Today I will talk about player development. It is something all coaches and players value in a big way. Player development is important during the season but even more important during the off season. It’s during the off season that players make there biggest improvement. When a player enters the off season. They must have a true game plan and most importantly be honest with themselves.

When entering the summer here are a few things each player must do.

  1. Reflex on their season
  2. Address weakness 
  3. What area’s are their strengths
  4. What are the expectations of the coach for the next season
  5. What are your goals for the off season


Once you have you have done a evaluation and set your goals. The next move is how to successful put together a program. How do you go about your off season development program. This is were players and even coaches run into trouble. Knowing how to practice and train with real goals in mind. Many times players spend hours in the gym but don’t move skill work to games. Then there are players who simply do not put in enough hours. There is a balance that most comes with this, players must know when to work and when to rest. You will be surprised how many cannot find this balance.

First lets talk about the mistakes players make..

  1. Failure to show up on a daily bias
  2. Players who train using the latest fads…
  3. Poor eating habits
  4. Value strength training over skill work (huge mistake)
  5. Failure to rest…over training
  6. Players who are in wrong training environment.
  7. Trying to train on the cheap.

Now lets talk about what you should do in the off season.

  1. There is nothing more important than shooting everyday. 
  2. Work on your mental toughness everyday…SHOW UP DAILY
  3. Make sure your trainer has track record of success 
  4. Focus on the skills sets that need work…EVERYDAY ake sure you practice with a body in front of you…dummy skill work do not lead to game improvement.  
  5. Chart ….Chart …Chart everything…time, shots, workouts…etc
  6. Seek the best competition possible.

Now everyone must understand, there are drill masters and then there are ballers. You must know the difference. Drill Masters are great in drills and cannot move the skill work to games. I have a long list of players who were great in drills but struggle in games. Ballers move drills to games. They have the ability to work on a skill set and apply it to games. These players love playing as much as training. It’s a unbeatable combination.



I have said it for years. Nothing and I mean nothing is better for a players development than summer camp. A excellent camp cannot be beat for a players development. Nothing beats a kid in the gym 6 hours a day for a week. Working in skills, shooting and playing. It is a recipe for success. Camps are when a player can get locked in and more importantly, get real evaluation of their strength and weakness. There is no better truth teller than a good basketball camp.

I hope everyone will take real stock of there summer program. Below are a list of camps this summer at Hoop Group. I believe the hoop group is the gold standard for summer camps. I wish everyone the best of luck!







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