Rarley have I seen a young lady that has had the impact on her peers and coaches like Kylee Watson. She has been more different than any great player I have ever known. She just may be the most complete package, I’ve seen in all my years. She has done things more differently than any kid I’ve ever known, with her level of talent. So it was no surprise when she decide to attend  final  participate  OREGON NIVERSITY.

IMG_1625IMG_1626I met Kylee Watson when she was in 5th grade. It was clear that Kylie was different than everyone else. It was also clear that Kylee Watson one day would be of the best players to ever play basketball in the state of New Jersey. It was clear also that Kylee Watson was one of the nicest kids I had ever met. There is a real clear explanation for this…its called parents. You see Kylee Watson, had an advantage most superstar players don’t have growing up. Today when parents realize there child is special, they tend to live though their children. They cater to their child and use that child’s gift to call the shots and make sure everyone knows there child is different. There the one’s that expect  and  demand everyone to revolve around their child. It’s the reason these players challenge their coaches and play by there own rules. Many times it’s the parents chance to be in the spotlight as much as their child. In the case of Kylee Watson, both her parents where superstars long before her. Her father TIM played in the NFL, coached at Rutgers and has been a successful high school coach. Her mother COURTNEY is one of the greatest female basketball  players in U of Delaware history. She has coached Kylie in high school. It’s why since the day I met Kylee Watson, she has been different. Her parents never wanted speical treatment for her. They didn’t feel she needed it. They simply wanted her to play a sport and enjoy it. It’s why Kylie is the person we see today…one of he most polite, respectful superstars in the country.


When Kylee Watson was younger, she played for the Shoreshots organization. She was a young lady whose teammates respected her, not because of her talents. But rather  because of how unselfish she played the game. They loved her because she went out of her way to make sure her teammates shined. I remember watching her play when she was young. She made  sure everyone shot the ball, when she could’ve scored every basket if she choose to do so. She would let other dribble the ball up the floor. Then when they needed help she would play the guard spot. Truth of the matter she was easily the best guard on the team. I think Tim and Courtney Watson have everything to do with this beautiful soul!


The Starz were a whose who of NJ Girls Basketball

The Starz were a whose who of NJ Girls Basketball

I also remember Kylee’s parents at workouts. They never said one word. They NEVER used there daughter status to try to control the environment. It’s the reason, when she left the ShoreShots (because the travel was impossible. She had a two hour ride to practices) her former teammates run up and greet her whenever they see her these days. It why they root for Kylee as if they still play together. It the same reason she and her former Tom River Starz teammates still keep in contact and her teammates x teammates  still talked  about  in  glowing fashion  after she left to go play for the Philly Belles. She is that rare player who everyone roots for and wishes the best for. Kylee Watson touches people around her in a way that can’t be explained with words. She never wants to stand above anyone, she really wants to stand beside everyone. It’s what her parents have instilled in her.

In a time where people are more concerned with ranking and hype. Kylee Watson appears to be above all of this. In a time where it’s about trying to brag where you play and who you play with, Kylee Watson and her family don’t concern themselves with such things. It’s why she went to tiny Mainland high school and played for her mom an asst coach. She didn’t need to play at a so called brand name high school school. She was happy to play with her friends and classmates in the town she grew up in. Kylee Watson is the best player in New Jersey who never dominated the news or social media. It’s why few knew about her recruiting. She didn’t brag publicly about who was recruiting her. She did put up phony stats to read about her name in the paper. Kylee Watson just played basketball and enjoyed her time with family and friends. Kylee Watson is all about being a different type of superstar. She is not somebody who seeks the spotlight. The spotlight just happen to fine her. It was not important for her to massage her ego. What was important was being a good humble person.


Kylee Watson has accomplished just about everything a high school player can do. This year she won a State Title, she won a Gold Medal representing  her county as a member of TEAM  USA . She has been named All State. All these accomplishments have been done in a humble thankful way. Her parents wanted it this way. They didn’t need all the belles and whistles. They didn’t need to be told how great there daughter was, they just wanted Kylie to be a good kid, work hard and respect all. They have accomplished this with flying colors.  Kylee Watson is not just a great basketball player but a better, teammate, friend, daughter, sister and person.

I rarely see Kylee these days but I follow closely from a distance. I ran into she and her family last summer. I had not seen her in 2 years. Not much had changed, she still was a walking beauty with a warm smile. Her parents were the same folks they always been, humble and grateful to have such a wonderful respectful daughter. I noticed that she had surrounded herself with all quality people. She and her trainer MIKE SHAUGNESSY have been a true team over the years. You can tell they have a bond that cannot be broken. The reason for that is because Kylee Watson is about a loyal of kid as there has ever been. She and her family are not people always looking for something greener on the other side. She trusted her trainer and together with Kevin Lynch and the PHILLY BELLES organization they have made real magic for us all to see and enjoy. I  have no proff of this but I have to think one of reasons Kylee decided to attend Oregon, was they must have had a real family atmosphere.


IMG_1630 IMG_1631

I remember telling Kylee as a 6th grader she had a bigger responsibility than most. I told she would always get the loins share of attention and spotlight. I told her she needed to work harder because of this. She just looked at me and said okay. I knew that day, she would be a unstoppable force. The reason I knew was because Kylee Watson never wanted more attention or a bigger spotlight for herself…SHE WANTED IT FOR HER TEAMMATES MORE. That is something rarely seen these days. Oregon University is not just getting a once in a lifetime player….but rather a once in a lifetime person and family….CONGRATS TO TEAM WATSON AND  THE WATSON FAMILY!!





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