A COSTAL “A” IS ONE HORSE RACE…That’s because SJV has once again reloaded and are one of the Shore and State favorites. They have taken on all comers and have made the games non competitive in divisional play for over a decade, regardless of who has been in their Division. That will not change this year, with a number of new transfers. This is a team loaded with the D1 talent once again. They have solid babies who will see some time. The coach? Well she just happens to be the best in the business. SJV is hoping for another dynamic season but it won’t be easy to duplicate the past 6 years.


The favorite in COSTAL A NORTH returns 3 key players from a  year ago. JULIA KARPELL, MADISON KOCIS and ALEENA DINKER. All played majors roles in the SCT and STATE titles. These three will set the tone for Coach Karpell’s team this season. SJV also got 3 major transfers in Stella Lockhart and DANELLA MATUS. But it’s Brooklyn Taylor that may be the surprise player of all the newcomers. Both are P5 players and projected starters. Sophomore TAYLOR SOLFILKANISH looks like a mega star. Sophomore Charlotte, Bradley saw spotty minutes last year. and will be asked to contribute more this season. The freshman class is talented but may be a year or two away from having a major impact. SJV plays for CHIPS and they will be one of the favorites for the SCT title; the biggest Chip in the state now. They have lots of new faces and kids stepping into major roles. This is nothing new for Coach Karpell. The difference is the new players have not been part of the SJV culture in the past. They will need to learn the SJV way and get ready at the same time

ZOE BROOKS POY last season now at NC STATE

JANIE BACHMAN 1st Team All Shore now at The Holy Cross University

ASHLEY SOLFILKANICH 1st Team All Shore now at Bucknell University


Started last year currently playing for Stonehill.

Head Coach- Dawn Karpell, multiple TOC Rings, multiple SCT Rings, multiple State Titles Rings, )

2021-22 Record

Overall-31 – 1 (ranked #4 in Country, #1 in Nj)

Conference – 10-0 in A CENTRAL

Projected Division one players (10)

Gym Rat Count (4)



Julia Karpell5’10”- Sr- Point Guard-  She is a battle tested player and has seen more winning than perhaps any player in Shore history. She has won everything as a player that can be won to this point in the State of New Jersey. Blessed with the IQ of a coach, she is the ultimate leader. While Zoe Brooks was the best player for SJV last year, make no mistake, Karpell will be the team leader. Her toughest and competitive nature set the tone. That will not change this year. She is the ultimate shot maker. NOBODY has hit more big shots in a career and she is not done yet. She was 1st TEAM ALL SHORE last year. This year expect her stats to jump, but the truth of the matter, I doubt she cares. That’s because she does winning things. The new 5 foul rule is right up her alley. As she is the best post-up guard in the Shore. She signed with FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY in the fall. She elevated her teammates and will be trying to end her career with 4 SCT CHIPS… something never done in SHORE HISTORY. She is highly effective on both sides of the ball and most importantly, she always plays with real purpose. Her rebounding skills are vastly underrated. She is the best post-passing wing player in the state of New Jersey by a mile. JULIA KARPELL IS READY TO CLOSE THE SHOW IN A BIG WAY!

Aleena Dinker- 5’7″-JR- Combo–The future D1 player is fast and exciting. Her performance in the SCT Final was just an example of what she will be this year. She really improved her game this summer. Her jumper is deadly and her decision making is just what the doctor ordered. She has a deadly handle and is dynamic in the open floor because of her vision and ability to score. She is one of the best guards in the 2025 class that nobody talks about. She is sensational in the SJV press package. Her pull up game and her shooting range are now both next level .  The future D1 guard and has been blessed to practice and play against the best for an entire career, now she get to play the role of prime time.

Madison Kocis -5’10”- Combo–  She is a future D1 high major guard -I told you last year before the season started. These days she is a P5 players. That’s because she was the most improved player in the freshman class from the start to the end of the season. She was named 1st Team All Freshman and many believed she was robbed because of her performance in the biggest game of the year. She was SENSATIONAL in the SCT finals with 19 points. But it was her hustle play on a missed layup that was special and sealed a SCT Chip vs RBC. She is a deadly shooter with a high IQ who has developed a deadly post up game. Coach Karpell will no doubt take advantage of her this season. While not flashy, she can slide to the point with ease. She has upped her defensive game. She will need to have a big season if SJV wants to continue as the State and Shore GOATS!

Taylor  Sofilkanich-6’4″- POST-  She will one day be one of the best post players in New Jersey. She was not just great this summer, she was off the charts. Her size, length athletic ability and quickness put her on track to be the best post in SJV history. She is already an elite shot blocker who sprints the floor like a deer. She has great hands and can score and rebound in traffic. She may be the toughest matchup in the Shore. She missed valuable minutes last year due to injury, but played AAU all summer and clearly has caught up. She is the most important player on the roster in terms of the SJV future. Expect a big season out of TAYLOR!

