COASTAL “B” IS ONE OF THE BEST DIVISIONS IN THE SHORE CONFERENCE.  The division mostly likely has 3 Shore Top 10 teams and one teams in the State Top 20 poll. This division is stacked with Division one players. This Division also has coaches who have one a State Titles, SCT Titles and TOC titles. This conference is a beast and each game will matter right up to the last day of regular season


This will not  be Lisa Kukoda’s first time at the rodeo. Manasquan is one of two schools in the shore conference with two players of the year candidates(RBC). Once again Manasquan again has talent spread out on their roster at different positions. This is a battle tested team with seniors and experienced role players. They anre truly a battle tested group. They have a number of returning underclassmen from a year ago, they expect to step up and play bigger roles..  Lisa Kuoda is one of the most successful  coaches in New Jersey History. She also in her time has coached some of the best players in New Jersey history. But somehow she each year she has convinced them all to check their ego’s at the door. It’s been the secret to her success, she has perfected the art of coaching talent. This fall Manasquan were up and down. They do not have a team of gym rats but they do have hard workers. They return most of there their key players from a  year ago. They are the favorites to start the season in Coastal B.

They lost starting guard. Rylyn Orlando


2022-23 Record


Conference – 9-1 in C North

Projected D1 players (5)

Gym Rat Count- (2)


Katie Collins– 6’1″– JR- SWING–  If championships are won in the off season. Then Manasquan is in good hands. That’s because Katie Collins could very well be the Player of the Year in the Shore Conference.The UPENN signee has simply exploded since the summer . Her game has reached heights at times that has been shocking. In the games she played in the Hoop Group fall league, nobody was in her world. She has a complete game. She scores from all three levels in elite fashion. She is the best post defender in the conference and a dynamic passer. She has gotten better every year since the day she entered high school. She has improved her stats each year as well. Now the Manasquan staff and players are willingly running there offense though Katie Collins… there smart! Because she is true playmaker. In other words she is as versatile player as there is in the state of New Jersey. That might be the reason she is one of the most difficult matchups in the entire state. Her length and size make her one of the biggest matchup problems on both sides of the ball in the Shore. She maybe the most unselfish star in the Shore. KATIE COLLINS is ego free and unconcerned with stats.

Hope Masonious 5’9”- Sr- SWING– she has lived up to all expectations. The junior committed to BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY. She is a PLAYER OF YEAR candidate . Her ability to take over games is a gift. She is one of the most effective players from the perimeter off the bounce or below the foul line. She is a deadly and elite passer. Her her ability to slide to the point allows her to take advantage of her size and strength. Her skill level is off the charts, as she is a three level elite scorer. She has a deadly jumper from deep or mid range. No guard can perform the magic she does below the foul line late in games. No player in the Shore may benefit from the new 5 foul rule more than she. Never fancy or showboating, Hope kills you with the basics and with one of the best IQ’s in the state. She is a game changer the moment she steps on the floor. She is one of the best closers in the state.

McKenna KarlsonJr- Swing– She has signed at D1 UNH. McKenna finally got extended minutes last year and proved why she is one of the best two way players in the Shore. She was named 1st Team All Defensive Team.. She has showed a reliable jumper and was a problem stopping from getting to the rim for all opponents.She has developed all phases of her game and brings a full bag every night to reach into. She is a three level scorer and  will do all the dirty work for Manasquan . Her college ready body will bang the offensive boards, she will get out and fill lanes in transition, defend all 5 positions and make hustle plays. She is unselfish and a true teammate. She will have her eyes on All Shore.

Olivia Shaughnessy – 5’6″- Sophomore- Point Guard- The biggest problem for Manasquan in recent years has been the point guard position. Those issues should be a thing of the past. That’s because Olivia Shaughnessy has arrived in a big way. Last year she got extended minutes and gained real experience. This summer she sky rocketed into one of the best 2025 point guards in the state. She is lighting quick, fast as a cat and tough as nails. She is an elite on ball defender. She is a loose ball magician. But what’s really new is the deadly three point shooting with range. If bad decision making in transition and getting the ball to the right spot at the right time in big games has been a problem for Manasquan , consider it a thing of the past. This year the future D1 bound Olivia will have the ball in her hands and college coaches will be drooling and fans amazed. She has played against the best of the best and has never taken a back seat. Her ball handling skills and toughness is one of the reasons Manasquan hopes to take the next step

CARLIE LAPINSKI- 5’11”- SR- FORWARD– She is the big mystery on this roster following the fall. That’s because the Jefferson University bound senior could be the missing piece for Manasquan. Carlie brings a defensive presence in the lane. Rebounds in traffic and is an excellent passer. She has showed an ability to knock down jumpers and fill lanns in transition. If she is prepared and gets locked in this season, Manasquan looks like a true contender. She will have a full season after having to sit 30 days last year due to the transfer rule. A full season and effort out Carlie Lapinski is bad news for SHORE opponents. She will battle for the 5th starring position. Manasquan has there fingers crossed that Lapinski will turn it up now that the season has started.

