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“B” NORTH 2022-03 Preview

B NORTH will look nothing like it has in the past as once again the Shore Conference realignment gives this division a new look. There are three Top 10 teams in the division. You also have three of the best coaches in Shore Conference history in the division. Coach Russo, Coach Montano and  Coach Truhan  have won SCT and State titles. This division is stacked with D1 players and some of the best babies in the state of New Jersey. This right now has the  look of the most competitive division in the Shore Conference.

There is no question who the favorite is in B North. RBC is the clear favorite for a number of reason. None bigger than a little thing called “Talent”.  Nobody in this division can match their talent level. They have multiple Division one players at every position. They seniors are season vets who have played in too many big games to count. They own the Freshman of  the Year from the past season in Christina Liggio. Not to mention a Power 5 recruit and 1st Team All Freshman Tessa Carman returning. Their coach is one of the best in  New Jersey Girls basketball history. Joe Montano has done it all,  it’s the reason he is the all time Winningest Coach in Shore History.

Head Coach- Joe Montano (Shore Conference All time Winningest Coach, multiple TOC Rings, multiple SCT Rings, multiple State Titles Rings)

2021-22 Record


Conference – 12-0 in A Central

Projected Division one players (11)


Justine Pissott –(U Tenn)- She was a McDonald All American, 1000 point scorer and All time three point make in RBC history. Replacing Pissott is not realistic.

Ally Carman– (Boston College) She was one of the best post players in the state. She scored 1000 points and was force in the paint.

CHRISTINA LIGGO- Combo- She is a full blown star these days. She was the Shore Conference Freshman of the Year last season. She currently one of the most recruited players in the 2025 class  and has multiple D1  offers on the table. She is RBC’s  leading returning scorer and expected to be their go to player this season. She took RBC and put them on her back last season when Justine Pissott went down with injury. She can score off the dribble or from long range. She is a high percentage shooter with an excellent handle. She is tough as nails and brings true leadership on the court to RBC. She is pitbull on defense and one of the best rebounding guards in the Shore Conference. The future 1000 point scorer has made a reputation of playing her best in the biggest games. Her 15 point and 8 rebounds vs state runner-up Rutgers Prep and 20 points and 8 rebounds vs top 20 Donovan Catholic in the SCT pretty much says it all. She did this all as a freshman last season while surrounded by multiple P5 and D1 players. Christina LIGGIO clearly will have 1st Team All Shore in her view. RBC is not going anyway without Christina LIGGIO.

She is one of the favorites for the A NORTH PLAYER OF THE YEAR.




Emma Carman- 5’11- Jr- SWING– We have been saying for 3 years that she is going to star. well the future Quinnipiac star showed flashes last year. This fall she has showed is ready to deliver the goods. Emma Carman is one of the toughest matchups in the division. She had a productive fall while getting in the best shape of her career. She was dominate at times in the fall league.  She has always been a effective offensive rebounder. But this fall she was finishing at the rim; at a alarming rate. She has displayed a aggressive offensive style this fall. She is RBC’s best returning post defender. With the addition of the RBC’s freshman, she will be asked to run the floor more this season.  Last year she played her role to a “T”. She had multiple double figure scoring games. But now the she is not only more fit, Emma has gotten bigger and stronger from a year ago. She is more confident that ever knocking down 3’s and at times looking and feeling like a rock star…she has a become deadly problem! Her game has expanded and will be on full display this season. She is a gym rat and will be asked to  move to prime time and become one of the best players in the Shore  Conference.

Casey Pior – 5’8″- SR- Wing- She has hit some big shots since her freshman year. She just may be the best returning closer in the shore conference this side of Nina Emnace.  She is a natural bucket getter. She is a confident scorer regardless of what defense is thrown in her direction She’s been getting buckets since her freshman year, when she had multiple double figure scoring games  and “big shots” off the bench. Prior has turned down multiple D1 offers to this point, that’s  because she brings the most important skill set to the table. High percentage shot selection and deep three point range. This summer she put the foot to the pedal and was outstanding. She then followed that up with a outstanding fall. Look for the gym rat who scored over 200 points to increase her scoring output with the  new faster pace RBC is expected to play.  She will hope to continue her offensive ways. Captain Prior has been in some big wars and is one of if not the most battle tested player in the entire division. She is somebody that could help with the ball handling and more importantly play a even bigger role than even in the past, if that’s possible. She will need to pick up the rebounding slack left behind by the seniors from a year ago. He IQ and toughness should allow up to pick up her defensive status as well. No player on this roster will be benefit more from the new up tempo style expected by RBC. She is the most efficient scorer in the division.

