Today I gave a little advice to the 2024 Shore Conference incoming class. But there are some kids who don’t need advice. There are still kids who don’t need to be told how great they are. There are still kids not looking for a deal or promises. There are still kids who go to their local high school, work hard and get better. There are still kids who get it… they understand just lace up sneakers and go play. It’s that simple… RYLEE DRAHOS OF SHORE REG HIGH SCHOOL is that kid.

This past week Gregg Lerner and Jersey Sports Network named Rylee Drahos this weeks Player of the Week. It’s one thing to be NAMED player of the week and another thing to be player of the week as a freshman. Rylee Drahos last week turned in the best performance by a freshman this season. She had 25 points vs state Top 10 St. Rose in a four point lost to the state powerhouse. It was perhaps the best performance by a freshman against a top team in about 3 years. When consider Shore Reg also almost pulled off the biggest upset of the year. it’s more impressive. But Rylee Drahos has been doing this all season. She has been nothing short of sensational all season. It’s just that most have not been paying attention. That is until now because right now Rylee Drahos is making a serious run for not just the all freshman team....but FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR AS WELL.

Now before you start asking who is Rylee Drahos, let me tell you this about her. She has been lighting it up against the best competition all year. Shore Reg plays the big girls and Rylee has let everyone of those big girls know… she’s got game and I am talking about lots of game. You see the bigger the game the bigger the baby has preformed. Like against State ranked #2 RBC when she had 11 points, 4 rebounds and 5 steals in a close game that got away from Shore late. She had 17 points and 6 rebounds vs Holmdel in a 3 point lost. You see Drahos is getting real buckets against real competition. But more importantly she is not just a scorer. She takes real pride in her defense. Like when she only had 6 points vs. Top 10 RFH. She checked in with 6 steals. Drahos is not just talented, she is a complete player.

Rylee Drahos, didn’t reclass, didn’t care about getting hype and went to her local high school. She does something rare these days. She shows up unannounced without fanfare and just plays. I remember the first time she came to camp. I had no idea who she was… She said very little and more importantly worked as hard as anyone in the gym. She was highly competitive and played the game the right way. She has size and length at 5’8″ with a real nose for the ball. She is unselfish and most importantly as coachable as they come. Rylee Drahos is having a great freshman year. She is doing all this under the radar. She may not know this but she is becoming the post child for players staying home and being for their local school…she is proving you can stay home and have success while getting noticed…because everyone is watching these days.


You may want to let this roll around in your head for a second. Rylee Drahos has scored double figures in her the last 8 games for Shore reg. She has had 12 double figure scoring games. She has 16 games of 9 points or more. This season she has 226 point, 97 rebounds, 32 three’s and 52 steals. I think it safe to say no freshman in the shore is anywhere near her statistically wise at least those playing top competition. But more than stats it’s her impact that what has made her speical this season. Shore Reg is somehow 11-10 while playing in the toughest conference in the state. Somehow Rylee Drahos has become the most consistence baby in the Shore, while playing against the best competition in the state.

Rylee Drahos is now on track to one day, be one of the best players in the shore. For now she will just settle for being, one of the best freshman in all of New Jersey, weather you know it or not doesn’t matter. Because she has been doing things her own way for a long time now…SHE IS JUST DOING IT BETTER THAN JUST ABOUT ANY OTHER BABY THESE DAYS…


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