Today we take at look at the  C SOUTH  DIVISION. This division has a team in Shore Reg that could surprise everyone. It has a Top 10 team in OCEAN and while it may not be loaded with Shore SCT Contenders. This division surprisingly has lots of talented players up and down the division. The division should have competitive games all season.

The favorite in C SOUTH is OCEAN TWP. They return all their key players from a  year ago. Plus they return a freshman who played big minutes last season. This has bolstered their rotation. Coach Michael Lazur is an excellent coach who puts all his players in the right spot to have success. He also has the 4 HorseWomen who are responsible for this teams new found status most likely to see them in the Shore Top 5 and Top 20 state status. This group has had what can only be called a great fall season. They have four of the 5 best players in the Division and more experience that any other team in the division. Ocean Twp could not only make a deep run in the Shore Conference. They could be looking forward to a rematch with Ewing for the state title


OCEAN is the runaway favorite in C SOUTH. They return all their key players from a  year ago. When they won their first Divisional title in 25 years. Plus they return a freshman who played valuable minutes last season and they have bolstered their rotation. Coach Michael Lazur is an excellent coach who puts all his players in the right spots to have success. He also has the 4 HorseWomen who are responsible for this teams new found status, likely as Top 5 in the Shore and Top 20 team in the state to start the season . This group has had what can only be called a great fall season. They have four of the 5 best players in the Division and more experience that any other team in the division. Ocean Twp could not only make a deep run in the Shore Conference. They had RBC on life support in the Semi Finals before Neymcheck bailed out RBC. They know their close. They could be looking forward to a rematch with Ewing for state title

They lost no impact players

Head Coach- MICHAEL LAZUR (Division Chip, Coach of the Year, State Finalists)

2021-22 Record


Conference – 9-1 in C South

Projected Division one players (3)

Gym Rat Count (4)



ELI CLARK right now is the best senor point gin the Shore Conference. Those are very strong words but factual. She has crushed just about every big name guard in outside of the Shore the past two years. It’s why she is on to D1 basketball at Lemoyne University . This is the Gym Rat of Gym Rats. She is also the best leader these eyes has seen in years. She more than any reason is why Ocean Twp is now rolling with the big dogs.  Last season she was impressive all season. She was one of the most consistent players in the Shore Conference. But more importantly at her best in big games or when the chips were down. Her performance in the rematch vs Shore Reg for the Division title was a thing of beauty. Her total and complete game last season was almost as impressive as her leadership from the point guard position. While the numbers are mind blowing 354 points, 112 rebounds with 119 dimes all from the point guard position. They could never tell the full story of the best player in the division . She is a deadly shooter from the three point line and behind screens. No player in the entire state of New Jersey runs pick and roll better….NONE! She is a hawk on defense and will be eyeing a spot on the ALL SHORE FIRST TEAM.  When you talk about Eli Clark, start with two words. Competitive Nature, because she is a player who leaves it all on the court each night. She gives her teammates a full out effort each night. Ocean will make a serious run in the SCT and in the States. She is the leader of the FOUR HORSEWOMAN

JINEEN AYYASH- 5’9″- SR- SWING– She is one of the best players in the Shore Conference. She backs this up with one big performance after another either in the fall, summer or spring. She was at times this fall was un-guardable, She is murder on the offensive glass, can post up and shoot the three. She is a Gym Rat and constantly is moving without the ball. Nobody in the Shore plays better without the ball. The new 5 foul is going to have her living at the foul line. She has an excellent handle and real court vision. Jineen has improved each year in high school. The future D1 players has fully recovered from her ACL injury and the state of NJ is feeling her wrath. She is expected to be the teams leading scorer this season. She will increase her scoring totals if the fall is an indication of what is next. Her ability to connect with her teammates is special and more importantly she has proven she can guard multiple positions. She will be looking for a big season this year. The FOUR HORSEWOMAN ARE NOT RIDING WITHOUT HER.

GAMILA BETTON –5’11”- SR- FORWARD– She is another member of the FOUR HORSEWOMAN. She is by far the best forward in the division. In fact there is nobody in the division with a matchup equal to her. She is as athletic and big and strong as they come. She is also is lighting quick and a fast leaper to the ball. She had some big moments last year. She also spent the summer playing high level AAU. She had a number of double/doubles last year including 259 points and 180 rebounds. She is a nightmare matchup for every team in the Division. She will attend Adelphi U next fall on a full scholarship.