Molly Kelly5’9″- Sr- Point Guard-  She is a battle tested player who has been in the wars and has delivered the goods. She has been a highly productive player the past 2 years. She has taken advantage of her minutes perhaps better than any player on this roster. She is highly effective on both sides of the ball and most importantly plays mistake free basketball. She is quick and has lots of bounce to her game. Her rebounding skills are vastly underrated. Something that RBC will need to replace in a big way this season. While she is not known for scoring. She will take open shots and finish at the rim. She just may be the smartest player on the RBC roster. She is expected to play a very important role all year if RBC is going to make a SCT or state  title run for a championship.

TESSA CARMAN-5’11”-  SOPH- SWING–  There is no question she is the most talented player in the division. She is being recruiting by everyone, including Power 5 programs. She is athletic and explosive. She can knock down three’s or get to the rim. She is the best rebounder and shot blocker in the division by a country mile. Tessa was First Team All Freshman a year ago. She has the ability to take over games. She runs the floor and is deadly when she gets a head of steam. She is a special talent and with the addition of the Freshman pushing the ball her numbers may get scary. She has been inconsistent at times. But the additional talent on the RBC roster should serve as motivation. She has a chance to one day be the Player of The Year in the Shore Conference, but for now she will have to settle for being the most dominant  player in B North when she gets going. Expect Tessa Carman to make a run at 1st Team All Shore.

Raquelle MCMULLIN5’9″- Sophomore- Swing–  If  RBC needs a bit of dirty work done. They will have to look no further than right her. She is athletic, active and full of energy. She will nrrd to RBC a full days work and they will need this at times. She will runs the floor and plays defense on forwards and guards. She got real valuable minutes late in the season last year.  She will rebound and keep balls alive on the offensive glass and knock down the mid range jumper. She would start and be a prime time player for every other team in the division. Raquelle McMullin has played high level competitive AAU. She understands what highly competitive basketball looks like. She could be a very important piece that RBC may not be able to live without before the year is over. She has seen a lot of winning over the years. This could be a breakout season for her. Coach Montano I am sure would not be surprised as he knows what he has in McCullin, the only question is how to get her on the floor more

ELLA INACIO- 5’10”- Jr- Wing– Last season Coach Montano created a nice role for Inacio off the bench. She embraced her role as scorer and rebounder in her limited minutes. She is 5’10” with a big strong body. She too could add to the RBC lost rebounding from a year ago. She can step out and shoot the ball or get to the rim. The lefty has battled injuries this fall and summer. She will need to find a role this season again. She is another nice piece that RBC can count on when things get dicey. She was Ranny’s leading scorer as a freshman averaging double figure points. She is another player that would most likely be part of every other teams rotation the division.

OLIVIA VENTRE- 5’8″- Jr- Wing– She has a chance to be a real sleeper for this team. She is quick and an aggressive scorer. She is currently getting D1 recruitment. Her competitive nature could open the door for more playing time . She has a nice motor with a extra gear that most players do not have. She is a natural scorer who can knock down three’s or get to the rim. She has reliable ball handling skills. She is not a household name, but could change at some point. This is a talented player in need of playing time and experience. It may be hard to find at RBC this season. But active players who play hard have value. She also could have left RBC and became a starter for every other team in the division. I say that says a lot about this young ladies desire to be her best version of herself. She is waiting one her chance

This group is made up of all future D1 players. It is the best group of freshman to enter the shore at one team. They are competitive and have all played at the highest level of AAU.

This group is a filled with Alpha females and will fight for playing time and push the upperclassmen for minutes.


Addy “the Bad” Women NYMCHECK-5’11- Combo-  She is simply the total package. She is the best freshman in the state. Her ability to pass, score and rebound is something special. She has multiple D1 offers on the table and is a generational talent.

Katie Liggi0-5’7″- Wing–  Before she is done, she just may be the all time three point shooting leader at RBC.  She has a excellent handle and post up game to go along with her shooting ability. She is being heavily recruited

Tessa LIGGIO-5’6″- Point Guard-  When she is on the floor RBC becomes a different team. Her ability to push the ball and knock down jumpers are special. She is on every coaches wish list

Lola Giordano-5’7″– Combo-  She is a winner and leader. She has a college body and is a pitbull defender. The future D1 guard can play all three guard positions, giving her added value

Daniela MALETSKY- 5’8″– Swing- The future D1 swing player is long for days and has game for days. She is a offensive rebounding machine and excellent passer.  She is Miss Versatile.