Shannon Heine -5’8″- Sophomore- Guard- She is a classic case of a gym rat and emerging player waiting for an opportunity. Heine plays a mistake free game and is versatile in that she can play all three guard positions. She is unselfish hence the excellent shot selection. She is the teams best post passer and a mega underrated defender. She has an excellent game below the foul line that will increase her scoring this year. Her ball handling skills while not dynamic is insanely effective and reliable. This season she may find herself in the mix of things. She is much improved because of her gym rat status. Shannon hopes to play a major role in the Manasquan’s SCT and State title hopes .

Shea Donnelley- 5’8″ Sophomore- Guard- She saw limited but meaningful minutes last season. That should will no question change this season, she was outstanding this fall. A excellent shooter with a high level IQ. She played competitive, high level AAU last summer. She could make a serious impact at Manasquan this season. That’s because she can score, defend and rebound. This is one of the most underrated players in the Shore period. I believe she is also a D1 player once she gets the extended minutes. She will play hard and always bring energy. She has a strong athletic body and true competitive nature. Do not be surprised if she has a breakout season and battles for a starting spot

AVA FIRTH6’0″- SOPHOMORE- FORWARD– This is an emerging player and could very well play a major role for Manasquan this season. She has gotten bigger, stronger and more confident . This highly skilled future D1 player has an athletic body and length. Her ability to play inside of out at her size makes her a weapon. She has a big IQ. She has an excellent attitude and a real work ethic. She has shown the ability to defend inside or out. Two things MANASQUAN will hope to take full advantage of this year. Do not be surprised if she has a breakout season. She brings real chemistry to Manasquan and may break into rotation if others slip up.

JORDYN HOLLAWELL5’5″- SOPHOMORE – COMBO- She is as athletic as they come. Her older sister iBrooke attends Dartmouth University. She is both quick and strong. She has the potential to be an elite defender. She is an excellent ball handler and reliable shooter. She saw important minutes last season off the bench. She is not just talented but has a big time competitive nature. Like her sister before her, she has a talent for making big shots. Her role will expand this season and expect big things from Jordyn.

LOGAN McCARTHY– 5’5″- Combo- Another talented and highly skilled player. She is a hard worker and has a competitive nature. She has top notch ball handling and shooting skills. She is highly coachable and more importantly has a big learning curve. She is a excellent shooter and has wonderful vision. She is bleeds Manasquan though and though. She is BRINGS ENERGY and more importantly is an ELITE TEAMMATE. This is not just a program player but one with a real upside and big future.

SHANNON LOONEY- 5’7” – SOPHOMORE- WING– She transferred from St. Rose. She showed flashes last season in limited minutes. She has bounced around a bit but has now seem to have found a nice home. She had nice moments with her new AAU Central Jersey Hawks team this summer. Then she had a productive fall with her new Manasquan teammates. The stability may be just what the doctor ordered. She is an emerging talent and could be a big sleeper on this roster. She is quick and moves well without the ball. She has shown, she is more than a capable three point shooter. She is a nice piece for the Manasquan future as she learns the system and continues to grow as a player. This could be a very valuable player in time for Manasquan

Grace Love- 5’8″- Sophomore– Swing- She will hope to give Manasquan a lift off the bench when called upon. A true program kid that is well liked by all.

This team has a chance to win the SCT. This is a team that has hungry seniors with talented role players.  This team once again has lots of flexibility and talent. Lisa Kukuda will make sure they share the basketball and everyone plays a role. This team has lots of scorers and hungry players looking for extended playing time . They are highly skilled with a very high IQ as a group and have something you can’t teach….PRIDE!

MANASQUAN  has hard workers but not gym rats. Why is that important? There young talented players will needed to have grown this fall. If they had any hopes of getting over the top. They have two Player of the Year Candidates in the Shore. But who will the offense go though  this season? Next, this fall you can’t hide from it, Manasquan’s chemistry was not what they wanted at times, it was something that surface last season. Next this team lacks outside shooting. Mary Donnelly and Katie Collins were there only consistence shooters this fall. Finally now that they point guard issues are a thing of the past, who is the 5th starter

St. Rose has new everything coning into this season. They will have a new Coach in Chrissy Hatfield, who has seen Rose win just about everything in her time at the school. St. Rose will have 5 new players playing major meaningful minutes. They will have to overcome major season ending injuries from expected starters. The good news is that this group is hungry and clearly are confident. Nobody has dropped expectations and everyone believes cinderella goes by the name of St. Rose!