Charlotte Bradley -5’7″- Wing–  She has shooting range from the parking lot. Do not be surprised to see her her double her minutes from a year ago. The always smiling and welcoming Bradley will need to provide scoring and reliable ball handling off the bench. She has been in the SJV system so should be ready to step up to the challenge this year. Her strong body will add rebounding from the guard spot and allow her to switch defensively. Bradley has a chance to be a game changer for SJV because she is floating under the radar.

STELLA LOCKHART- 5’11- Sophomore – SWING– This is perhaps the biggest impact newcomer in the Shore. She is a transfer from Gil Bernard where last year she got real minutes. But that was long ago in a far off place. The Stella Lockhart of today is an entirely different level of player. She is a future P5 player and 1st Team All Shore player. This is the total package. She has a body from the basketball gods, she is insanely skilled and her competitive nature is next level. This is a coaches dream player. She can play inside or outside. She is a next level passer with a brilliant IQ and basketball mind. She is unselfish and plays so hard, she makes your grandma sweat. This is the player that makes SJV a serious problem. Her versatility puts every player on opponents’ rosters who matchup her up against in a lose/lose situation. This is a seasoned and polished player who has played in big games. She brings lots of game experience to the table for SJV. She is defensive minded and the perfect fit for SJV.

DANIELLA MATUS -5’9″- JR COMBO-.She is a two way beast. She instantly becomes one of the best players in the Shore Conference. She transfers from state power Morris Catholic were she had 2 breathtaking seasons. Her ability to score is special. She can knock down threes to 28feet and back that up with a full game or getting to the rim. She is murder on smaller guards and electric in transition. She gives SJV a player who can break down opponents. But what she really brings most to SJV is defense. She is a lock for the All Defensive Team. Her long arms, quickness and physical rebounding are all next level. This is a player that is a game changer because she is use to playing with other great players like herself. She has offers from everyone for good reason…. SHE’S A STAR! She has been in the biggest wars and is battle tested, experienced and a gym rat. She doesn’t care about hype and rankings and neither do her parents. The focus is on developing and learning. She will be learning from the best now!

BROOKLYN TAYLOR– 5’8″-SOPH- COMBO- She started and having an All Freshman Year at Ranney before transferring. She is in tip top shape and had a fall that has to have SJV fans excited. She is quick and explosive to the rim. She has real next level vision. She is a much underrated defender who should thrive in the SJV press defense. She is a very capable three point shooter. She is also very experienced and competitive. The rich just got richer.

CAROLYN LUNDY– 5’6″- SR- COMBO- She is a true progam kid. She has seen lots of chips. She is a excellent shooter and will bring enegy and suppport to her temmates. She will continue her basketball career at WILKE COLLEGE

GWEN BRUEN-5’6”-SR – COMBO– a classic program kid. She could have run to weaker programs but choose the SJV experience. She has been part of Chips, National ranking and a lot of winning. She is an excellent shooter who brings support and energy. She is and always will bleed SJV

SOFIA RUSSO – 5’10” FORWARD, JR – A two sport athlete, plays vollyball too, brings a lot of energy and support to her teammates. I have not had the opportunity to see her play.

The Freshman class is filled with real potential.

Tatum Sharpe is long and athletic at 5’11. She is a gym rat who is a future D1 lock. She is taylor made for the SJV pressing style. She has made massive improvements in her shooting this fall. She has played consistently against. Older, D1 competition. Expect her to occasionally see meaningful minutes.

LISSY LYONS- 5′ 9″ – SWING– was considered once as the best incoming freshman in the 2027 class. She is highly skilled and has basketball body at 5’10. She can set away from rim or score below the foul line. She is an underrated rebounder who is an excellent passer. She will be one of the building blocks for SJV in the future before she moves on to D1 basketball one day.

BRYNN UTTER- 5’7”- Combo – if you’re looking for a sleeper freshman in the Shore 2027 class, here she is because this young lady just may get serious minutes this season. She is quick, fast and can shoot. Meaning this is a SJV type player. She will need to catch up on defense. But she has a serious no nonsense or politics work ethic. This is a player with a big future. She can handle the ball and is confident!

They are going to press wisely. They will game plan most teams until they beg for mercy. Julia Karpell will play rhe point if throngs get hectic. They can be very flexible on o offense both inside and out. There 3 starting guards are flat out deadly shooters from three. They will be the best conditioned team in the state. . This is SJV and nothing is expected to change, just expect everyone to say what is said about them every year…. THERE BEATABLE!….more wishful thinking than facts!

