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This Shore season will be no different than most. The Shore Conference will be filled with talented teams and coaches. It also will be the home of the most talent in the state of New Jersey. But one of the most talented players in the Shore just may be one of the most unknown. SHAYNE ELDRIDGE OF WALL has lighting up the Shore for 2 years now and it seems nobody wants to acknowledge her exploits.

Nobody should be surprised by SHAYNE ELDRIDGE anymore

The Shore can be a funny place. While it’s the most competitive conference maybe in the country. It’s a place that is known for crowning players. It’s the only place where High Major and P5 players are left out of awards at the end of the season. It’s a place that coaches love to share the wealth when it comes time to honoring players. In fact it can get rather silly at times. SHAYNE ELDRIDGE is not part of that group of kids who get crowned or coaches push to recognize her accomplishments. She is a kid who is getting things done without a sugar daddy or media hype. She just performs in her quiet productive way. It’s why this year she is going to finally get her due and everyone will act surprised…THEY SHOULDN’T!

ELDRIDGE is one of the best Shooters in New Jersey

Last summer SHAYNE ELDRIDGE and her Shoreshots teammates knocked off the mega talented NJ GEMZ u16 EYBL team. She dropped it seemed big shot after big shot all afternoon. Everyone seemed shocked by her performance. This year in the fall Hoop Group league she guessed with Ocean Twp and basically was unguardable in a upset victory over the RBC D1 stacked roster.. Everyone seemed so surprised. Well they really shouldn’t be if they been paying attention. That’s because last season at WALL she scored 344 points as a Sophmore. That must seem impressive. But points can be misleading. You got the kids who score against bad competition, the kids who shoots every time they touch the ball, the kid whose shooting percentage coaches try to hide. SHAYNE ELDRIDGE is none of those things. It’s why she 18 points and 5 steals vs RBR…17, 6 steals and 3 dimes vs Ocean…16 and 5 dimes vs St Rose ..14 and 3 dimes vs Holmdel…13 vs Manasquan. I mean I could go on but why bother? You get the point. In each of those games SHAYNE ELDRIDGE led her team to victory or they lost a hard fought battle. You see SHAYNE ELDRIDGE is doing real stuff. It’s just that she doesn’t have what I like to call the mimons working every angle for her like other kids. She is just going about the business of being one of the best guards in the Shore Conference nobody wants to acknowledge.

This fall at NBS SHYANE ELDRIDGE, showed up. I think college coaches may want to pay real close attention right now. We play 40 mins of one on one each day. The losers have to run. Well I saw a lot of kids on the sidelines with D1 offers or signed at D1 schools lined up to run courtesy of one SHYANE ELDRIDGE. That’s because her shooting range is unlimited. Her handle and quickness are unnerving and she loves a good fight. All things I had to learn about SHYANE this past summer and fall.

I watched SHYANE from a distance. I thought she was one of those kids who preferred to hang around the kids who let others talk a good game for them. But they themselves never really get into the belly of the beast. I thought maybe she was one of those kids, we see to often these days; trying to trick there way into the spotlight with hype from their mimons whispering in the dark. They even hope there trickery can lead to a college maybe taking a bit out of the apple. The hope never to be exposed. SHAYNE ELDRIDGE proved her game is real and she has proved it over and over against the killers. It is why I believe she is on her way to a historic season at Wall.

SHAYNE has helped Wall become one of the Top teams in the Shore

Wall is now relevant in a big way. They are a Top10 team in the Shore and knocking in the Top 20 door. They have a real chance to make some noise during the season. They also have there eyes on a deep run in the Group 2 state tournament. SHAYNE ELDRIDGE has help put Wall on the map. This year please don’t be surprised when she puts herself on the map as well. The truth of the matter is thst it’s long over do👀🏀

SHAYNE ELDRIDGE …Proving it on the court

While there are many who may not want to acknowledge SHAYNE ELDRIDGE, I get the feeling she really doesn’t care. I get the feeling she knows she has proven her worth and talent. I also think she knows the college coaches will be coming…because she gets to the gym and shoots after school, she is totally committed to her craft. She does these things with a spotlight or praise. She just does them with no agenda attached. l guess it’s like I always say….

Performance over potential…game over hype…and SHAYNE ELDRIDGE PROVES IT EVERYTIME SHE WALKS ON THE COURT

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