It’s been a sneaky week. A very sneaky week indeed. That’s because a few things took place that way or may not mean much. But it may mean a lot. There are some players and teams that are sneaking up on us. Some were expected and some are surprising us. But really is there anything in the Shore or at NBS that really should surprise us anymore?

Last week the fall league continued to roll on. Yes it’s only the fall. But nobody has told Manasquan this. Yes, Manasquan plays takes the fall league games more serious than anyone else. They don’t go deep into their bench and when they do it’s not for extended minutes. They clearly have made a decision to start getting ready for the season now. It looks like they will have a short rotation and let their top 6 play the real minutes. Well right now that strategy looks very good. Manasquan has beaten SJV and RBC this fall. That has to strengthen their confidence.  But Shea DONNELY certainly is making a point for extended minutes if given a chance. She was outstanding on Wednesday night. Shea did a little of everything. She dropped multiple bombs from three, got to the free throw line and played outstanding defense. If Manasquan extends their bench or gives her extended minutes. I believe Shea Donnelly could be the surprise that gets them over the top. I mean let’s be honest, Manasquan’s season comes down to two games vs two teams… RBC and SJV!

There are three players that clearly have stepped up this fall. Katie Collins, Nina EMNACE and Christina Liggio have all taken big steps in their games. Katie Collins has been the best player I have seen this fall and it’s not even close. Nina EMNACE has improved her left hand so much it’s scary. P5 schools have questioned the range of Christina Liggio and she has answered that question in game fashion as she is quietly becoming one of the best shooters in the Shore.

Trinity Hall looks rock solid this fall. But that may not be enough. They have yet to take that big step this fall. Not winning games but rather a finding a 2nd go to player. Right now it’s being done by committee. One day it’s Teagan DRENNAN, then WHITNEY HOBSON or GRACE FEENEY. But I say if Lily Riggi can step it up against the big dogs. Trinity Hall has a legit chance vs RBC and SJV. That’s because when the coaching kicks in they will have a big advantage on most nights.

There is no question at all in my mind that Jineen Ayyash will be all shore this year. There also no question that Kayden Clarke is the best two way guard in the 2025 class. Ocean Twp. Is beyond dangerous to every single team in the Shore. Folks keep bringing up their dept. But I have a question. Outside SJV and RBC whose bench scares you? Let that marinate.

I tell you BRICK is building something. They have lots of young talent. More importantly they have kids getting out of their local environment to train against real competition. BRICK is going to be a problem in two years just watch. Ariana Wissen and Ilyani Pozo  are two of the best 2028’s in the Shore. Ariana will certainly be a leading candidate for freshman of the year next year!

I wonder if anyone is paying attention to Brooke Missry? She has been nothing short of brilliant in the fall league. Not only from a scoring standpoint. But rather for playing a complete game week after week. She has been a model of consistency. I expect come next July her recruiting will explode. She has size, strength, shooting range and a wonderful IQ. Spending a summer playing high level AAU and playing a uptempo style has done wonders for the sophomore.

Mackenzie Teevan’s development is in full swing and if it keeps up. She is going to be the biggest story in the Shore. That’s because college coaches are going to be in a real dog fight for her services. Right now this side of RBC, she is the biggest attraction during this open gym period.

CORE SKILLS training was fire yesterday as 12 D1 players and the best 2029’s in the state were on hand. CAROLINE POLLAWAY showed what the future may hold. She was outstanding but more impressive is it was against 5 other current D1 post players. POLLOWAY is starting to show big flashes of greatness.

SJV had a big open gym this past week. They had 15+ college coaches show up on a week night. That’s what a big number to say the least. Again it’s also the reason kids attend SJV. The coaching and exposure are 2nd to none.

If anyone wants to know how good Tessa Liggio is and what she means to RBC. Just go watch RBC’s game vs Manasquan. RBC looks totally different without Tessa Liggio on the court. There shooters get lost and their tempo is at best shaky. LIGGIO is out with a injured finger for a week at best.

I’m sure sorry to be Debbie downer but it scary watching some talented kids going backwards. The reason is simple. Lack of time on the court in a competitive environment. So many kids are into personal training and strength and conditioning. Nothing should ever trump a kid getting in the gym. Some kids are going to be disappointed in a few months. I can tell you the number one reason NBS kids dominate the early part of the season is because they compete all fall in unforgiving situations.

Speaking of NBS RUTGERS PREP, Kayla Navarro is scary. I need to watch more of her before I slap the D1 tag on her. But this kid has it all. The handle, the defense, the vision and boy can she shoot it. If I’m correct, I believe I will be calling her one of the best young guards in the state in a few weeks . Oh yeah she is coachable and and understands the word sacrifice.



1. SJV

2. RBC




6. RBR⬆️

7. ST. ROSE⬇️

8. RFH


10. HOMDEL( Teevan coming on)



PLAYER OF YEARKatie Collins, Manasquan

NIna EMNACE- Trinity Hall

Christina Liggio- RBC

Addy Nyemcheck- RBC

Julia Karpell- SJV

Deyvn Quigley- Manchester


Has anyone looked at  RBC’s schedule this year? It’s totally insane. They are playing everyone and anyone. Including National Ranked Top 5 Friends Academy. Clearly Coach Montano is sitting his team up for a national championship run in a year. The Casey’s came very close to winning The Best of Maryland. They lost to one of the best teams and maybe the best player in America in a war without Tessa Carman.

You’re going to have to reach back 7 years ago to the 2021 class (MADISON  ST ROSE, JUSTINE PISSOTT, SOPHIA SABINO, ALLY CARMAN) to find 4 players in the 7th grade class like Sumaiyah Lashley, Sofia Rude, Ella Kryal and Natalie Whitehead. Why? Because of their work ethic and passion. These four are not just talented but they have elite size and skills sets for their position at an early age. All four have made the all important jump as 7th graders in terms of working in the the gym. They play daily vs older D1 competition. I believe 7th and 8th grade are the separation years. These four are creating a big gap between themselves and other. They also hold the key to the Shore’s next dominant team. WELL DONE YOUNG LADIES!


MONDAY is a great event for all. The Columbus Day Hoopfest at HOOP Group in Neptune 9am-2pm


How many people are paying attention to the new NCAA recruiting rules? Well you better because the NCAA by overwhelming vote by college coaches have decided to cancel the April recruiting period. There will be a scholastic event added in may and the dead period has not been shortened but extended. The reason given? Coaches say they are more interested in the portal than high school kids in April. The portal is now a 45 day window

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