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Those were the words  of Eli Clark after Ocean  lost to Shore Reg. A lost that allowed many to question, she and her teammates. Last night Ocean played Shore Reg in a rematch and the  C SOUTH title.  Last night Ocean twp made a statement loud and clear by dismantling Shore Reg…54-38.

SHORE REG are the darling of the media. They are easy to root for. So when they knocked off Ocean Twp a few weeks ago. They  made everyone stand up and cheer. Meanwhile Ocean Twp was forced to lick there wounds and go home. OCEAN TWP had no margin for error. They had to be perfect in some folks eyes to earn the  respect,  they had worked so hard to earn. They barely hung on to their  Shore Top 10 ranking after the lost to Shore. The top 20 seemed like a pipe dream. But then Ocean bounced back by beating the #10 team in the state CHEROKEE. It was the win that put them in the Top 20 in the state. But strangely it was not enough for many in the Shore. The Shore would not forgive them for losing to Shore Reg. So Ocean did what good teams do last night. They ended all silly discussions regarding there status as one of the best teams in the Shore.

They heard it all, that there schedule was weak. But they didn’t hear that they destroyed everyone in the path except shore Reg, who now they have joined that club. Other teams played played a tough schedule. But they lost all those so called tough games. OCEAN won there so called tough game. But yet the lost to Shore hung around there Neck like a cheap perfume. That was until last night, when Ocean did what they have done all season,  methodically take Shore Reg apart. As they led from start to finish. Shore Reg had no answers last night. There are no more questions left for Ocean Twp to answer.



ELI CLARK may not be the darling of Shore basketball. What she is tho, is the best pure point guard in the Shore Conference. What she is tho is the best player in C SOUTH. Last night she was conductor and leader of Ocean. She was masterful in every way. Shooting , passing, ball handling and defense. Last night she proved why is special.


Jineen Ayyash  hit the shot at the buzzer to allow Ocean to win in Overtime vs Wall on Saturday. Yesterday she didn’t need a buzzer beater. Yesterday she did it all from the start for Ocean. Her 8 points 5 rebounds, 2 dimes were magical and inpactful. She was special.


Gamila Betton  took over the lane last night. She was the clean up woman on the boards and on defense. She had 8 points and 7 rebounds in 3 quarters  of work. She was special.


Kayden Clark was questionable before yesterday game. But everyone knew the blood and guts of Ocean would play. There was never a doubt. Just like her performance was never in doubt. She had 12 points, 4 rebounds and 4 dimes. She was and is  special


Sofia Chebookjian, well somebody has to do the dirty work. Somebody has to be the team gule. Somebody has to live with not getting there due. These things keep a team tight and hungry. Sofia was sensational  last night with 4 points and 5 rebounds.  MISS INTANGIBLES was special.


Caroline Bariscillo is just a freshman. Last night it was she who made the two biggest plays of the evening. Her two old school 3 point baskets and a foul, back to back. Sent Shore Reg on there way. Those two plays like her were  special.


COACH LAZUR, brought his “A” game last night. His game planning was spectacular. He pushed all the right buttons. Shore Reg felt him all night. He was special  all evening


OCEAN TWP has been special all year. They are 18-1 and have now only one question left for those who have questioned them all year..







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