Happy Thanksgiving to the Shore basketball community, there is nothing like family. That’s what I think about when I think about the Shore “ONE BIG FAMILY!  The Shore basketball community is blessed to have some wonderful people that make us special. We fight with each other and try to beat each other on the court. But we respect and understand that we are part of special community that others can only dream of being part of…

Where would we be if we didn’t have Mid-Monmouth? We are so lucky to have people like John Mayo and parents who give their time to kids learning the game of basketball. No youth basketball ANYWHERE  can compare to the energy and passion that this organization puts into helping kids prepare for high school basketball.

Where would the Shore be without the great coaches who have developed so many great players and have made the Shore the best girl’s conference in America? The coaches in the Shore are so passionate about their teams and players. We all should stop and smell the roses because we have future Hall of Fame coaches as George Sourlis and Joe Montano. We have young superstar coaches like Lisa Kukoda and Dawn Karpell. We have superstar coaches like John Truhan and Tom Brennan, who prove anything is possible, regardless of your talent. We have newcomers to the Shore like Joe Whelan and Coach Bruno of Mon Don who love the game and their kids…we have a lot to be Thankful, BECAUSE NOBODY HAS COACHES LIKE THE SHORE!

We should be Thankful for the Shore Parents, because no parents have the pressure of Shore parents. Their kids are in the most competitive area in the country and the parents of this kids know playing in the shore is not a cake walk. But yet the parents take on this big challenge and live though the good times and the bad times. There is nothing like being a parent in the Shore and we all should be Thankful we have such strong parents representing our kids. You can never really understand pressure in athletics as a parents until you been a shore parent! 

The Fans in the Shore are like no other, they are opinionated and loud about their teams. They pack the gyms and fill up social media, some good and some bad. But the one thing is very clear…Shore fans care and that’s why we should be so thankful they exist!

We all should be Thankful for the Trainers and Doctors that keep our Shore kids fit and healthy. How many kids has Dr. Foos helped to get back on the floor? He is heaven sent because I just don’t believe any area in the country has anyone like Dr. Foos

We all should be Thankful for the one and only Gregg Lerner, he is a walking legion and historian. His support and positive energy cannot be matched by anyone. His passion and love for kids can be seen in every word he writes. While some newspapers and other media outlets have moved on or made cut backs in its media coverage of high school sports…GREG LERNER REMAINS LOYAL TO ALL KIDS PLAYING HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS!

We all should be Thankful for bloggers like David Prown, who sees more games than anyone that doesn’t have a child playing for a team. He gives us stories and thoughts that are simply fun and brings the Shore community a little closer with each blog….

Finally we all should be Thankful for the players in the Shore, because without them we wouldn’t be known as the best conference in AMERICAN….ENJOY THE TURKEY AND REMEMBER THE SHORE IS A SPECIAL PLACE and lets never take it for GRANTED….





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