Kayden Clark– JUNIOR- Guard– You do not want to run into her in a dark alley. This is one tough hard nosed cookie. She was 1st Team All Freshman as a freshman But that is old news because this Gym Rat has taken her game to an entirely different level. She is not only a good three point shooter these days. She the best shooter in the Shore Conference. Her shot fakes and pull up jumpers are deadly. Now thrown in one of the best rebounding guards in the Shore and you have a D1 player coaches dream about. She is a lockdown defender and the rare guard that blocks shots. She will be in the hunt for First Team All Defensive Team. Her handle allows her to get to the rim and create for teammates or score. She crushed guards all fall with her competitive nature and toughness. When you talk about the best players in the 2025 these days. She must be in the conversation. She played the highest level of AAU competition and is fearless. This young lady does it all and completes the FOUR HORSEWOMAN

SOFIA CHEBOOKIJAN- 5’9″- SR- Forward– She has been a a very important piece to the Ocean Twp team. In fact without her, Ocean would be in big trouble. But lucky for them, she is around. She is smart and plays her role to a “T”. While she may be under appreciated by those who outside the program. The Ocean faithful know what they got. A very smart player who makes open shots. Always boxes her man out and does all the little things. Like hustle, make the extra pass and play smart. Last season she had 165 points and 136 rebounds and played lights out defense. Not bad for a so called role player. Her teammates trust her and her coach believes in her. This is a very important player if Ocean hopes to take that big step this season to a SCT AND STATE CHIP. The relibable, consistence forward will continue her ways at WILLIAM PATERSON UNIVERSITY

Emily Peters- 5’6- Jr- Guard-  Another player who understands her role. She has gained serious experience and has played lots of minutes. She could play a very important role off the bench this season. She now has the complete trust of her coaches and teammates. She is now a proven battle tested player. She is defensive minded who is excellent in there presses

Caroline Bariscllio 5’7”- SOPHOMORE – WING-.The wide eye freshman from a year ago is gone. She has bow been in the wars. Caroline hit some massive shots for Ocean last season. This season she clearly will be ready and filled with confident. She can knock down three’s, handle the ball and is very smart. If she can deliver extended solid minutes this season. It is a major upgrade for Ocean and gives them a major boost off the bench

The Four Horsewoman are riding high again. Except now they have real help. This team has a legit 7 players to call upon. There coach is one of the best offensive minds in the Shore Conference. Coach Lazuz has made this team one one of the most dangerous teams to all in the Shore. Their team work and total commitment to winning is all that matters to to this group. This is a confident group of gym rats. But what people are missing is this, THEY ARE INSANELY WELL COACHED.  This team plays the game the right way always. They move the ball, with players cutting and finding open spots. This is one of the most unselfish groups in the state. They run pick and roll to perfection and take care of the ball. They will change defenses to keep teams off balance and kill you with dynamic offensive sets and out of bounds plays. Nobody in NJ runs their offense more effectively. The ball screens and movement have a real next level feel. This team is going to win a lot of games because they will make few mistakes and shoot a high percentage.  I would not be shocked if they are in the SCT AND STATE FINAL

They can no longer sneak up on teams. Next they have a solid 7? But what happens if Eli Clark is out for any reason? What does the schedule look like? Last years season ending schedule was embarrassing at the end as they were the walking dead. Well we are about to find out. Finally Ocean accomplished just about every gold they set last year.. What are the goals this year? They have an elite coach and elite players.

Shore Reg goals this season are a C SOUTH Division crown. Then get to Middletown South for the Shore Conference Tournament Elite 8. They then will have their eyes on a Sectional for the third time in a row. Except now they want to take things one step further in the group finals at Rutgers. These are big goals but that is the new standard at Shore Reg, now that Coach Wisher has arrived. This group is hungry and this summer and fall they seem to live in the gym as group. This group tested themselves in the fall against top competition. While many believe they are going to take a step back, nobody inside the program believes that and they are not handing C South to anyone without a fight… they beat Ocean last year and believes they can do it again.

