This weekend many kids will start making a decision on where to attend high school. This is a big decision for many families and make no mistake, it is a family decision. It’s a decision that will have a major impact on a young person’s education, social life, athletic life and overall happiness. The fact of the matter is many will make the right decision and some will not. It’s called life and that’s what so many kids in the 2024 class are about to experience.

Rylyn Orlando has moved into D1 status

Last year, the 2023 class was one of the deepest in Shore history in terms of D1 players out of the starting block for a class. I have right now 14 projected D1 players in the 2023 class. The class has already picked up an additional D1 player along the way (Rylyn Orlando). Last years class had its challenges, it was a class where many kids were relying on politics to gain a edge.

Hope Masonious is a Division one lock

Every new freshman class has its challenges. The 2024 is no different. This is the smallest number of D1 players for a entering Shore class. I have projected 5 current D1 locks entering high school next year. Three of them are reclassified. This is a shocking number to say the least. The previous smallest number was 8 and that class went on to have 12 D1 players. The number is a bit deceiving because two players turned down D1 offers. The good news is the 2024 class has lots of room for growth. So I would like to give this class some advice.

Carlie Lapinski and Nina Enmance are two future stars

You are getting ready to make a big decision. So please remember what is important most… YOUR EDUCATION. Nobody in the 2024 class will make a living playing basketball. Next your happiness will matter most regardless if your playing basketball or not. Make sure you choose a school where you can make real friends. Please don’t choose a school just because of basketball. You will make no bigger mistake if you do this.

To the 2024 class moving on to high school; your journey has just become. So. I will pass on a little experience to you today. Do what you please with it. I have some strong advice for you. Get in the gym as often as you can. No advice is better than what I just told you. I urge you to train as often as possible. I urge you to play less games and develop your skill sets. I urge you to shoot 7 days a week. If you dream of playing in college, know that the recruiting process has sped up.


We are now in a time, where colleges often do not have scholarships available for some senior classes anymore. 2024 class you need to understand developing name recognition and long term improvement are the most important things you can FOCUS on these days. Do not be part of a AAU team where winning is more important than showcasing you. Do not be part of anyone telling you where and when to train. Know AAU and training get more expensive everyday. So choose wisely.  🤞 now understand your high school career starts in 3 months…DONT MISS A CHANCE TO GAIN AN EDGE.

Jada Bonner did not get real varsity until her junior…she now is at Quinnipiac

Make sure you understand that depending on where you attend high school will affect your athletic future. Go to program that is weak and you may not develop. You may never get recognized for your accomplishments. Coaches may choose not to attend your games because of the level of competition your facing. But know this, go to a program where you don’t play and you may not be happy. You may be forced to play JV or worst ride the bench on varsity and only play in blow out games. Nobody can say for sure what is 100% the best way to go…all you can do is get as much information as possible before making a decision.

Maybe you will have to sit for two years at a better program. Are you okay with that? Especially if you are getting better because you are in a great practice environment. But you better know the stronger programs always have a Madison St. Rose on the way. A Hope Masonious in the wings or a Tessa Carman lurking in the background. So things are not always what they seem.

I hope every 8th grader in the 2024 class does this one thing.. be competitive and get better. You do that by taking control of your future. Find a place where you can develop, have fun and make memories… I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST OF LUCK!



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