Sophie Smith- 6’0″ – forward- She may be the most important freshman of all because of her size and skills. She is already a excellent rebounder and defender. It why D1 schools are drooling.

Synai Blychanton– 5’6″- Combo- If she was anywhere else we’d be screaming about her future. She is athletic, quick, unselfish and talented. She too has a D1 future.

Sophia Colon-5’5″- Wing-  She is tough and plays with a real edge. She is another talented freshman that RBC will lean on in years to come


RBC will be one of the best Coached teams in the State once again. Coach Joe Montano is one of the very best coaches in girls basketball history.  He is not afraid to challenge his kids or teams. His teams are going to play defense and share the ball.  The RBC roster is stacked with shooters and scorers. They have quickness and ball handlers its seems everywhere. Look for RBC to play a up tempo style this season. You will certainly see full court and half court pressure. They will rebound as a team and the scoring just may be spread out. Players may also play multiple positions as this team has tons of flexibility.

There is no way around it, who is playing is the question everyone is asking? This roster is deep and talented. Next what to do with the seniors. While the RBC seniors are not only talented, they have been in the wars and have been  loyal soldiers  to the Green and Gold.  They know the RBC system and have  won a lot of games. But there is no question the RBC babies play at a back breaking pace and clearly are a serious injection of talent. Coach Montano, will need to perform a real balancing act. Seniors want playing time and talented babies demand playing time. Next where is the rebounding and post defense coming from when they get out of Division vs the elite teams? Finally can this team find chemistry and will  all the players all accept their roles. Joe Montano has the toughness coaching job in the shore, high expectations with lots of inexperience. RBC does not have one returning double figure scorer or All Shore player on their current roster.


Dave Callahan–( Former Coach of Year)

2021-22 Record


Conference – 8-3 in A Central

Projected d1 players (1)

RFH may be the most underrated returning crew in the Shore. They also have a coach who has  100% is doubled down on his team.  Coach Dave Callahan says this is the 2nd best team he has coached in his time at RFH. His track record in such matters I would not question . Guess what? Nobody in the entire shore has a  better reputation for molding teams during the season than  Dave Callahan. But he is not playing possum because he believe his team has more to offer than anyone realizes. He returns a group of girls that know his system and  are a year older. He returns one of the best players in the division in Senior  Julia Corsentino, a 1st Team All Freshman starter in  Sylvie Notine  and part time starter and senior Dylan Cahill.  While much of B North is a challenging division, it lacks senior stars and teams that all seem to be asking multiple  former role players to step up into prime time roles. There are few proven stars in the division. In fact only one team has a returning ALL SHORE PLAYER and that’s RFH”s Julia Corsentino.  RUMSON has quietly been moving forward this fall. Gone are the days of full time basketball players. The new model at RFH is multiple sport athletic players. Players who compete and play hard each night. They also have continued a recent trend of getting a top transfer to bolster their roster. This year they added Ranney Transfer Raquel Guidetti. They have a roster of  4 proven players who have all played in big spots. Now throw in a talented freshman in Erin Reid and Rumson Fair Haven has a team that just may surprise everyone once again.


Grace Colucci was one of the best stories in the  Shore last season. She went from part time to prime time. She also had one of the greatest performances in SCT. Replacing her shooting and big game experience will not be easy.
Kaila Scarpa was big and strong and gave RFH a real rebounding and defensive presence last season. The Bulldogs will need to find someone to replace her.
Charley Rosen was a warrior and defensive hound for RFH. She was the heart and soul of last years team. Replacing her will not be a easy task


(Photo: Tom Smith |


She is a scoring machine and has signed a letter of intent at Marist College. She was voted by coaches to 1st Team All Shore.That’s because she scored in double figures in every game last season except one. She scored a mind blowing 494 points despite team game planning and double teaming her all season. She not only can shoot the three, she 77 last season. What everyone forgets is that is gets to the free throw line. She made 97 free throws last season. She plays as hard as any star can be expected to play. she spent the summer playing the point guard position in order to prepare for this upcoming season. She led RFH on one the best runs in recent Shore history at the end of the season, when RFH won 15 out of 16 games. Corsentino also had time to grab 137 rebounds last season with 41 steals. There is no question she is not just a candidate for Player of the Year in B North. She hopes to make All Shore 1st team and the Star Ledger named her as a pre season Player of the Year Candidate. If RFH expects to surprise everyone with a B North title or Group 2 state title… it all starts right here with Julia Corsentino.







