all agree on is that she had a historic career. But the thing she will be  most  remembered for is being  “NICE”

“NICE”  is a strange word. That’s because when you hear the word nice used in sports. You think sportsmanship. Rylee Drahos  is the poster child for sportsmanship. But when I think of “NICE” when it comes to Rylee Drahos, I think of her smile. I think of her respect for her teammates, coaches.  fans, opponents, officials. I think  of constant goodness. How whenever someone  speaks of her, the first thing they  talk about is not her basketball talents. But rather how she is a great person. A “NICE” person.  Someone who doesn’t  want the spotlight but rather wants to share the spotlight. I think it’s the reason so many people love Rylee Drahos.










Coach William Wishart, and Rylee Drahos are as close as player /coach I have seen in a long time. The respect they and support they have for each other is unmeasurable. They both have gone on this journey to help Shore Reg become relevant.  They have accomplished  this mission together. I know Coach Wishart likes to talk about how his Shore Reg team is  made up of all kids from the town. I personally  don’t find anything special about that. Lots of teams are made up with kids from their town. What I do think is special is the culture Coach Wishart has built at Shore Reg. A culture that is built on school prime, hard work and above all a commitment  to each other. None of this happens without Rylee Drahos. When your  building from the ground up. Reputation and perception matter.  RYLEE DRAHOS  has a reputation  for kindness and inclusiveness. The things all kids and parents hope for. The things that all coaches know you need most to build a championship program. Rylee Drahos  is “NICE” and people want to be around nice people and nice programs. Coach  Wishart and RYLEE DRAHOS have made being “NICE” cool and proved you can win while being  nice🌈









I had a number of conversations  with the U of Rochester during the season about Rylee Drahos. They know without question  Rylee is going to be a star the day she puts on a uniform.  But the thing they liked most about Rylee Drahos  and the thing they talked  about the most was how “NICE” RYLEE  was as a person. They talked about  her family and relationships with the people around her. The talked about how Rylee was not into hype, attention  grabbing and how level headed she was. Rylee Drahos is what all coaches are looking for these days  …”NICE” kids because it just may be the  biggest and most important skill of all.


I always wanted to get to know Rylee Drahos better over the years. I remember  when she came to a camp once. She was shy and had this wonderful smile. But my style of coaching was her cup of tea. But she was always so kind, respectful and nice when I saw her. I met her grandmother  once. I was having heart surgery. Her grandmother  was getting preparing me and asked me,  if I was Tiny Green. I said yes and she told me her Granddaughter was Rylee and them she said something I know I will never forget….she said





GRANDMA your so right, she is a gift  from the heavens and will be missed


* 1st Team All Shore

*1st Team All State


* Group  1 back to back State Titles


* 1600 points/ 600 rebounds

* 2nd All time leading scorer

* 40 points in a State Game

* Ranked Top 10 in the Shore Conference

* First Team All Freshman



  1. Tiny, you are so right… We could not have said it better! Rylee’s Aunt Lee

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