The Seeding Case for the Top 10 Teams

The Seeding Case for the Top 10 Teams post thumbnail image

The Seeding is Saturday. But today I will make a case for each team. Now remember the seeding can be political. The Ocean coaches will vote as a block. Certain  Monmouth  County coaches stick together  like thives in the night.


1. SJV

The case for them- Let’s move on


2. RBC

The case for them- Let’s move on


3. St. Rose

The case for them- They have played the best schedule maybe in the state. 9 games vs Top 20. They  have more quality  wins than everyone not named SJV.

The case against- They split with Manasquan and then lost to IMMACULATE  all without Maggie Cavanaugh. If injures are factored in this is a big one


4. Manasquan

The case for them- They split with  St Rose and beat Shawnee  who split with Trinity  Hall. They have beat up on the 2nd tier teams in the Shore for the most part. They have not lost since Lapinski arrived

The case against- They  are leaning heavily on the St Rose win who they beat without Maggie Cavanaugh.



The Case for them- They could be #4

The case against  them- none, they have a quality  win over Shawnee to match Ocean’s win over Cherokee and their  bad lost is to Saddle River Day.


6. Ocean Twp

The case for- Ranked #15 in the State. They have beaten the brakes off there weaker competition. They have a lost to Shore Reg but crushed them in the rematch.  They have a massive quality  massive win against Cherokee who was ranked #10

The case against- They have a weak schedule and a lost to Shore Reg


7. TRN

The Case for- the Ocean Coaches will all fight to get them this seed. They played Manasquan to a 4 point game

The Case against- There schedule is by far the weakest of the Top 10 seeds. Zero quality wins. There best win is Jax Memorial. RFH beat Chatham. They are leaning on politics.

8. RFH

The case for them- They have played a tough schedule. In many of those games they staged massive comebacks. Showing they are close. Who has TRN beat?

The Case against  them- They and the media  have pushed the tough schedule narrative.  But they have zero quality  wins and a lost to Moore Catholic  on the road. Can you really reward a team for just playing good teams?



9. Shore Reg

The Case for them- They beat #15 in the state Ocean

The Case against them- They got blown out against Ocean in a rematch


10. Red Bank Reg

The case for them-  They beat Monroe and Wall.

The Case against them- None for this spot

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