Dylan Cahill – 5’6″- SR- COMBO– She will enter her senior having been part of lots of winning. She knows the Rumson Fair Haven system as well as anyone. Dylan will be asked to play a key role and give Coach Brennan’s team a veteran presence. Someone who will compete and understand when big plays are needed. She will not force the issue or make mistakes when things get hot. She is one of the best off the ball defenders on the team, something RFH will certainly need. She will knock down three’s with confidence, she had a “3” in every game last year with the exception of three. She had a whopping 147 rebounds last season. That included 10 or more rebounds against TOP 10 teams in the state.  Stats will not tell the story that’s because she is the ultimate  glue player that will do anything that is asked of her. Last year she was a part time starter. This year is will move to full time starter. She will do all the little things, that won’t appear in your newspaper but her teammates and coaches will know her value this season  This is a seasoned veteran who will want to dance the big dance this year.

RAQUEL GUIDETTI– This could be a real key for the Bulldogs. Guidetti is a bucket and she proved that at Ranney by averaging double figures in scoring. She is also a excellent ball handler. She is also a excellent rebounder. I hope you get the picture. She could be a game changer for RFH this season. If the fall is any indication of what to expect. Guidetti is ready to have a big year for RFH. She was a model of consistency at Ranney. She scored in double figures in every game except 4 including a season high of 27 points.  RFH can just write every night in the box score 8-20 points, a few rebounds, a few dimes, lots of smart play. Guidetti takes a mountain of pressure of Julia CORSENTINO, who now will not see as many double teams.  Raquel will certainly be asked to make and take big shots this season. The skill sets and experience  Guidetti  brings to the table are priceless. She has showed flashes in the past of the ability to take over games and displayed real chemistry with Julia CORSENTION and her teammates. Coach Callahan believes she is one of the best guards in the state and believes  d1 basketball is in her future  …rare stuff and valuable stuff. RFH is  hoping she can take then to a new level. Raquel Guidetti has seen and been in the wars, nothing would feel better than for her to lead RFH to a Group 2 title.

Sylvie Notine- 5’5″- SOPHOMORE- She is different from every player on the roster. That’s because she plays bigger than her size and is a total warrior. She will fight you for the last crumb. She surprised everyone with a outstanding freshman year. She was named 1st Team All Freshman.  She had multiple  double figure scoring games, dropped dimes, ran down loose balls, played sticky defense and established herself as one of the best combo guards in the 2025 class. Notine is a player RFH can lean on this season. She has proved the big lights don’t scare her and has played her best in the biggest of moments. This year she will be expected to play a bigger role. That should not be a problem, because last season she was asked to do it all at times. This season she will be expected to play a major role in any success that happens at Rumson Fair Haven from day one. While she is a two sport athlete, it hasn’t seem to have affected her on the basketball court.  She’s got a boat load of experience last season and should be ready to take the next step in leading RFH to the promise land .

Ella Mason-5’6″- Sophomore- Guard– She has been in the RFH system and that will help her this coming season. She is a two sport athlete who competes. She  had scoring games where she had 6 points or more. Look for her to improve on that. There is no question  Coach Callahan knows he can count Ella this coming season. She will add depth and a player who appears to be growing.

Janey Sypeck-5’8″- Senior- Forward- This senior has been around for the entire Callahan era. She has seen lots of big wins over the years. She is expected this season to give RFH a lift and shot in the arm off the bench. Her size and defense will certainly be needed and counted on.

Abby Boyle- 5’11″- SOPHOMOREForward–  She had some big moments last season as a freshman. She showed she can rebound and block shots. She also showed an ability to score at times. this season  Abby Boyle would not surprise anyone if she took the next step as a player. She runs the floor and is is competitive and not afraid to mix things up. Last season she has a season high 7 rebounds against Top 20 Donovan Catholic. She could be a real surprise this season.

Erin Reid -5’10“- Forward-She has everyone in the RFH area excited. Reid is big and strong. She reminds many of the great Kate Miller physically. She played AAU for the NJ Gemz against top level competition. This summer she played for RFH and did not disappoint. She is expected to step right into the starting lineup. She will give RFH rebounding, scoring, defense and lots of toughness. Many believe she has a chance to be a All Time Great at RFH in time. She is another two sport player that will need time to get her basketball legs. Once she does, she could be the final piece to the RFH season.


