So who are the players with most college DIVISION ONE potential in Shore? Now notice I said college potential? Not who the best high school players are. You have to understand being the best high school player does not make you a great college player. Because often what a player does in high school doesn’t always translate to the next level. Also remember some kids games are better suited for college than high school. So they become better college players than high school players. Today I will tell who the Top 8 in each class. That’s not easy when your talking about the Shore Conference. Because the talent runs so deep. Just remember this can change in a month or two. Kids work hard and develop, while other kids don’t or work on the wrong things. This is list looked totally different 4 months ago and I believe that will be the case in the next four months. Remember I take into account a players work ethic and look to see if they are addressing weakness.

Now there a few things you have to understand when making such list. First if I don’t see a kid, it’s pretty hard to put them on the list. Also unless you I see them regularly, there is no way I can judge the all improvement curve.

Now here are the things I look at when talking about a players game transfering to the Division one level one day.

  1. Does there game translate to the next level. Meaning can they do what they are doing now in high school at the next level? This the most important thing of all
  2. Conditioning (Body type)
  3. Pace of play
  4. interaction with teammates, coaches and fans (Doesn’t change at the next level)
  5. Love of the game. You spend hours in the gym at the next level.
  6. What is the improvement curve…it’s everything in my book.
  7. What is the competitive nature… it doesn’t change at the next level
  8. 4. Work Ethic/Gym Rats (nothing elevates a kids status more)
  9. IQ…can they follow a game plan?
  10. 6. Pain Threshold.. is the kid hurt often?
  11. 7. Attitude toward coaching…kills programs
  12. Have I seen them vs the Killers? Only way to know the truth
  13. Are they more hype than game? This one is big as in really big
  14. 10. Do they have a Unique skill set…shooter, rebounder, size, etc
  15. Are they talented, athletic or highly skilled(gotta have at least one)


  1. JUSTINE PISSOTT-6’4″- RBC– No player in the state of New Jersey’s game transfer better to the next level. Shooter matter, those with range and size are as rare as it gets.

2. MADISON ST. ROSE-5’9″- SJV- The most complete package and picked the perfect level to excel at. Big games matter at the next level.

3. GEORGIA HEINE-5’10” -MANASQUAN– The best available player in the class. The next level potential is off the charts. Size for the position makes the transfer to Division one nicely

4. MEGHAN CAHALAN-6’2″- SJV- Elite defender, excellent shooting and passing skills. Elite conditioning. Again her school of choice raises her status at the next level.

5. ALLY CARMAN- RBC Her size and skill sets puts her in a rare category. Her size transfers to the next level as does her offensive skill sets

6. GIA PISSOTT- TOMS RIVER NORTH– 6’3″– That rare shot blocker in the girls game. Her ability to run and school choice is the perfect fit for her talents. Making her game transfer to D1 smooth and easy for coaches

7. MARY DONNELLY- MANASQUAN Mega talented and underrated athlete. Special shooting talents. HIGH MAJOR+ playing for Team Rise this summer…. remember I told you coaches. College ready body right now. The ability to score makes her game a easy transfer to the Division one level.

8. ASHLEY O’CONNOR- SJV- Major athletic, elite mid range game with a mix of deep shooting talents. She is an elite defender and that always transfers to the next level. Everything she has done in high school she will have no problem doing in college. A talented scorer will emerge in college and recruiters will see this.

9. ABBY FERGUSON- HOLMDEL– Highly skilled, major IQ, elite versatility, level steal for Colgate. He game will be 100% more effective in college.

CLASS 2023

  1. JANINE BACHMANN- 6’0″ SJV– Elite size for her position and highly skilled. Her game cearly transfers to the D1 level

2. GABBIE ROSS- 5’7″- DONOVAN CATHOLIC– Scorers are the most in demand players. Her game was built for the next level

3. ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO-5’11”- St. ROSE– Too much upside to write about. Length, size and skill sets, ELITE ATTITUDE. Her game transfers to the next level, the question is what is the ceiling?

4. CASEY PRIOR- 5’6″- RBC– Special shooting skills, next level IQ and mega work ethic. Game transfers to the next level in every way.

5. ERICA DISIMONE – 5’5″- MARLBORO competitive nature, tough hard nosed defender and masterful off the bounce. Her game transfers to the next level in a major way.

6. MIKALEA HUBBARD-6’2″- SJV– Size matters, next level strength, long and skilled. The Sky’s the limit. Hardest players to find at the Division one level? Size and strength why she will be in heavy demand

7. ASHLEY SOSIKANUC-6’3″- SJV- size matters but when you throw in major athletic and jumping skills. You get a possible P5 recruit in time. She will be on every D1 schools board at some point

8. JULIA COSENTINO– 5’8′- SJV– we know she is a D1 lock the question is what level. Has made herself a true gym rat. Elite Shooter, improving defender. I say she moves up this list by summers end…maybe Top 3. This game transfers to the next level and more.



  1. JULIA KARPELL- 5’11”- SJV– size, length, strength, competitive nature and one of the best shooters in the state. Has faced the killers. The game is made for the next level.

