There are kids every year that when a new season starts, we may play little attention to along the way. We form an opinion and that kid too often has to live with that label. They have to wear that label like a crown and live with the perception created by others. It’s part of the deal when you are an emerging player. Nothing is easy and everything is a challenge. You certainly don’t get the benefit of doubt. You can only hope that your work, dedication, determination and development is not thrown into the grave yard of hopes and dreams. SHANNON HEINE is walking that road right now.

SHANNON HIENE, is no stranger to the politics and the grind of high school basketball. She watched her older sister get dismissed and often times overlooked. But her big sister in her time was given an opportunity to shine while at Manasquan. She started for 4 years and now is at UPENN. That luxury has not been given to Shannon Heine. She has had a label stamped on her head from day one. They said she was too slow, not big enough and didn’t shoot it well enough. They have given her every label known to a kid. They have put more road blocks up, it almost too embarrassing at times to think about. Well Shannon Heine has made lairs of a lot of folks. She has developed her game and now she hopes for one thing, an opportunity. She now hopes that her coaches, teammates and college coaches can see her for what she is … a player on a mission.

I have seen a lot of players evolve over the years. But few like Shannon Heine, her ability to see the big picture is special. She has this talent for overcoming other people shortcomings. She has never once made an excuse regarding any flaw in her game. She has felt the sting of being disrespected and coached hard without compassion by yours truly. She has sat on the bench at Manasquan for 2 years and absorbed, everything; Yet continued to grind like no other. She has fully prepared for this moment, her moment this season. She has prepared, not with words and phony hype but with total commitment toward her goals. She doesn’t think she is a D1 player, she knows she is one. That’s because all she has ever played against is D1 players at every level her entire life.

This summer Shannon Heine was matched up with a senior committed to a D1 school. The matchup was intense and completely out of control at times. There were tears, elbows thrown and hard over the top fouls by both players. When the game was over a stunned NBS crowd stood silent. Then Shannon turned to her D1 opponent and said “GO RUN”. I had never seen that side of Shannon Heine but I believe the truth of the matter was Shannon Heine was tired of people doubting her and trying to box her into a corner. She not only thinks she is as good as anyone she knows it and proved it all summer and fall. Now see is waiting for others to see the light.

Shannon Heine is an excellent defender and let me tell you and D1 coaches a little dirty secret. She is the most complete defensive guard on Manasquan. How do I know this? I watch tape, she talks, gets over screens, gets deflections, and is a next level off ball defender who never ever misses a box out assignment. Those are big words considering Manasquan has a First Team All Defensive player in McKenna Karlson who signed with D1 UNH. The difference is that Shannon Heine has not had her chance to show her skill set in this area. She also is an excellent  passer not always for assists. But for ball movement. You see Shannon’s IQ is next level but you would never know it. Just like her reliable shooting. YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN SHANNON HEINE TAKE A BAD SHOT!

Shannon Heine now will roll into her junior season. She is filled with confidence and knows her game is ready. She has no concerns with her game. What she is concerned about is the doubters and those who cannot see her for what she has become. She has soared passed many who once were thought to be better than her and who had more hype or a sugar daddy to push to narrative for them. Shannon Heine has had to do it the old fashion way. The way Lola Mullaney and her sister had to do it. By turning non believers into believers. Shannon Heine is like Broadway understudy…. she doesn’t look the part she just plays it better than the big names, it just takes time for the directors and audience to catch on. Well Shannon Heine need not worry their because she is about to create her masterpiece…..TRUST ME FOLKS!


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