Last Year RFH started the Season off unranked in my Poll. They got off to a rocker start, and made me look smart. But once the team found it basketball legs and Coach Callahan made some bold adjustments. They not only were ranked in the Top 20 but made it all the way to the SCT semi- finals before losing to SJV. This year we may see the same recipe. The difference is that RFH may just be more talented than a year ago. Look for them to run their offense though their three guards. There is a real case to be made that outside of SJV this is the best trio of guard in the shore as a group. This will not be a deep team, but newsflash outside of RBC there are no deep teams in this division. RFH has the tools to upset RBC in the division.  They have scoring, quickness and a lot more battle tested players than anyone realizes. They once again will play a schedule from hell in order to get them ready for tournament time. Coach Callahan has never worried about his teams’ record. He has always focused on his team getting better late in the season. Something all his teams do, year in and year out. This season should be no different.

Where is the post defense coming form? Where is the rebounding coming from? Next with some many multiple sport players, how long will it take RFH find their chemistry and basketball legs. They are not a deep team and may have to develop a bench. Something that is not easy when you play the schedule RFH will play early in the season. RFH opens at home vs St. Rose and  that will be a early test. Scoring from the guards are not going to be a problem . But finding scoring in the paint will have to come from their guards driving to the rim.  Finally and this is big, can RFH take care of the ball and qet quality shot selection like they did in the 2nd half of the season last year. Last year they gifted New Providence a Group 2 title semi final win. This year the question is can they even make it back to that game.




2021-22 Record

Coach John Truhan ( Hall of Fame inductee,  TOC Finalist, SCT Rings)

Overall Record–  15-11

Conference- 7-3 (B North Division) Public School Champ

Division one players- (3)




IRIS AZCONA (New Haven University)– Replacing 300 points and division one player with three freshman is not going to be easy. Not to mention the experience and ball handling.



Red Back Reg has a seasoned and talented duo up front in Josie Munson and CAMRYN Gardner. Both are two of the best players in the division and the shore. RBR will have Munson for a entire season. CAMRYN Gardner will make a run at 1st Team All Shore and B North Player of the Year. The highly recruited forward is one of the most improved player in the entire state. Now throw in 1st Team All Freshman Caroline Polloway who had a outstanding fall and you have the best front line in the Shore. But that is where the party ends. That’s because RBR has three freshman, Riley Wheeler, Kristen Connor and  Zoey Gulley who are expected to play major roles. If any of them can play the point guard position, that will give this team a major boost. Coach John Turhan, is one of the best coaches in the state. His teams are always prepared and nobody wants to play him when he has time to prepare. There offense will have back door cuts, hand offs and  set plays that few can match.  There is no doubt Coach Turhan is looking to surprise everyone and win this division. He will take his usually low key approach and try to stay under the radar as long as possible. His team once again did not win a  fall or summer game. Just the way he likes it. He is the one coach in this division with a true track record of  creating mega upsets for his team.





Colts Neck, Middletown North and Middletown South are all teams that are hoping to make the SCT and States. All three on any given night can change the divisional standing with a win over any of the top teams. None appear to to have enough talent to win the division. The real question is can any of the three finish ahead of either RFH or  RBR. Colts Neck has one of the all time great coaches in Nick Russo. He will lean heavily on Jr Savannah Butz. . Middletown South has Justine McGee who teams have been known to grind opponents into the ground. His teams are known for defense and passing. But this year’s crew is very young and inexperienced. His lone senior is Aimee Tanglao. But starting guard Madison Marcotte returns this season after missing all of last year. She started every game as a freshman. Emily McCarthy and Karleigh both hope to add some talent size and quickness to this group.  Megan McGuinness takes over at Middletown South and has a roster with proven scorers and experience. Jrs Erin Mayerhoffer and Cassidy Brown make for a dangerous backcourt who have been in the wars. Both players also are capable of big scoring nights. Both are excellent ball handlers and creators. Amanda Paterno is a seasoned senior who can provide scoring and a little of everything. This team would be prime to be called a spoiler. The problem is Erin Mayerhofer was sick on and off this fall and spent much of the fall preparing for the SATS… Cassidy Brown is out until the end of the month with a Shoulder injury and Amanda Paterno has been out most of the fall. All these teams have a chance to get better before the year is over.


Almost every player on the RBC roster starts for every other  team in the division. There talent can and will cover up many of their mistakes. For these reasons

RBC wins B North this season



































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