2022-2 Record


Conference –9-1 in C North

Projected Division one players (4)

Gym Rat Count (3)


JADA LYNCH -5’10”-SOPHOMORE-WING – She will be the face of St. Rose this season. Last year she was named to the Hoop Group All Freshman First Team. She was named by the Give and Go Podcast FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR. Lynch is explosive and at times last year dominated opponents. She has a college ready body and is highly skilled. She has turned herself into a deadly shooter. She also is an improving defender. This season the talented guard will be expected to do it all for a St. Rosé inexperienced team. She will need to score, rebound and defend post players. Basically she will be asked to put this team in her back at times. Something she has wanted to do since entering the school. A year older and hopefully more mature Jada Lynch could move into superstar status before too long. She has multiple P5 offers and a team counting on her in a big way. She was St. Rose’s leading scorer as a freshman a year ago.

Maggie Cavanaugh- A starter last season currently playing at D1 UNH

Rosie Socgnamiglio- A starter last year and currently playing at D1 Bucknell

Julie Whesper- A starter last year currently playing for D2 Georgian Court

Lizzie Mitchell- A projected starter l out for season. ACL

Gianna Rodriguez- projected starter out for season ACL

Emily Cavanaugh -part time starter transfer to RANNEY

Shannon Looney-JV/Varsity player transfer to Manasquan

TANAIYAH DECKER- 5’6″-JR COMBO – She gets to play a full season and make no mistake if the fall was any indication, watch out. . She gives St. Rose a legit creative scorer at all three guard positions. She is a dynamic passer and rim finisher. She is has become a true knock down shooter. She is un-guardable in the open floor.. She will gives Manasquan a true matchup issue when both teams meet. She played and dominated in big games last year at times. There is not a player in the Shore Conference that she is not known too, that biggest she is unselfish and insanely talented.  Miss Decker is the one player in the shore that can change the balance of the entire Conference.

CASSIDY KRUESI- 5’7” – SOPHOMORE- COMBO– she committed to D2 mega powerhouse U of Tampa. She has willed herself into the All Shore conversation. She was named 1st Team All Defense last season. But has stepped up her offensive game more than any player on the St. Rose roster. Expect some big scoring night this season. She has the ability to play all three guards positions on both sides of the ball. She also can defend post players. She is a deadly shooter who can get to the rim and finish. She is a coaches dream because she will do all the dirty work and not need a pat on the back. She can be a glue player or take over games as she did this fall. She is battle tested and has had big games against some of the best teams in the state on big stages. The drama free guard has started every game since her freshman year.

CAROLINE CONFORTI- 5’10” – JR- FORWARD- She is a hard nose player that has shown flashes in the past. That may not be good enough this year if St. Rose hopes to do big things. She will play major minutes this season. She was in the starting lineup before injuries shorted her freshman season. Last year she got extended minutes at times. That should pay handsomely this season. She has struggled with injuries in the past but been healthy much of the fall. Her new found responsibilities. should make her more effective. She is battle tested from a busy fall. She can defend in the post and is an athlete rebounder who is willing to give up her body. She will be a very important player to St. Rose if they have any chance of upsetting Manasquan in the Division chase

BROOKE MIRSSY- 5’10”- SOPHOMORE- SWING– She has picked up D1 offers. Last season she got few meaningful minutes. This year she will move into a starting role. She played all summer with the 2026 Shoreshots vs Elite competition. It’s why this fall her pace of play was exceptional. Her passing and shooting was very impressive all fall. She appears locked in for the season. She is a real teammate and unselfish player who Never takes a bad shot. She may have the best IQ on the team. She has a college type body and can guard wings and forwards making her very valuable on the defensive end. Brooke Missry may have a big season and St. Rose will reap the benefits.

BELLA ALVARADO – 5’4”- SOPHOMORE- POINT GUARD –.  She proved to be the sleeper freshman in this class last year. Once given a chance, she proved she can play against high level competition. She had an outstanding summer. She without question will need to set the tone for this team. Her toughness and competitive nature should infect the entire team. She has a winning personality and game. She is a pitbull on defense and creates for teammates. She is quick, smart, and does all the intangibles that never show up in the box score. She will play a very important role for St Rose on and off the court… she will need to set the tone!

CALLIE DECKER5’7”- FRESHMAN – GUARD- There is no question she will be asked to play a major role this season. The freshman will be asked to not make mistakes and give the starters a rest. She is an excellent ball handler and passer. She will knock down open shots. She is the ultimate gym rat and one of the hardest workers on the roster despite being just a freshman, good vibes for the future. She will make a run at the All Freshman Team.