2. DEVYN QUIGLEY- 5’9″- MANCHESTER- So much talent it is a crime. What level of D1 is the only question. She is the total package, skilled, competitive, big and strong. ALL FRESHMAN 1ST TEAM

3. NINA EMANCE- 5’7″- TRINITY HALL– FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR. Elite quickness and work ethic. gifted ball handler and defender. It all transfers with no problem

4. HOPE MASONIOUS- 5’9″- MANASQUAN– Next level IQ, true bucket getter, excellent handle. Next level shooter with real talented mid range game. Big upside and her game transfers to the next level

5. CAMRYN GARDNER-6’2″- RED BANK REG– coaches heads up. This could be the most recruited player in the class before summer’s end. The improvement curve has no match. Could be a point forward one day. ALL FRESHMAN 1ST TEAM. Her game transfers like you cannot believe.

6. MEGAN SIAS- 6’3″- TOMS RIVER NORTH- The height is not a mistake. Grew two inches this season. Elite shooter and special size for her position. Excellent handle and IQ…ALL FRESHMAN 1ST TEAM. Size at the position always transfers

7. SIOBHAN STAPLETON- 6’0″- TRINITY HALL HIGH SCHOOL Trying to pick her future D1 is not easy. Blessed with a athletic body, toughness and mega IQ. The possibilities as endless. But one thing is clear…every IVY and PATRIOT school better be in the mx. The game transfers

8. CARLI LAPINSKI-6’0″ TRINITY HALL- The improvement curve is a thing of beauty. Toughness matters and so does a competitive nature. She is another player who stock could rise after the summer. Her game transfers because of her ability to step away from the basket.

2025 CLASS

Tessa Carman is a whole different animal and her game transfer to Top 10 programs at the next level
  1. TESSA CARMAN- 5’10”– RBC– This is entirely different animal than anyone on this list and her game transfers to any program in the country. Due to her size and explosiveness she is a college coaches dream. Her ability to handle the ball, shoot and post make her game a easy transfer to the Division one level

2. OLIVIA SHAUGHNESSY 5’5″- UNDECIDED– The most prepared player entering the Shore next year. A warrior, gym rat, highly skilled, elite defender. This is the gold standard for guards entering the Shore in recent years. HER MOTOR HAS NO MATCH... Clearly her game will transfer to the next level.

3. CAROLINE POLLOWAY– 6’2″- Red Bank Reg– No player in this entire list has more upside. Athletic and skilled with passing and shooting skills. She will be on every academic school’s D1 wish list. More good news going to play for John Truhan, who is a master teacher of post players..see Camryn Gardner. Coaches this is a mega recruit so start now. Will be better in high school and in her game will tansfer in a big way at her future D1 school

4. CHRISTINA LIGGIO- 5’6″- RBC So skilled it breath taking at times. Shooter, mega IQ. Coaches nobody in this class talks more on defense. Her game will transfer nicely to the D1 level one day.

5. BROOKLYN TAYLOR– 5’6″- undecided–  She is going to play Division one and coaches are going to love her game. It will transfer nicely to the next level one day

6. LIZZY MITCHELL- 5’6″- WALL HIGH SCHOOL D1 scorers are always in demand. She has big time scoring ability at the rim of behind the line. Can play either guard position. Game should have no problem transferring to the next level.

7. RILEY FITZPATRICK -5’7″- St. Rose- Big and strong wing. Excellent shooter and defender. So athletic and just as important aggressive in displaying it. But most importantly pay attention to the improvement curve. Her game transfer to the D1 level beautifully.

8. ALEENA DINKER-5’6″– North Brunswick– I think of her as a shore kid. So she goes on the list. Her game transfers to D1 because of the shooting and ability to play at any pace and be effective.

9. DANIELLA MATUS– 5’9″- Morris Catholic- Recently announced she will be attending a Shore school . But again she has Shore status. So she goes on the list. Her game transfers to D1 basketball right now. Size, strength, shooting and elite rim finisher.

2026…no order!


KATIE LIGGIO-5’5″- RBC- She moves to the Top spot for one reason. Best 7th grader shooter these eyes has ever seen. The range and quick release transfer to D1 one day

JADA LYNCH- 5’10”- UNDECIDEDHer game transfers to POWER 5 and Top 25 player in the country one day. College body right now. Elite quickness and explosiveness. Elite attitude and work ethic.

MADISON KOCIS– 5’5″- UNDECIDED– She will be the best pure point guard in the state one day. IQ, skills, leadership and shooting ability all next level…RIGHT NOW

CHARLOTTE BRADLEY 5’8UNDECIDED- The entire game transfers to the next level. The passing, the attitude, the work ethic and the skill sets. College type body and toughness. It all transfers to the D1 level.

ADDIE “the bad women” NYEMCHEK – 5’9″- RBC..too many tools to mention and elite size. Her game was built for the next level. She is the total package in terms of next level potential.

TESSA LIGGIO- 5’4″- RBC– Some may get scared off by her size..MEGA MISTAKE. Her Toughness is next level as is her ability to shoot with range of get the lane. Understands when to go and when not to go. Won’t over penetrate like so many small guards. Everything she does she will be able to do in college and that’s the key.

LOLA GIORDANA- 5’5″- UNDECIDED– Skilled and a warrior. Has a next level handle and work ethic right now. Real leadership skills. Lots of Division one talent in this young lady. The upside is bigger than you think.


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