They can no over power teams with there talent and experience . They have a number of new players been asked to step up and also change there roles and way of thinking. While SJV will press, the style will have to change a bit. There are a number of new players and it may be a on going process. Next RBC. Is clearly waiting in the weeds. They have beaten SJV in Bsttle of Maryland and in the Fort Sumner league. Why is this important? RBC has certainly closed the gap. The state tournament will be a nasty affair as well. SJV knows they have a target on there back and many. Believe it’s payback time. How they handle this with such a young team is a big question.

Jen Ventunelli

Overall Record: 20-9

Conference: 8-2 in Shore – in A Central

Projected D1 players(0)

Gym Rat Count (1)

This division has no true spoiler. But HOLMDEL, has the makings of a Top 10 team in the Shore. Coach Jen Ventunell  has done a nice job trying to get her team ready this fall. Last season she stepped into a fire storm and promptly claimed the waters and won 20 games. We call that real gangster like stuff. She had her team in workouts all fall and played in the fall Hoop Group Fall League. She is not trying to build a winning culture, she doing it and she is doing it the right way, with class and true leadership.


Allison Cannon is one of the most improved players in the state. She will make a run at 1st Team All Shore. She is explosive at the rim and now deadly from three. She will have the ball in her hands 80% of the time. Cannon who signed with D1 NJIT this fall is a rebounding machine from the guard spot. She also is a big time defender. She is fast, tough and competitive. She will be a double figure scorer night in and night out. She is the most improved player in a year that these eyes have seen maybe ever. Her rise has been nothing short of spectacular. The numbers last year were mind blowing. 418 points, 96 rebounds, 117 dimes and 109 steals, FROM THE POINT GUARD POSITION. She has been in a mission and if the fall is a signal, 1st Team All Shore is a virtual lock


MACKENZIE TEEVAN-6’4”- JR -FORWARD-.has been sensational this fall. She had big scoring nights in the fall league. Her development has been earth shattering and has earning her P5 and multiple D1 offers. That’s because she is now is a serious threat on the block and perimeter. She is excellent rebounder and causes problems in the lane on defense. The 6’4” Teevan is wonderful passer who does a great job of finding cutters. She gives Homdel a legitimate scorer and rebounder each night.

MICHELLE STEELE – 5’10 – FORWARD- JR- She scored 154 points and had 160 rebounds last year. This is a seasoned player who stats should spike this year. She is also an excellent passer and defender. She will get out in transition and score. Because of her ball handling skills, she can play multiple positions. She is clearly a sleeper talent. She had multiple double doubles, last season. This is a player that could help Holmdel surprise a few teams this season.

JAMIIE DeCICCO- 5’6”- SENIOR – GUARD– She played meaningful mins last year and gained valuable experience. This year she will be forced to set up her game with more responsibility on her plate. It’s a real opportunity for her to make a statement.

MAYA HUSTON-5’10”- SOPHOMORE– FORWARD- She may be in the starting lineup. She has size and length. She lacks experience and will have to gain some on the fly. She has shown real shot blocking ability. Her progress and development during the season will be very important

KAITYN NG-5’6”- FRESHMAN- COMBO– This is a 1st TEAM ALL FRESHMAN alert. She is a big time soccer player. But the perfect new addition to Holmdel. She is fast, tough and athletic. She will be a pitbull on defense. She can handle the ball and can orbit in transition. She may allow Allison Cannon to move to the shooting guard at times for more scoring. She is a impact freshman

Homdel will rely Allison Cannon to do just about everything on the offensive end. She will need to play , scorer, distributor and leader. Mackenzie Teevan will be expected to help with the scoring load and Michelle Steele will need to be the rock solid versatile do it all player. Katityn NG will be a major upgrade in the guard spot and will need to get acquainted with a new teammates quickly. Coach Venturelli will try and mix and match her roster depending on the game and situation. She has been excellent in this area to date. She has been proven to be an excellent game day day coach when it comes to making adjustments. They have just enough talent to rule the bottom half of the Top 10 with a few breaks!

This team has kids who will give there all in the season. But unfortunately, this is an old story at Holmdel. This group did not get in the gym in the off season enough and few, if any play competitive AAU outside Cannon and Teevan. They have mostly two sport kids. The question is can they develop a few kids in season.

LONG BRANCH won 16 games last season. They return Aliyah Vincent and Leilani both who scored combined for close to 400 points. The problem is Kimi Sayson who scored over 300 points transferred to Shore Reg. It was a major hit for a team trying to get to the next level. Shannon Coyle is an excellent coach and has done more with less in the past. She will need to come up with a a few tricks this season.

FREEHOLD BORO and MATAWAN will continue to try and build competitive programs..

This is a one team race. The real question is who is coming in 2nd place and who can make a run at a SCT bid .























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