MAGGIE KERR6’0”- JR- FORWARD– She is a multi sport athlete. She got real mins at best of Maryland and will be need each night off the bench to deliver

This is a team that has suffered Major injuries, transfers and graduation. Now throw in a new coach to boot. But that new coach is clearly organized. Her team had team workouts every Sunday. Played in the fall league and she made the gym accessible to her entire roster. She is off to a seasonal start. It’s clear this team is not looking for excuses and the coaching staff 100% believes they can win the division and play with anyone.

Where is the leadership coming from? Defense in the post has to be a major concern. This team has no proven leaders and the roster has inexperienced players except for 3 starters. Next where is the scoring after Jada Lynch and T Decker? The bench is thin as in razor thin. Next everyone will have to play out of position. Will they accept that or not. Finally can new Coach Hatfield impose. her will and philosophy on this group of inexperienced players and often demanding group of parents?.

Coach KATELYN LINNEY has been trying to get Ranney over the top the last 4 years. But now she may have found the right pieces to the puzzle. Coach Linney now has a drama free group who are hungry and tight. They played all fall together. You could not notice the chemistry and smiles. This is a dangerous team to both Manasquan and St. Rose. They have the best freshman in the Shore in future superstar Ashley Kreiger. The 6’2” forward is athletic, mobile and confident. She can score on the box with a variety post moves. She runs the floor like a deer and rebounds in traffic. She is a legit problem for all. But she is not alone. The insanely underrated and under appreciated Morgan Kottka is 6’0” who can stretch defenses with her three-point, shooting and has excellent passing ability. Morgan is physical and will rebound and defend. She is also battle tested and knows that she can impact games. Her coach and teammates believe in her. She herself is dripping in confidence these days. The Ranney backcourt has Hayley Poser a future D1 player. She is a flat out bucket. She had a All Shore fall. She has the ability to score from anywhere on the floor. . She is a low volume shooter and big point getter. She is battle tested and has done it against the best of the best. She is one of the best in the 2025 class. The IQ, ball handling and flexibility makes her worth her weight in gold. Her backcourt mate will be Emily Cavanaugh who once was considered one of the best in the 2025 class. If she is able to reboot her career. Ranney will pick up size , rebounding, passing, toughness and a battle tested possible future D1 player . Lola MacRae, has gained valuable minutes and experience the past two years. She will not fold under pressure. She is an excellent defender and sneaky scorer. She has had a number of double figure scoring games. Claire Donerty has size at 6’0” and could be a starter. Freshman Peyton Atnes is a nice addition to the roster. She will provide quickness, ball handling and depth off the bench. This team is going to win a lot of games. I also believe this team is going to knock off a big fish this season at some point. But they may be a year away from contending. In fact they just may be the favorites next year. They have the right kids and the right coach.

Can they get over the top vs the elite teams. Who is going to be the 5th starter and can they develop a bench? If they can answer all these questions, they may be the surprise team of the year.

WALL last year was expected to contend as a Top 10 team in the Shore last season. But then the wheels fell off. This year they return three talented players and the backbone of what was expected to be a dangerous team a year ago. Shayne Eldridge is a scoring machine who has committed to Caldwell University. She gives Wall a punchers chance each night. The gym rat will blow by the 1000 point mark this season. EMILY TVRDIK had an outstanding year last year. She did a little of everything. She was a dynamic scorer, rebounder and passer. She had over 360 points last season and will go over the 1000 points mark this season. She was injured this summer and a full recovery will be big for Wall’s hopes this season. MARISA AMITIE Is the best keep D1 secret in the state. She is quick and athletic. She will make a serious run at 1st Team All defense. She is an excellent rebounder and much improved scorer. She has improved just about every skill set. Her focus and commitment is deadly to say the least. She is one of the most improved players in the Shore. These three players make Wall extremely dangerous. In fact these three may surprise everyone and help fulfill the promise so many expected from WALL last season.

The question is will they make up for last years disappointing season? That can only happen if there big three gets some support from their role players

Point Boro is the best team in Ocean. They also have been a group that have worked hard all summer and fall. It almost feels unfair they are in this division. They simply do not have enough to compete with the best teams. Neptune has a D1 player in Christa Ramos but that’s hardly enough to compete in one of the Shore’s best Divisions . They will be waiting on their monster talented 8th grade class to arrive next year.

This is not as easy pick as you may think. Manasquan is a up and down group. St Rose is a very hungry group in terms of commitment. They say hard work beats talent. But how much hard work does it take to beat overwhelming talent? The wild card is RANNEY. They can’t win it but make no mistake they are more than capable of playing the spoiler role especially since the top teams only play once.. Any slip up can determine the Division winner. Wall would relish the chance to upset the apple cart. But I say when you have three D1 seniors trying to accomplish so much and the two best players in the division… it can only mean one thing ⬇️⬇️














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