Today I am going to give you a little advice. I hope every grammar school and high school player pays attention. I want to show you the path to a happy recruiting and basketball experience. This may seem impossible these days. But the fact of the matter is, if you stay in control on your environment, it can be done. How do I know this? Because Hayley Moore of RBC and the Shore Shots is maybe the best example I can give you.


When Hayley Moore decided to attend RBC 3 years ago, I thought it was a mistake. I felt she was too slight of body and more importantly there were tons of guards at RBC. But that was not important to Hayley Moore or her family. They wanted to attend a school that was about teaching values and the coach could always be trusted. These were the things that mattered most and here is why. Hayley Moore knew she was a hard worker, she also knew that sucking up to the coach and politics did not take place at RBC. She knew if she focused on improving and not butt kissing or politics, she would be just fine. Hayley Moore did what few parents allow there kids to do today…Just be a regular student, who happens to play basketball. The Moore’s wanted Hayley to be happy first and trusted she would shine best if this was the case. It was a great decision that has paid off beautifully.


When players are bragging in  public about who is recruiting them. Many times, it put’s doubt into other kids and yes their parents, who are not yet BEING RECRUITED. They worry if they should do more or change their approach. This leads to some kids worrying about recruiting and media attention, not improving on the court. The focus, is not on getting better, but rather gaining attention. In most cases they start the political game, so often seen these days. In the case of Hayley Moore, recruiting and who was getting recruited did not change her approach, which was to improve as a player. When players where diving head first into weights and off court workouts. The Moore family did not lose focus, they did strength and conditioning, but not at the expense of her on court development. They bit the bullet and delayed the weights and allowed her body to fully develop. They knew in the short term their was a price to pay for the lack of strength. But long term, she would benefit. They had to put their ego’s away and not worry about today, but rather tomorrow.  Hayley Moore lived in the gym. She did so, despite being pushed very hard by myself and others. She took the yelling and the screaming and more importantly the criticism. She attended summer camp in the summer, when most kids in high school believe their is no benefit. She did not have that weakness of many kids when they get older of asking. “Who is in the gym?” She didn’t care, why because getting better was her only agenda. Hayley Moore, was focused on one thing only… getting better! She knew that long term development was the key to everything. Not just one day, week or month. She saw the big picture… LONG TERM DEVLOPMENT.


Many times, kids pick a AAU team based on status. They want to play with a brand name team with hopes it will give them some type of status ABOVE THEIR PEERS. These players often believe this makes them special in other peoples eyes or in the eyes of college coaches. Hayley Moore and her parents made a bold decision. They choose to play with a team with little recognition. Her AAU team was nothing to brag about. They won some games and they lost some games. But here is what they did gain playing for the Allen Shore Shots. She found a coach, she made a connection with. She found a coach that truly liked her. She found a coach that had real respect for her game and her work ethic. Haley Moore’s parents bucked the system, and proved if you pick the right AAU team. You can also have fun and be in a drama free environment. This is want the Moore’s wanted for their daughter…and it’s exactly what they got.


While others were talking about the colleges that were recruiting them. The Moore family was quiet as a mouse. They visited over 30 colleges before Hayley Moore decided on attending Binghamton University. Some asked why she made a decision so early? It was simple, over the years the Moore’s were doing their homework. They visited colleges in the east, north and south over 3 years. They choose Binghamton because they developed a real relationship with the coaching staff. It was not a phony relationship. You know that one, where everyone pretends, there in love with a school, because the school offered a scholarship. No, the Moore’s choose a college, the same way they choose RBC. Would Hayley be happy at the school? Hayley Moore will not only be happy at Binghamton University but will be very successful. Why? Because she picked the school for all the right reasons. Not to keep up with the Jones or to please the crowd. They choose the school which was best for Hayley Moore…what others thought was not important.


The Moore Family made decision based on happiness

The Moore Family made decision based on happiness

Last week at NBS, I saw what good decisions along the way can produce. I watched Hayley Moore standing next to a other girls. Some going to D1 schools next year or have committed. It was funny, because Hayley Moore physically has matured big time. She has what can only be called a athletic body these days. She is physically as strong as any  kid playing her position. No longer can she be over powered, in fact at times she was doing the over powering. Hayley Moore has improved over the past 3 years like no player in recent memory.

Here shooting ability speaks for itself, but it’s now the defense  and the ball handling that has made her special and taken her to a new level. She did not become all this in a year. Hayley has been a work in progress over the past 4 years. It started with her family not worrying about ego. It started with them not focusing on getting attention or awards. It started by them not listening to folks that have no idea what the formula to having a successful and happy experience on and off the court. This past weekend she had 34 points in a game. But that was not the story. The real story is about a young lady and her family. Not giving into ego and things that really don’t matter at the end of the day. Yes it is possible to have a drama free, fun and exciting High School and AAU career. But you must do things with a pure heart and worry only about two things…GETTING BETTER AND BEING HAPPY….others would be wise, to do the same.









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