William Wishart: (Divisional Chip, TOC, Coach of the Year)

Overall Record: 24-7

Conference: 8-2 in Shore – C South 

Projected D1 players(0)

Gym Rat Count (1)


Reese Fiore – Jr – Guard – she is the teams returning leading scorer from last years team.  She showed at times she can handle a huge workload on offense, while also being a solid on ball defender. Has worked to improve her guard skills over the summer. FIORE was once nothing more than another unknown side kick to Rylee Drahos. But those days are over as she has not only had explosive games at times but has proven she can carry Shore Reg on her back if need be. She has games with over 25 points. She scored a whopping 420 points last season and had 81 steals. She clearly has not received her due yet. But now the spotlight is on her and she is ready for her big moment. She has played in big games on big stages. There is no question Shore reg is in good hands. FIORE is clearly ready to make a run at All Shore!

RYLEE DRAHOS was the best player in the schools history. She currently players for Rochester University. Replacing heart is not realistic.

Ava Coyle – So – Guard – She was an under the radar shooter off the bench last year. She now will be counted on to bring more scoring nightly and more consistently. She has deep range and no reserve in getting shots up. She is a very confident player who has.played meaningful minutes on big stages. She is also Shore’s primary on ball defender. 

Conley Smolokoff – Sr – Guard -The D1 lax player has become a very important piece for Shore over the past few years. She is a very reliable swiss army knife. The senior has posted double/ doubles on multiple occasions. Last season she quietly had 257 points and 154 rebounds to go along with 86 steals. Her competitive nature is elite

Antoinette Russo – Sr Guard -Although she doesn’t fill up the stat sheet, she does a lot of the things that only coaches realize.  She does dirty work player that winning teams need in order to go next level. Scrappy, tough and unselfish is the words most used to describe the warrior

Kimi Sayson – Jr Guard *Transferred from Long Branch* This is a major game changer for Shore. She going to come in and fill the void at Point Guard left by Drahos.  She is as dedicated to her craft as anyone in the Shore conference according to her new coach. She is an excellent ball handler who can score or find teammates. She brings energy and a competitive nature . While replacing Drahos is impossible. This as good as it gets when you’re trying. She is a major unexpected talent upgrade added to Shore’s returning roster

Angela Christopher – Jr Guard -no question she will be a nice impact player off the bench, and could probably defend most teams best guard on any night. 

Grace Ascolese – Fr – Guard – Another under the radar kid in the Shore Conference. She is a deep ball threat.  She will be eased into her role over the season. 

Shore is are going to be tough to match up against as they will be start five guards who can shoot beyond the three point line at any point in the game.  Again they are going to look to push the pace throughout the season and wear out other teams with their conditioning.  There’s motto this off season has been “the legs feed the wolves”. Shore Reg will be starting 4 guards who all had over 30 long balls last year (Sayson- 36, Fiore – 51, Coyle- 31, Smolokoff -31).  They will force teams to have to make a decision on whether to protect the 3 pt line or help against there’s guards driving. Defensively they play a variety of different defenses to keep teams off balances. 

Size is going to be a big question mark, especially on the glass. Shore lacks a true post threat, which is gonna hurt them especially with the new 5 foul rule. Replacing Drahos will be done by committee. But her leadership in big spots played a big role in many big moments. 

Can they remain healthy enough to continue to their dynamic rise and build on the momentum from the previous 2 seasons (Back to back group 1final appearances)?

Donovan Catholic Coach Glenn Jansen, Returns Sophomore Point Guard Anais Friedman. Friedman started in all 25 games for the Griffins last year and is back to run the offense. Sophomore SG Angela Forese whose freshmen campaign was cut short by season ending injury is a threat from deep anytime she catches the ball. She will be a welcome for sore eyes. Other key returners Jr. Guard Hannah Kelly, Jr. F Lily Kraljic, So. Guard Madison Koehler, So. F Angie Gibbons will play prominent roles for the Griffins fast style of play. Lone Senior Guard Amanda Brown will be the glue that holds this team together.
But it’s the newcomers who will add speed, length and athleticism to the team this year. Freshmen Guards Izzy Cino, Sarah Franks and Audrey Ernst are some of the Griffins most exciting players. Losing Gabbie Ross was big but this team may have the pieces to ruin one of the favorites championship ambitions.

Can they be competitive night in and night out with so many players being asked to step into prime time roles? Glenn Jansen is a master at getting the most out of teams, can he do it once again without one big time proven scorer? Who is stepping up?


This is a one team race. Ocean just has way too much of everything. Talent, the best players, a exciting creative coach, experience, and the hunger. There will no slip ups this year in the division

















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