This years Golden Dozen is one of the deepest groups in recent years. This group of players represent the players who will have the biggest impacts on their high schools next year. They also represent many of the kids who will go on to make ALL SHORE AND PLAY DIVISION BASKETBALL. But remember we always miss a few EVERY YEAR. This year Camryn Gardner and Siobhan Stapleton were both FIRST TEAM ALL FRESHMAN. But were not part of last years Golden Dozen. Neither was Chloe Teter 4 years ago.

To be honest the 2024 list could have gone on for days. Unlike last years class, this class is loaded with some many players it could take pages to list everyone. But here is a caution for those who think this could be the biggest D1 class ever. Two years ago many believed the 2023 class was going to challenge the record for most D1 players. What happen? First a number of talented players quit. A number of them got hurt and some transfers. Leaving the class in limbo for now. This class has three things I have not seen since the glory days of the Shore

  1. They are insanely competitive
  2. Gym rats of be highest order
  3. They have elite attitudes towards coach and each other

THE TOP CLASSES BY TEAM IN THE SHORE CONFERENCE FOR NOW!…(Olivia Shaughnessy and Danella Matus decisions will have a huge impact on this ranking)

  1. RBC
  2. RBR
  3. St. ROSE
  4. WALL


OLIVIA SHAUGHNESSY5’5”- undecided- point guard- she is one the true prizes in the 2025 class. She has a elite motor and quickness. The IQ is that of a coaches daughter (her father is the asst at Manasquan). She is the best on ball defender in the class. Her toughness level is off the charts. Her improvement curve is shocking and she seems to improve daily. Her ability is to rise her level of play against older Division one seniors is more shocking. This sure fire D1 guard will be the leading candidate for FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR. This is the gold standard in the 2025 class. She is the competitive and most prepared player moving to the high school level in the 2025 by a country mile.

CAROLINE POLLOWAY6’2″- Red Bank Reg- Forward – No player in the 2025 arrives with a bigger upside. She is athletic, quick and has a real work ethic. Her ability to pass and handle the ball is special for her size. She will thrive in Coach Turhan’s system (See Camryn Gardner). She is left handed and catches any and everything thrown in her direction. she has a soft touch around the rim. But her biggest strength is her ability to run the floor, attitude and elite body language. This is the future of post play in the Shore. RBR is moving into Elite status as a program. The Bill Parcells of the Shore ..AKA John Turhan is becoming a problem folks.

LIZZY MITCHELL– 5’7″- Wall- Combo Guard– She has willed herself into one of the best young guards in the 2025 class. She is also the type incoming freshman Wall has not seen in years. She spent years under the radar. But this past year has arrived. She is an elite scorer and underrated defender. She is murder in transition because of the ability to get to the rim or stop and shoot. She is an elite decision maker already. She comes with no hype but all game. This future D1 guard will be in the FRESHMAN OF YEAR hunt.

CHRISTINA LIGGIO-5’5“- RBC- Wing- The complete package. The work ethic is supreme. She is in the gym everyday. She has played against older D1 competition for 2 years running. She is a knock it out shooter. Her handle is already next level. She is the best off ball defender in the 2025. She talks on defense like she is a college freshman (college coaches she is a elite off ball defender now). Her passing ability is a gift. More importantly RBC style of play is the perfect fit. RBC gets a future D1 player.

RILEY FITZPATRICK -5’7″- St. Rose- Wing– Big strong and athletic. She is a rebounding win and scorer. She can knock down three’s or get to the rim. She is tough as nails and goes right into the warrior category from day one. She is a excellent on ball defender against quicker or tall wings. Her off ball defense is improving daily. She is wonderful in transition because of speed towards the rim. She will from Day on roll into the St. Rose starting lineup or play major minutes. St. Rose picks up a future D1 player

CASSIDY KRUESI5’5″- St. Rose- Combo– She could be the surprise of the this year’s class. She is a hard nose ultra competitive young lady. She is a deadly shooter from behind the line. She also has the ability to get to the rim and finish..keyword, finish. She is a blood and guts defender. She has a excellent hand and next level work ethic. She will fight for a starting job right out the gate at St. Rose.

TESSA CARMAN-5’10’- RBC- Combo Guard- This is the biggest prize of the 2025 class in the state of NJ. She will attend RBC and join her two sisters. She will easily be the most talented player on the RBC roster as a freshman. She is big, explosive and here is the big news for RBC fans. Her development in the last 3 weeks has been beyond scary. She was one of the two best player in the recent March Madness high school event. SHE WILL BECOME OF THE BEST SHOT BLOCKERS IN THE STATE…FROM DAY ONE. She will need to adjust to RBC’s style of play but should walk right into a starting role… RBC picks up a future State Player of Year Candidate.

GRACE LOVE- 5’7″- undecided- Combo Guard- This is the biggest surprise on the list. She has continued to develop and if she picks the right high school that will continue. She doesn’t have the hype of other kids but she has made progress week after week. She has become a excellent rebounder and open shooter(underrated skill set by young players). She is a reliable ball handler and passer. She is a gym rat and the above all will be the reason. She may surprise everyone next year. This is other Chloe Teter in the making…no rep, no AAU, a afterthought. But uses all that as fuel…I love her.

MARISA AMITIE 5’9″- Wall- Forward/Wing– People Wall high school is going to be a Top 10 team in the shore real soon. Now check back with in in three years regarding this young lady. Now here is why. Quick feet, physically strong, long as in beyond long. She can defend the best of the best in the 2025 class right now. She also has the ability to rebound because of her athletic ability. This is all about the improvement curve. The jump she has made in the last year is the reason she is on this list. College coaches you better pay attention. Because I would bet my last dollar nobody in the shore is viewing her correctly. This is a kid you sneak up on early…just like she will in the 2025 class…impact player at Wall.

BROOKLYN TAYLOR 5’6″- undecided- Combo– Big body guard with a boat load of talent. She has the ability play bully ball and is a crafty. She has a wonderful IQ and is very competitive. She is a willing passer and a serious issue going to rim or displaying her mid range game. She is a very as in very underrated defender. But do I like most about this young lady? She is a big shot maker and player maker.


ALEENA DINKER-5’6″North Brunswick- Combo- Folks she is shore adopted and let me be clear. If she played in the Shore she would be top 5 incoming baby. The ability to shoot the ball and create space is special. Her ball handling skills are off the charts. She is and elite and dare I say the best shooter on this list. Yes she is that good. She plays for the CJ Hawks, trains IN THE SHORE area. That is enough to grant her Shore adopted status.

DANIELLA MATUS– 5’9″-undecided- Combo– Folks this is a real wild card in this class. If she decides to attend a Shore school it will no doubt be a blue blood program. That team will be getting a big time defender and next level scorer with massive shooting range and set out the…well you know what. She is almost ungradable in the open floor. She is a three level scorer ..RIGHT NOW! Now throw in the strength and the work ethic and you have a future All State type guard. She has been playing against elite D1 competition she 5th grade. This is future high major D1 guard could change the balance in the shore.


JADA LYNCH– 5’10”- Combo- The best of the class?

CHARLOTTE BRADLEY 5’8″- Combo– Insanely gifted

KATIE LIGGIO5’5″- Wing- Best shooter in the State? I’m talking right now!

ADDIE “the bad women” NYEMCHEK5’9″- Combo-..too many tools to mention and elite size .

MADISON KOCIS5’5″- Point Guard– the best point in the State and Shore one day?



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