Three years ago RED BANK REG was known for a few things. It had a similar name as RBC and made a great opponent on senior night. It was a program with small dreams and ideas. Getting into the Shore Tournament or the state tournament was considered historic accomplishments. When they did both in James Young final year as head Coach, many thought RBR had done all that was possible. Most believed the RBR would return to it’s good ole ways again as they lost 4 starters. When James Young bolted for Monmouth University. Nobody knew who or for that matter, cared who would replace him, after all RBR was not exactly anyone’s dream job…but the RBR administration had a little surprised up their sleeve… they went out and hired the Bill Parcells of high school basketball…Mr. Fix it himself…JOHN TURHAN

Last night RBR celebrated winning their first Divisional Title in since 1996. In other words nobody remembers the last time RBR won anything, especially the kids on the current RBR roster because they weren’t born yet. Yesterday RBR did something that nobody can ever take away from the them. They will get to hang a banner in their gym, something nobody thought was possible. Something nobody dreamed was possible. Except one man John Truhan. You see championships and Coach John Truhan or JT as he is know in coaching circles…is something that go hand and hand. You see John Turhan has now won 4 divisional titles at 4 different schools. In each case the schools basketball programs were dead. They were programs that nobody believed in anymore....just like RBR

John Turhan has won 4 divisional titles at 4 different schools

When John Turhan was hired at RBR in November of 2017. It surprised many people. Maybe because he took the job so late, it could be because nobody else wanted the position. The community, the parents, the players and assistants had all lost faith. JT named RBR coach in November of 2017… 8 seniors had graduated, and many were concerned if the team could win 5 games. Many believed RBR would begin another decent into the abyss. Nobody was angry or upset. It was just what the people at RBR had grown to expect. A SCT and State appearance was more than enough. Championships and state ranking were for other schools, players and communities.. But John Turhan doesn’t think like everyone else. You see when you win Championships at 4 different schools… you just think, work and act differently. John Turhan has won divisional titles at the following schools..TRS 2000, 2001, 2002... COLTS NECK 2004, 2008 2009...CENTRAL 2011, 2012, 2014 and now his masterpiece…. RED BANK 2020

Chloe Teter got the ball rolling

When Chloe Teter decided to attend RBR it surprised lots of people. She was not a household name at the time. But those in basketball circles knew her very well. They also knew she was a division one player and D1 players don’t go to RBR. But Chloe Teter took a gamble that JT would become the head coach RBR. She more than any other player got the ball rolling at RBR. In their 6th game of the season under Coach Truhan people should have known something was brewing when RBR lost to Top 10 Rumson 55-51… there closest margin to victory, since I guess when George Washington was President. RBR was ranked in the Shore top 10 in the by mid January and there 17 wins matched the previous year. Despite having only TWO returning players with any varsity experience. But if you really want impressive, RBR then upset state ranked Chatham on the road in the state quarterfinals. As a 7th seed they advanced to the state sectional semifinals for the first time since in 3 decades. It was clear that John Turhan and his club had changed the culture and expectations of RBR in just one season…winning alone was not. enough. It’s why last years win vs RBC is perhaps the biggest upset in SCT history as so rewarding then the OT lost to Manasquan was so heartbreaking because the standard had changed. While there 20 wins was the most in 3 decades while making their deepest run in the SCT were all great, it was not enough. They wanted morethey wanted titles.

More for RBR has come this season , like making to the 2019 WOBM Finals for first time ever…being ranked in the The State Top 20 Poll for the first time in 3 decades Ranked at #17….defeating state ranked teams. College coaches including D1 coaches showing up at at games. They had things happen that has never happened in the recent past…like Players, like Chole Teter being named 1st Team All Freshman, winning Players of the Week Awards and Coach Turhan winning the Coach Of The Year. These are things nobody ever dreamed of happening at RBR.  Coach Truhan has convinced his players to play hard, to buy into his philosophy , welcome accountability and tough love.


Taylor Crystian returned home to play for JT and has become a full blown star and D1 player. Amelia Medollar has also return home and is having a dream season. Emma Moriarity has become a rock and key to all things RBR the past two years. Caitlyn Decker is the heart and soul of the team. She has let basketball become a major part of her life and is now a star. Mia Strand has become the secret weapon off the bench and the owner of some big shots. Lulu Attia may have saved the season for RBR vs Neptune. They are all the reasons why kids now what to stay home and play for RBR… they are the reason the RBR community, students, parents, media, players, coaches and fans all think differently these days… now RBR THINKS ABOUT CHAMPIONSHIPS…YESTERDAY THAT GOT ONEBECAUSE IT WAS 1996 ALL OVER AGAIN



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